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The Coming Bride- Eph.5:22-33 or Do you love me? Q4. The Coming Community.

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1 The Coming Bride- Eph.5:22-33 or Do you love me? Q4. The Coming Community

2 The BIG picture Theme 07- Worshipping; Caring & Sharing Community Q4- The Coming Community The Living Church- Convictions of a lifelong Pastor- John Stott I have a Dream-A Biblical, A Worshipping, A Caring, A Serving & An Expectant Church The Future Church

3 I Have a Dream- J. Stott I have a dream of a church which is an expectant church- whose members can never settle down in material affluence comfort, because they remember that they are strangers & pilgrims on earth, which is all the more faithful & active because it is waiting & looking for its Lord to return, which keeps the flame of the Christian hope burning brightly in a dark, despairing world, which on the day of Christ will not shrink from him in shame, but rise up joyfully to greet him. I have a dream of an expectant church.

4 The Church as the Bride of Christ Context: Ephesian Letter @ God’s Master Plan for the Church & the world @ God’s New Society: New life- New society- New standards- New relationships @ New set of clothes- 4:17-5:4 @ New Relationships- Husbands & Wives; Parents & Children; Masters & Servants.

5 The Spirit filled Community Characteristics: The 3S Speaking Singing Submitting Applications to all relationships

6 Instructions to Wives v22-24 Mutual submission- as to the Lord Reasons: 1.Christ is the Head of the Church 2.The Church is Christ’s Body 3.Christ is the Saviour of the Church 4.The Church submits to Christ

7 Instructions to Husbands v25-33 Love your wives Reasons: 1.Christ loved the Church 2.Gave himself up for her 3.Make her holy 4.Cleansing her- through the Word 5.Present her to himself- a radiant church

8 A Profound Mystery…v32 The Metaphor of the Bride Christ & the Church The Imitation of Christ 28-3 –love His Body Husbands love wives- own bodies; feeds & cares For this reason….. Leaving Cleaving ONE flesh

9 Challenges of being the Bride The Bride must prepare and be ready –YBH? The Kennedy’s Challenge The Church as Bride must reflect Christ in our relationships – his Body; Love Christ? Love the church. The Present Church is a ‘building site’ The Future Church is a Radiant church The BEST is yet to come: The Wedding Banquet- Rev. 19:7-9

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