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National eGovernment Program. Ushering in eGovernment The eGovernment Strategy eGovernment Agency Looking beyond eGovernment Achievements Contents Towards.

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1 National eGovernment Program

2 Ushering in eGovernment The eGovernment Strategy eGovernment Agency Looking beyond eGovernment Achievements Contents Towards a better life

3 Need for eGovernment – Bahrain Perspective Towards a better life Islands of success Reinventing the wheel Initiatives are individual driven and not institutionalized Lack of focus on customer service Absence of common standards and policies at a national level Process automation undertaken without substantial re-engineering Absence of sustainability models Gaps in capacity building to meet the new requirements of public service delivery

4 The eGovernment Journey… TCICT Formation SCICT Formation eReadiness Assessment eGovernment Agency eGovernment Program 2007-10 eGovernment Strategy

5 Envisioning eGovernment “ To be the eGovernment leader committed to provide all Government services that are integrated, best-in-class and available to all through their channels of choice helping Bahrain transform as the finest country in GCC to visit, live, work and do business ” To deliver value to all through collaborative government Towards a better life

6 eGovernment Strategy Towards a better life

7 The eGovernment Strategy Towards a better life Individuals Business GovernmentVisitors Channel Enhancement Service Enablement Enabling Environment

8 Strategic Priorities – Service Enablement Towards a better life eReadiness Assessment 350+ Services 167 Services Criticality and feasibility of electronic enablement Business Services (G2B) Individuals Services (G2C) Employee Services (G2E) Common Services 69 53 4 41 Customs and Ports Social Benefits Management Tourism Services eHealth Services Real-Estate Services Education Project eOffice G2E Portal Case Management System National Employment G2B Gateway eProcurement National Data Set

9 Strategic Priorities – Channel Enhancement Towards a better life Public Service Delivery eGovernment Portal Common Service Centres Mobile Portal National Contact Centre

10 Strategic Priorities – Enabling Environment Towards a better life Ensure resources and skill sets by developing capacity through training, career planning and change management Capacity Building An integrated and connected government through common standards and policies across all key elements of the eGovernment Architecture Common Standards and Policies An institutional approach to assess the effectiveness of eGovernment initiatives and provide information for informed decision making Monitoring and Evaluation Customer centricity of service delivery through the development of well-defined service levels and customer grievance redress mechanisms Customer Charter Framework Align public processes with the needs of customers by defining a common and comprehensive approach to reengineering of public service processes Common Approach to Process Reforms Build awareness of the program and communicate the benefits to the external and internal stakeholders Marketing and Awareness

11 Towards a better life eGovernment Strategy – Expected Outcomes Improvement in UN eReadiness ranking Electronic enablement of 167 key services Reduction in turnaround time Enhanced customer satisfaction Access to services irrespective of education, nationality, age and income At least 4 delivery channels eGovernment Leader All Government Services Integrated, Best-in-Class Available to All Channels of Choice Reduction in cost of provisioning services

12 Portal eServices- Currently Online eGovernment Agency

13 Core ( Program Level ) Strategize Project Prioritisation Enterprise Architecture Government Process Reforms Undertake Monitoring and Evaluation Marketing and Awareness Knowledge Management Coordinate Technical Assistance Financial Structuring Core and Support Infrastructure Support ( Project Level ) Project Definition and Monitoring Capacity Building Service Integration Enable ( Capacity Balancer ) Project Preparation Project Design and Development Project and Risk Management Outsource (Bid Process Management) PPP / Private Financing Initiatives Towards a better life Need for eGovernment Agency

14 Towards a better life Organization structure – eGovernment Agency CEO Advisor SCICT TCICT Policies and BPR Directorate Human & Financial Resources and Capacity Building Directorate Services and Channel Enhancement Directorate Marketing and Awareness Directorate PwC Advisory Team

15 Role – Policies and BPR Directorate Towards a better life Develop a set of policies, standards and guidelines that may be followed by all agencies in the Kingdom in the following areas: Data Security Study processes, identify the areas of improvement and recommend new more efficient processes for implementation Data modelling & meta data Data Exchange Enterprise Architecture Information storage and retrieval

16 Role – Human & Financial Resources & Capacity Building Directorate Towards a better life Manage the HR and Administration of the eGovernment Agency Aid the ministries in training needs assessment, design of training curriculum and other capacity building tasks Facilitate capacity building for eGovernment as enunciated in the eGovernment Strategy

17 Role – Services and Channel Enhancement Directorate Towards a better life Support implementing agencies in drafting project requirements, RFT/RFP, bid process management and service level monitoring Coordinate the efforts across ministries to ensure integration of systems and processes Track project implementation, dependencies and identify risks and develop mitigation plans for the same Introduce and enhance delivery channels – Portal, Common Service Centres, National Contact Centre and Mobile Portal Create project definition document detailing the project plan, dependencies, assumptions and the business case

18 Role – Marketing and Awareness Directorate Towards a better life Design and implement the marketing and awareness campaigns in collaboration with the chosen Marketing and PR partner Create an appropriate channel mix to meet the twin objectives of effective marketing and awareness within the budgetary constraints Segment the customers to launch targeted campaigns focusing on value to the customer

19 Looking beyond eGovernment Towards a better life

20 Other eGovernment Initiatives Towards a better life PC INet Discover IT eGovernment Benchmarking eGovernment Awards Program

21 Towards a better life Bi-monthly magazine launched in September 2007 Highlights Overview of eGovernment programs around the world Articles on strategic components of eGovernment Educational articles on eGovernment News and Updates on global eGovernment events Latest eGovernment developments in Bahrain Distribution Global distribution of 10,000 copies per issue Covers public sector, business sector including international agencies related to eGovernment Thought Leadership – eGovernment Magazine

22 Portal eServices- Currently Online Achievements

23 Milestones… towards success 34 key services online eGovernment Portal Proof of Concept stage Conceptualization stage Common Service Centres National Contact Centre Mobile Gateway Conceptualization stage Fully operational Marketing and Awareness Monitoring and Evaluation Common Standards and Policies eGovernment Benchmarking

24 Scaling new heights of service delivery… Towards a better life 263,768 visitors from 144 nations Over 36% of new visitors Average 130,00 page views a day Average 1500 visitors a day Average time spent – 6 minutes Credit & Debit Card payment facility Over BD 820,000 payments online 34 key services online … the journey continues The National eGovernment Portal

25 © 2007 All Copyrights Reserved eGovernment Agency Kingdom of Bahrain Towards a better life

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