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Kumar. V UX Portfolio Email: Mobile: +91- 9686335595 / 8754495901.

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1 Kumar. V UX Portfolio Mobile: /

2 UX Architect Mobility Solutions
PROFILE SNAPSHOT: UxD Architect with over 15 years of experience in designing Enterprise level software User experience in various domains like Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT, & E-Learning. My skills specialize in User Centered Design with process like Requirement analysis, PET Analysis, User behaviour analysis, User Research, User observation, 1 on 1 interviews, surveys, remote user observation, Focus Group Personas, Scenario building, Story boarding, User flows, Task Analysis, Card Sorting, Information Architecture, Usability testing, Heuristic evaluation, Wireframe, Mockups, Responsive Models, Tool assessment, Validation, Quality analysis, Best Practices and prototyping for Web, Mobile and Desktop applications. I am trained Project Management professional with experience in coordinating and facilitating design and development teams to ensure product usability and drive UX design directions. Hold a good understanding of SDLC, ADDIE & Agile methodologies. Specialization: I hold strong in Usability Evaluation, Good understanding on Ethnography process & human behavior research, Conceptualization, Requirement analysis, User behaviour analysis, User Research, Task Analysis, Heuristic evaluation, Responsive design & Persuasive (PET) design Solutioning with technology trends, Usability Testing & personas. Business presentation, Presales support, RFP, PoC, Service Offerings, Planning, Estimation, Client Interaction, Proposal preparation, Mentoring and Delegation is part of my responsibilities.

3 STRENGTHS: Mature leadership with proven experience in seeing bigger picture of the responsibility in advisory role to global clients Understanding business drivers, designing UX metrics against those drivers, Presales support, Service offerings, RFP, PoC, measuring & reporting on results with precautionary actions Exceptional communicator with high business intelligence to accurately map clients direct and indirect needs to provide advisory solutions Distinguish efforts towards managing project communication around global clients with excellent quality and timeliness. Direct UX strategies & design patterns, so that the environment, culture, team capabilities, tools, processes, expectations, work style & other elements support the strategic goals & brand Equally effective at identifying opportunities, developing focus and ensuring strong client base Expertise in requirement analysis, user research, persona preparation, paper prototype, , information architecture, user behavior analysis, wireframes and technology researcher Research - ethnographic studies, contextual inquiries, user observations, industry research Analysis - personas and scenario building, user stories, task analysis and optimization, information architecture and taxonomies Can communicate conceptual ideas, design rationale & specifics of user centered design process to clients need & address gap analysis to achieve user goal & organizational objectives Design compelling RIA, rich and scalable solution oriented inventive user interfaces Prepare work estimates, design documents, and project guidelines Provide high and low level fidelity analysis, code reviews and performance, scalability and benchmark test guidelines. Work with Managers, Stake holders, Clients, Architects, SMEs, developers and QA engineers throughout the product development, testing, Quality maintenance and implementation phases to ensure deliverables Quick learner & executer in any domain with excellent logical problem-solving skills Agility methods in resource usage on multiple project implementation on prioritization

4 Elements of UxD Usability Engineering Branding
“Know your Users is the mantra of any good designer” “If you neglect to build your brand you are neglecting to build business” UX Strategy Task Analysis User Profiling Information Architecture Prototyping Usability Testing Loyalty Focus Change Information Architecture User Interface Design “Convey complex information as clearly as possible” “Design is the communication of an Idea” Technology Integration Comprehensive approach to smartly use existing frameworks to easy “Business & User” Structuring Portraying Business Intelligence Information Management Communicating System Intelligence Experience Concept Generation Layout Product Identity Icons Splash Screens and other UI elements. Style Guide API Community BYOD & BYOA BI in Socialization 4

5 UX Architect Mobility Solutions
Requirement Analysis Brainstorming session Design Strategies Focus Group, User Research & Analysis Task Analysis usability testing Information Architecture & Style guides Wireframe Design Visual Design HTML / CSS development Design implementation Requirement gathering & analytics is a crucial stage for every product innovation in any organization. And in most organizations UX efforts are involved later to requirement gathering and UX specialist is limited to innovate features in the product as requirement Documented would be specific to business goals and data mapping with real time user task & needs would be unclear. What Do I Carry I specialize GAP ANALYTICAL SKILLS in Innovating features to real time users with my specialized research & analytical skills. Design Interactive sessions to understand & capture User Behavior with specific to context and mapping it accurately with business goals, Technology, trends, real time data and designing best user experience solutions. What is Contextual Innovation? Contextual Innovation is a systematic multidisciplinary process of inquiry into the new frontiers of user system interactions. It allows you to gain practical knowledge about your target markets to develop entirely novel, more useful and effective products and services. Users are the best source of new ideas. Our research methodologies, rooted in cultural anthropology, sociology, and psychology, help us contextually study the "situated" behaviors, goals, intentions and thoughts of the potential users. Unlike traditional market research, which employs staged focus groups and superficial questionnaires as their main data source, we use tools and methodologies that elicit the deepest responses—thereby laying the building blocks of tomorrow's designs. Our methodologies are largely organized in four stages: Research - Our process starts with a deep understanding of users, their characteristics, needs, motivations, overall experience with the world, and their everyday lives. Analysis - The collected data is then analyzed and interpreted to create meaningful and relevant insights, often in the form of frameworks and models, which become the essence of the innovation. Synthesis - In order to make the insights most useful and relevant, we embark on a continuous and iterative process of searching for solutions and ideas, which are novel, useful and sustainable. Implementation - We implement these insights and ideas to create prototypes that can be used for iterative testing throughout your development cycles. How to Proceed Study the culture, lifestyle, and preferences of a specific market or culture in order to determine the type of products, services, messages or strategy that best fits. Observe and create a competitive analysis of how your products, services, and brands are being used and perceived by your customers. Renew or redefine your product offerings for a new market segment. Research the social and cultural trends that affect your business, positioning, brand, products, and services. Establish a sustainable partnership with your company to streamline your product development process. Define and implement an internal process for innovation. Analyze opportunities for existing markets to make the best of a new technology or capability you have developed or acquired. Our Proprietary Competitive Analysis helps businesses understand their overall brand experience through real customer interaction. Industrial Design Capabilities The industrial design (ID) capabilities compliment the process of contextual innovation. ID helps transform the design insights from contextual innovations into concrete product ideas. The team at HFI has extensive experience in managing complete product design life cycle projects for industries such as automotive, consumer products, electronics, healthcare and electrical equipment. Our expertise includes: Understanding "Product-User-Environment-Task" domain and following a system design approach Product safety and ergonomic studies Exploration of form based on product function Quick prototyping for iterative design process Design optimization based on value engineering techniques Support detailed technical design Product aesthetics and visual communication Development of functional prototypes for field studies and testing Leadership Quality Business Mapping and Design Thinking Abilities I look requirements in these aspect Functional Requirements, Technical Requirements, Operational Requirements, Transitional Requirements and how these could be mapped with UX view to define a matrix & strategy for implementation and the key stoppers. And how do I prioritize it in resolution board to keep kicking off ahead. I carry unique ability to facilitate new types of conversations as a fundamental driver of decision making with Agile style . This understanding, and the decision to ensure that teams have the support they needed.

6 Brainstorming session
Requirement Analysis Brainstorming session Design Strategies Focus Group, User Research & Analysis Task Analysis usability testing Information Architecture & Style guides Wireframe Design Visual Design HTML / CSS development Design implementation Brainstorming with a group of people is a powerful technique to create new ideas, solve problems, clarify business needs, understand User background and to bring in innovative solutions. Brainstorming places a significant burden on the facilitator to manage the process, people's involvement and sensitivities, and then to manage the follow up actions. Use Brainstorming well and to see excellent results in improving the business goals, performance and user friendly concepts. What Do I Carry There are many ways in capturing data in the session to validate all are on the same page of understanding business requirements and Solution given is innovative and user acceptable. FOCUS Model A Simple, Efficient Problem-Solving Approach Capturing Data plays a vital Role. Communication Strategy, Oriented Decision-Making Model, Multi-Voting Choosing Fairly Between Many Options, Achieving Well Thought-Through Consensus Among Experts are the strategy expertise I bring in my practice. Leadership Quality In this process leadership role plays a vital role to understand the teams core strengths & abilities and delegate work to the right hands to make sure Business goal and UX need is solutioned with right expertise & model. Bringing in technical, analytical and SME To one point of contact and facilitate the right context are my strengths.

7 UX Architect Mobility Solutions
Requirement Analysis Brainstorming session Design Strategies User Research & Analysis, User Flow Task Analysis usability testing Information Architecture & Style guides Wireframe Design Visual Design HTML / CSS development Design implementation Design strategy is a discipline which helps firms determine what to make and do, why do it and how to innovate contextually, both immediately and over the long term. This process involves the interplay between design and business strategy. While not always required, design strategy often uses social research methods to help ground the results and mitigate the risk of any course of action. The approach has proved useful for companies in a variety of strategic scenarios. What Do I Carry Design is a concept and strategy is matrix to achieve required quantitative and qualitative results. It redefines more of a process change how problems are approached, identifies opportunities for action, and helps deliver more complete and resilient solutions. Strategic design is about crafting decision-making. This works best when design is integrated into organizational Matrix, creating new opportunities for designers with a strategic aptitude. Expanding the practice of design beyond cultural affairs is what I excel with three core competencies Integration, Visualization & Stewardship to drive the success factor. Leadership Quality Design strategy is more into individual & management acceptance. How effective is the change and acceptability of the change defines a Strategy. Past many decades change is evident, acceptability is what driven success or failure to individual and organizational level. How smoothly changes can be made and accepted by most, is what the abilities I bring in a strategic design.

8 UX Architect Mobility Solutions
Requirement Analysis Brainstorming session Design Strategies Focus Group, User Research & Analysis Task Analysis usability testing Information Architecture & Style guides Wireframe Design Visual Design HTML / CSS development Design implementation Analytics has traditionally been used to inform marketing strategy and tactics, but we now see more usability and user-experience professionals relying on this quantitative-data source to aid in research and design. The biggest issue with analytics is that it can very quickly become a distracting black hole of “interesting” data without any actionable insight. What Do I Carry In order to make the most of analytics data, As an UX professional I integrate the data where it can add value to qualitative processes instead of distract resources. Leadership Quality Research and Analytics are my core areas of interest, where I look forward to continue my further PHd research on human psychology and Behavioral science. Working with various domains and user types, I understand users in a better way and as a tech savvy, I bring in more of systematic technology approaches to build system intelligence to understand user behavior and respond to their interest. Client Value Creation - Enabled by Business Analysis' - Business/Technology

9 UX Architect Mobility Solutions
Requirement Analysis Brainstorming session Design Strategies Focus Group, User behavior research Task Analysis usability testing Information Architecture & Style guides Wireframe Design Visual Design HTML / CSS development Design implementation Task analysis breaks down the constituent elements of a user's work flow, including actions and interactions, system response, and environmental context. What Do I Carry Breaking down functionalities into task and creating flow out of it is not only the task I do, but think beyond those boundaries and try to map multi level interactions to make reusable tasks and innovate on those grounds to add-on value added services into those flows. Leadership Quality Understanding competitive products and the complexity in the flows exist and revamp it to easy the work flow and drawing a clear Story line to make the team understand the context of user goals with improved techniques. Defining approaches of various tools having unique capabilities of user testing methods that showcase better user experience practice.

10 UX Architect Mobility Solutions
Requirement Analysis Brainstorming session Design Strategies Focus Group, User behavior research Task Analysis Usability Testing Information Architecture & Style guides Wireframe Design Visual Design HTML / CSS development Design implementation Usability testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This can be seen as an irreplaceable usability practice, since it gives direct input on how real users use the system. This is in contrast with usability inspection methods where experts use different methods to evaluate a user interface without involving users. Usability testing focuses on measuring a human-made product's capacity to meet its intended purpose. What Do I Carry In prior to early stage of design & development phase, I bring in various tool expertise that validate Human focus and Technology focus for testing Usability practice, in data capturing and evaluating methods to understand User view and their behavior with context to the system they interact with. Key Questions answered: How can BAs help with designing high value pre-configured solutions for industries? Why will Agile Methods continue to gain traction for client value creation? Why is the role of disruptive technologies like SMAC important in enabling business processes for clients? How are BAs in Accenture driving the innovation agenda and investment in Digital Solutions to create value for clients?  Leadership Quality Usability testing is the practice to be looked at higher level of implementation for 100% success factor of a product design experience, Scalability and sustainability with respect to costing, profit making and future business expansion and retaining HAPPY CLIENTS. I add more value in this arena as I do continuous trend analyzation and trend setting with technical understanding to direct success path to the team and presenting quantitative measures to the higher management.

11 Pictography of User Experience
Application Screen Design Prototype Design Mobile Applications Website/Intranet Design Usability Engineering Design Enhancement

12 Projects and Efforts

13 UX Architect Mobility Solutions
Project: Crystal Ski Visual wireframe of Crystal Ski Client: Adventure activity and resort booking company having need for B2C / C2C Solution to service their credible customers Scope of work Agent Tablet App to service customer at any location Facilitate customer request service Retail product vendor finder and MPOS Mobile payment facility - C2C solution Historical vacation tracking and future vacation wish list capturing Approx. no. of screens: 20 Key challenges Unclear requirements Limited client communication scenario Limited time period ( entire product design and development turn around was done in 4 days for this POC App). Scrum process was followed Role & Responsibility Innovation MPOS offline - online payment Solution Automating manual Consumer grievance resolution with digital signature capturing feature Communication abilities within app Trust building through customer social network integration Research competitive products Customer need analytics & story board Strategy and process modeling Product management and Resource management Planning, Estimation, Costing Hands on Design solution & Implementation Innovation in product process Complete Product lifecycle ownership

14 UX Architect Mobility Solutions
Project: Wonen Aegon Visual wireframe of Wonen Aegon Client: Banking application supporting dutch language Scope of work Evaluating existing system Reengineering flow respect to prioritization of task Innovation in presentation layer of UI Approx. no. of screens: 13 Key challenges Clumsy screen flows Confusing multiple navigations in one screen Unfocused priority of navigation structure Role & Responsibility Innovation Unique UI element design Context & user focused screens Heuristic Evaluation on Existing app Finding complexities and issues Brainstorming with SME and Techies Strategy and process modeling Planning, Costing Hands on Design solution & Implementation Making sure client and consumer acceptance is met

15 UX Architect Mobility Solutions
Project: Yatra Visual wireframe of Yatra Client: Travel booking & tracking application of B2C Solution Scope of work Mobility solution for existing web app Innovation in consumer interest Designing tracking system Approx. no. of screens: 25 Key challenges Engineering huge content to smaller screen Implementation of device capable technology for performance issues Incorporating multiple 3rd party tools for tracking system Role & Responsibility Innovation Unique feature design Context & user focused screens Communication abilities within app Social hosting integration with FB and Twitter User tracking system integration for family trust ability Research competitive products User need analytics & story boarding Research on user priority requirement Creating IA, wireframes, style guides Project Planning Hands on Design solution & Implementation Innovation in product process

16 User interface design for i-phone & Android
Project: Bill Payment System User interface design for i-phone & Android Client : Bank Scope of work Fund management App to help consumer financial tracking through mobile solutions Key challenges UI design for multiple OS and form factor Complexity in defining design patterns for IOS and Android Role & Responsibility Innovation Single code multi platform support using PhoneGap UxD to support mobile form factors and OS Understanding consumer requirements Mapping ios and android design patterns for single app Digging more context based data with iterative client interaction and mapping it with user task 16

17 Project: Client On Boarding (CoB)
Visual design of CoB ( IP- Product ) Client: Any Bank or Organization having need of CoB - B2C Solution Scope of work Plug-in enterprise App for Banking and organizational level to onboard existing customers Key challenges Enterprise level app with single screen navigation & best UX - UI experience Quick performance driven custom framework design & development Multiple dynamic chart creation on run time live data Intranet chat features with best search features Complex dashboard creation to support all search & data presentation with charts on single screen Role & Responsibility Innovation 3 screens to support complete enterprise level functionality Expandable & collapsible unique UI framework User preference theme settings Shortcut help support for system experts UxD Solution scalable to any resolution (Responsive web solution) RWD Supporting Business, development and UI team on UX solution Html and jquery development Complete Product lifecycle ownership

18 Project: Integrys Functional prototype of UX solution Client: Solar Power BPO consumer support C2C Solution Scope of work Designing better user experience with limited feature of sharepoint legacy Data system Should support Powernet users to find relative data from huge data to support their consumers Key challenges Understanding the structure of Powernet App & sharepoint limitation Third party tool support with sharepoint Trust building with client to showcase solution designing ability & getting access into their device secured environment Role & Responsibility I had to show my client handling ability to higher management as it was New Client & I was new to company Build trust with the client to assure our technical abilities Work with junior team who doesn’t understand other technology integration with sharepoint Understand sharepoint framework and re-engineer UX solution to client and their user acceptance with iterative process Create wireframes and functional prototype code to support sharepoint Innovation 3rd party framework integration into sharepoint UI & UX design to ease experience

19 Project: BCA Web App Functional prototype of BCA Client: Global industry and economy research and data support App Scope of work Re-engineering scalable app for existing system with new technology capabilities Branding guidelines and UX-UI revamp Key challenges Dynamic chart creation with live data Huge data handling on run time and performance issue tackling Designing and creating complex UI to easy UX process New Angular JS Framework key feature exploration and integration Client handling as BA was key point of contact and she use to bring in her own visual requirements without any UX approach Role & Responsibility Innovation Intuitive chart creation with live data UCD & UxD approaches Innovating new ui element for better UX process Framework trend research and evaluation on suitable framework compatibility User research, Usability testing, IA, wireframing, style guide, code evaluation

20 Project: SCFS Layout design for Supply Chain Finance System (SCFS) IP- Product Client: Any Bank or Organization with B2B, B2C & C2C Solution Requirement for Business automation Scope of work . Key challenges .. Role & Responsibility Innovation Complete Product lifecycle ownership

21 Project: Insurance product
Horizontal business process flows for an insurance company Client: An Indian Insurance company Scope of work . Key challenges Role & Responsibility Innovation

22 Project: Insurance product
Layout design for general insurance company Client: An insurance company in India Scope of work Enhance look & feel of the user interface that supports branding through re-design. Enhance Usability & ease of use. Improve Information Architecture. Add features that could provide information about the company & it’s services and also engage the users. Make web as a primary sales platform Scope of work . Key challenges Role & Responsibility Innovation

23 Project: Indian Insurance Company
Intranet Portal for an Insurance company Client: An Indian Insurance company Advantages of proposed design Enhanced branding: Better look & feel, Application header re-designed with Client logo, Global navigation etc. Utilities such as circulars, news, People finder, Hindi word of the day etc. provided for better employee engagement. Navigation structure re-organized. Scope of work . Key challenges Role & Responsibility Innovation Proposed design

24 Project: Deutsche Bank
DB Scope of work To propose a visual design enhancement for an existing Server Monitoring System and thus improve Branding & Visual impact for better marketability. Key challenges To utilize screen space efficiently & effectively. Enhance Usability & provide scalability. The design proposed would have to compete with design proposal from the client’s internal design team. Scope of work . Key challenges Role & Responsibility Innovation

25 Visual wireframe of Mobile Sales Force Automation Client: Bank
Project: MSFA Visual wireframe of Mobile Sales Force Automation Client: Bank Scope of work . Key challenges Role & Responsibility Innovation MPOS

26 Visual wireframe of Perry Ellis Client: Mobile Retail portal
Project: Perry Ellis Visual wireframe of Perry Ellis Client: Mobile Retail portal Scope of work . Key challenges Role & Responsibility Innovation MPOS

27 It was pleasure to present My Portfolio to YOU
For further discussion Reach Or or

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