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SESSION 4 HOT 10. Last Week Homework How many people actually encountered? – MANDATORY TASK Few things from Dr. Zakir Naik book How many people actually.

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2 Last Week Homework How many people actually encountered? – MANDATORY TASK Few things from Dr. Zakir Naik book How many people actually prepared the best answer for today’s top 10 question? Jubail Dawah Center

3 Video 7 & Video 8 Video 7 NBC WHY 20,000 Americans convert to Islam annually.flv Video 8 15 people accept islam.flv Jubail Dawah Center


5 TOP 20: Polygamy Lola Shoneyin's grandfather had five wives and her grandmother, the first, never forgave him. But she was shocked to find that polygamy is still prevalent in Nigeria. I find this disturbing on so many levels: (1) That polygamy is going on in Canada, (2) That anyone would want to have more than one spouse, and (3) That some of these “brides” aren’t even old enough to babysit as far as I’m concerned, but they have their own children. Jubail Dawah Center

6 TOP 20: Polygamy Islam is a practical religion. Islam is centered on the well being of the community rather than the individual. The Quran is the only revealed text which has LIMITED the number of spouses. Everyone practices it in some form; Islam is the only one which has set strict guidelines. Statistics The marriages of the Prophet (s)? Jubail Dawah Center

7 TOP 20: Aisha (r)’s Marriage Does Islam promote forced child marriages? Jubail Dawah Center

8 TOP 20: Aisha’s marriage Quraish did not say anything 1400 years ago; Cultural differences Aisha saying after death of Prophet Muhammad (s); her character itself Who sets the standards? Maturity of women and men Jubail Dawah Center

9 TOP 20: Why Jizyah? (taxes) Jubail Dawah Center Did Islam force others to become Muslim or else pay a fine? Did Muslims take money from the poor to serve the rich?

10 TOP 20: Why Jizyah? (taxes) Do you taxes? Is Jizyah a Tax?  Service provided by Muslim s to Non-Muslims living on Muslim lands  Based on income  Even less than Zakaat of Muslims! Story of Saad ibn Waqqas when he conquered Hems Caliph of Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz Zakaah given to non Muslims Jubail Dawah Center

11 TOP 20: Alcohol, Pork What is so bad about a little piggy? Why is Islam so strict? Why can’t you ever have any fun? Jubail Dawah Center

12 TOP 20: Alcohol, Pork Because Allah said so In Bible Pork is prohibited  Leviticus 11:7-8  Deuteronomy 14:8 Bible prohibited Alcohol  Proverbs 20:1  Ephesian 5:18 Effects of Alcohol/Pork  Cases of accidents, Disease, Rape Jubail Dawah Center

13 TOP 20: Non-Muslim NOT Allowed in Makkah? “This is written in quran for idolators like jews Hindues. What about Christians & Sikhs they are monothestic and believe in oneness of lord as i am a sikh i also want to see and bow before mecca(Prataksh) the place of Great Prophet. How can i enter in makkah without changing my religon??” “Non-muslims are not allowed in Mecca because muslims to do not respect those of other religions or those of no religion. So, why should you respect people who hold such intolerant beliefs?”

14 TOP 20: Non-Muslim NOT Allowed in Makkah? It’s a type of Visa Requirement (Analogy)/Border Saudi Arabia allows more nationality of people then any other country in the world Importance of Monotheism Muslims are even denied from entering! Center point of worship for the entire world—all prayers focused there, so how could shirk be tolerated? Jubail Dawah Center

15 TOP 20: Muslims are Terrorists Jubail Dawah Center “So many terrorist acts are committed by people calling themselves Muslims during the last 30 years. Are most Muslims terrorists, or terrorists in training?” “All Terrorists are Muslim, therefore all Muslims are Terrorists”

16 TOP 20: Muslims are Terrorists Religion is NOT the main cause of war Third Parents: TV/Media The winners write the history Western propaganda  Waco Texas—David Koresh  Oklahoma City Bombing Why after Sep 11, what happened to previous decades Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world Jubail Dawah Center

17 TOP 20: Spread by The Sword Jubail Dawah Center “Non-Muslims had to choose either Islam or death.” In a discussion with a Baptist Minister he said to me that "Muslims tend to kill non-Muslims and anyone who disagrees with them".

18 TOP 20: Spread by Sword Sometimes force has to be used to maintain peace Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years Indonesia, Malaysia and East Cost of Africa “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error.” [2:225] Between 1934-1984 Islam 235% Christianity 47% 1 st to come up with Etiquettes of War Umar (r) letter to Christians of Jerusalem Sura An Nasr (People come rushing in crowds) Flip Side—Crusades Zakat Recipient—Muallafa Qulubuhum (winning over the hearts) Jubail Dawah Center

19 TOP 20: Hijab for Women Jubail Dawah Center “Why is hijab only for the women?” “Young women are forced to wear it by their parents or by male family members.”

20 TOP 20: Hijab for Women Hijab for Men Hijab vs. Liberation Babylonian/Greek/Roman Civilization Hijab – Not Just a Piece of Cloth! Also Moral conduct, behavior, attitude and intention Hijab prevents molestation--Twins Swimsuit Study Nuns! Jubail Dawah Center

21 TOP 20: Equality of Witnesses “2 women equal 1 man?? That’s not fair!” Jubail Dawah Center

22 TOP 20: Equality of Witnesses Mostly in financial transactions Sometimes 1 female > 4 male Solitary witness of Ayesha (r) Female witnesses are preferred Islam is practical Realistic—Emotions/Physiological Jubail Dawah Center

23 TOP 20: Inheritance “Can’t I give my money to whoever I feel like? Why are we forced to give to some family members who we are not even close to?” “Why does the son get double the share of the daughter?” Jubail Dawah Center

24 TOP 20: Inheritance Key word: RESPONSIBILITY Practical—The male has a duty to spend on his family Irrational/Unjust acts are null and void (Dog, Anger, Pressure, etc) Community Eliminates family feuds (Insurance!!) Money is not yours—It’s a trust from Allah Jubail Dawah Center

25 Next Week Homework Before next class you MUST encounter with a non-muslim Read about Christian belief Jubail Dawah Center

26 Workshop Schedule Session 1 Introduction Cash Cow Session 2 Revert Story Lang. Sensitivity Session 3 Dawah Techniques Session 4 Misconceptions Part 1 Session 5 Christian Beliefs Session 6 Misconceptions Part 2 Session 7 Hindu Beliefs Encounters Session 8 Conclusion Path Forward

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