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In an age when greed and avarice prospered. And intrigue and suspicion ruled supreme.

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1 In an age when greed and avarice prospered

2 And intrigue and suspicion ruled supreme

3 A world set a new course

4 A course toward armed conflict

5 A course toward Imperialism

6 A World Revisited The Imperialism Game’s End

7 The world was quiet. While some societies teetered on the edge of scientific development, others slept peacefully

8 When populations reached critical levels, the governments of the more advanced nations were forced to take action Drastic Action

9 Whole armies were dispatched

10 While fleets of gunships set sail

11 Whole societies were conquered

12 But some fought back

13 War raged for ten long years

14 But in the end One nation triumphed over all others To become the last power standing

15 The world had united into two empires

16 The United Islands A loose association of the Western and Eastern Island Nations Dedicated to its subsistence and perseverance

17 The Empire of One Ring A large land-based empire bent on economic, cultural and military expansion

18 By the end of the long wars, the two great powers were pitted against each other

19 Two governments bent on world domination, forced to the breach of chaos

20 The egalitarian United Island’s Headmaster, Lord Pike, and the leader of the militaristic democracy of One Ring, President Morris, met to discuss a peaceful resolution

21 But all was for naught While the peace talks were going on, the Ring Navy established a ring of fire around the entire main continent The U.I. Headmaster was held captive by the Imperial government Ignoring the outrageous demands of the Empire, the United Islands responded

22 As the Great Ring of Fire burned A great navy formed on the other side of the impenetrable flames Bomb-dropping hot air balloons launched from Kistaba and Morsk loomed over the horizon One Ring’s Ironclads and depth-charged gunships prepared for the inevitable

23 The Great War lasted for another five years Millions died at the hands of the terrible new weapons developed by the maniacal Thomas Bartlett and General Fiske

24 But only one empire could survive the slaughter As the war raged on, the United Islands began to falter The ancient Kortavians, banished from their rich land, and having sought refuge in One Ring, began a guerilla war to recover their precious island In the fifth year, the war took a turn

25 General Fiske was assassinated by Kortav Nationals Meanwhile, another assassination attempt took the lives of President Morris, Headmaster Pike, and General Bartlett

26 In the chaos that followed, many suffered at the hands of the Kortavian rebels Vice-President Ferdinando took control of One Ring, with the backing of General Jensen of Hasiba Province Lord MacDonald wrestled power away from the Assembly of the United Islands to take control of the U.I. Government General Mayo established herself in the former Kortavian capital as a provincial leader, but had one last trick up her sleave

27 The war turned against the United Islands And as One Ring took each island off, one by one, and Kortav reestablished itself as an independent nation, a coup was launched against the government of One Ring

28 In the end, A peace treaty was finally signed with each island of the United Islands, crushing the alliance General Jensen, now in control of One Ring, dissolves the Empire into its original member states of Spacibo, Muskaka, Mulad, Sholakia, and a united Arcadia and Hasiba

29 An international government was set up in the former capital of One Ring This new, international body governed the world with absolute authority, headed by Secretary General Jensen

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