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Human Resources Elyne Cole Associate Provost for Human Resources.

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1 Human Resources Elyne Cole Associate Provost for Human Resources

2 Campus Human Resources Who we are: –Academic Human Resources –Staff Human Resources –Faculty Staff Assistance Program –Center for Training and Professional Development

3 Employee Populations (by HR office) Academic Human ResourcesStaff Human Resources Tenure System FacultyPermanent Civil Service Non-tenure System Other Academics Extra Help Academic Professionals Graduate Assistants (RA, TA, GA, PGA) Academic & Grad Hourly Faculty Staff Assistance Program Center for Training & Professional Development All Employees

4 Other HR Related Offices: –Office of Equal Opportunity & Access –Undergraduate Student Employment –Benefits –Payroll –University Human Resources

5 Source: (8-8-11) Total: 11,392

6 How are our staffing numbers trending?

7 Source: (8-8-11)

8 Additional Temporary Employee Populations  Civil Service Extra Help: 1,600  Graduate Assistants: 5,400 –RA, TA, GA, PGA  Academic Hourly: 2,000  Grand Total of almost 20,000 employees

9 Where are the HR Policies? –University Statutes and General Rules –Civil Service Policy and Rules –Provost’s Communications –Campus Administrative Manual –NESSIE –State Officials & Employees Ethics Act –Conflict of Commitment & Interest –19 Collective Bargaining Agreements on campus – – –URL’s on your Quick Guide

10 Top Five Reasons to Call Human Resources

11 You have just learned one of your employees named you in a grievance. Union suggested grievance remedies that may be reasonable for your unit might obligate other units on campus that cannot accommodate the same response. Need to consult Labor Relations staff for contract interpretation. Reason#5

12 You need ideas on how to increase diversity in your unit. HR can help you with alternate recruiting sources and strategies; tactics to ensure diverse candidates receive full consideration Reason#4

13 You’ve just learned two of your employees are closer than you ever imagined. These relationships exist but can often cause employee relations issues in the unit even if only due to perceived inequitable treatment. Required to have an approved conflict management plan in place. HR provides resources in developing and approves plans. Reason#3

14 You have employees who feel threatened by a coworker. Threatening others is a violation of our workplace violence policy. Contact HR as soon as you are aware of this situation. HR will assess if any immediate action is necessary, as well as convening all appropriate entities for a fuller assessment. Reason#2

15 And the Number 1 reason to call Human Resources... It’s your first week as a Senior Administrator and you have 2 employees quit, another injured in the lab and 5 employees just left your office after complaining for an hour about one of your most productive faculty...

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