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2 MUNICIPAL VISION Bidhannagar Municipality intends to be an:  Environmentally clean urban area ensuring healthy lives, healthy ambience, safety & security  The residents, irrespective of poor or rich should have adequate & equal access to basic services  The Wetlands are to be preserved properly in order to save the ecological balance of the Kolkata Metropolis  Upgradation of the economically poorer section, by engaging all families in gainful employment or self- employment through different training programmes

3 HISTORY:  Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy dreamt of a planned satellite township of Kolkata – the Salt Lake City(12.5 sq km)  The area was basically wet land which was filled up with silt from the river Hoogly  People began to settle here in the 70’s.  In 1995 after the formation of the Municipal Board an area consisting of a large part of the East Kolkata Wetland was added to the planned city thus increasing the area from 12.5 sq km to 33.5 sq km.

4 OVERVIEW:  The planned portion of the Bidhannagar Municipality initially had  5 Sectors  23 Wards  39 Blocks  Later an added area of 21 sq km is added to it  Out of these sectors, sector –V (2.3 sq km app.), earmarked for IT industries very recently is separated to form a new municipal board- Naba Diganta Industrial Township  At present the area of Bidhannagar is 31.3 sq km app.

5 SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS:  The planned township has residents from the LIG, HIG & MIG of the society.  The slums of Dattabad (typical urban slum area) is inhabited by the EWS.  The added areas, (mainly rural in character) are inhabited mostly by the EWS.  There are 21 slums in the Bidhannagar Municipal area. Out of which- 4 are at Dattabad Remaining 17 in ward no.14,22 & 23

6 FORMAL INTERACTIONS DDP Launching Workshop 1 Sensitization Workshops 23 Problem Identification Workshops 23 FGD s 27 Planning Workshops Workshop-1: Component 1 & 2 (combined) & Component 3 2 Workshop-2 Component 1 & 2 (combined) & Component 3 2 Public Validation 1 DDP Finalization 1



9 OBSTACLES / CONSTRAINTS:  The Municipality does not have right of use of the land within the Municipal area.  Lands are allotted on leasehold basis  The function of the Municipality is to maintain its land and provide service to the lessee.  The land here is under the control of Urban Development Department of State Govt. RESULTS:  ULB is deprived from exercising control over land- use, land-allotment, sub-division, use determination, giving / taking possession of urban land and development of infrastructure by its own power.  Restriction in transfer of land.


11 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 1.1 SLUM INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT PLAN  Ensure basic infrastructure services to all slums, in order to provide a safe and healthy quality of life to the residents.  Give priority to slums having worst infrastructure and socio-economic situation.

12 PROJECT PROPOSALS:  Out of 21 slums, 5 are already supported by KUSP (except supply of electricity)  Remaining 16 slums & part work of the previous 5 are to be taken on the basis of QSS  6 nos. will be funded from KUSP fund  10 will be funded from other sources TOTAL ALLOCATION OF FUND:  KUSP FUND - Rs.3,25, 30,000/-  OTHER SOURCES - Rs.2, 14, 00,000/-

13 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUB COMPONENT 1.2 INTRA MUNICIPAL INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN  To improve the quality & quantity of potable water & take necessary measures to avoid its wastage  Achieving segregation of waste from all households  Upgradation of existing sewer lines wherever necessary & providing public urinals at convenient positions  Improving of the existing drainage system & achieving regularity in system of maintenance  Parks & Greeneries to be maintained properly  The conditions of markets which are in dilapidated state are to be improved

14 PROJECT PROPOSALS: IMPROVEMENT IN OPERATION  Periodic cleaning of overhead reservoir  Removal of unauthorized temporary construction from footpath IMPROVEMENT IN MAINTENANCE  Regular & periodic maintenance of roads (all types)  Regular cleaning & maintenance of market premises (Sweeping / Electrical) SIGNIFICANT CAPITAL INVESTMENT  Construction of U.G.Reservoirs for surface water storing  Renovation of Buildings at Drainage Pumping station  Conversion of existing toilets into Pay & use toilets  Upgardation of road to Mollar Bhery  Improvement of solid Waste Dumping System TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: TIED FUND – Rs.40,69,37,000/- UNTIED FUND – Rs.17,76,00,000/-

15 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 1.3 TRANS MUNICIPAL PLAN  Improving access to the municipality by planning and designing arterial road networks for better connections with the regional road networks  Environmentally sound methods of treatment and disposal of sewerage and sullage to preserve / protect the quality of canal water.  Identifying innovative waste management facilities by providing sustainable ways of disposal of municipal solid waste for the municipality.

16 PROJECT PROPOSALS:  Increase in the supply of surface water  To reopen /widen the connectors (as present in the Master Plan) to E.M Bye Pass.  Solid waste dumping ground at Mollar Bherry area is to be permitted officially until a bigger one can be arranged  Common Joint dumping ground for solid waste management works TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: As none of the cost of these plans are to be borne by the Municipality, no fund has been allotted for this Sub-Component

17 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 1.4 ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT PLAN  Achieving and maintaining quality of drinking water in the ULBs in accordance with International Standard.  Protecting wetlands from pollution and encroachment.  Protection of green cover from encroachment in the ULB.  Disseminating environment education to the community and making them aware of the environmental issues in the ULB.  Spread awareness about community participation in environmental risk management.

18 PROJECT PROPOSALS:  Restoration/ preservation of canal and water bodies  Environmental Awareness Programmes for citizens,  Conversion of all unsanitary latrines  Segregation of solid wastes at source  Improvement of Solid Waste Dumping System  Re-excavation of drainage outfalls  Improvement of Drainage system in slum areas  Improvement and Beautification of parks  Regular measures should be taken for cutting & clearing bushes and removal of debris  Need of pay & use toilet in public places.  Vat system to be removed. TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: TIED FUND – Rs.3,00,00,000/- UNTIED FUND – Rs. 90,00,000/-

19 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 1.5 LAND USE DEVELOPMENT PLAN  Making land available : Ownership of land for the Municipality should have to be processed & ensured. To make the land available as a free-hold from the lease hold system.  Development of municipal owned land: Enhance condition of living in the congested or densely populated areas of Dattabad through redevelopment of such areas along with govt.  Regulatory controls on development of area under the jurisdiction of the ULB

20 PROJECT PROPOSALS:  Transfer of ownership & management jurisdiction of land in favour of the Municipality to empower the local govt. for exercising control over planning, allotment, subdivision, use determination & giving / taking possession of urban land.  Introduction of the process of conversion of leasehold land to freehold to increase the liquidity value of land and to ensure availability of developed land  Restricted Pollution free commercial activities  Betterment of Connectivity and other Municipal services TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: Till the Municipality gets the authority over its land, all these proposals remain HYPOTHETICAL. UNTIED FUND – Rs. 85,00,000/- is still allotted if some of these can be materialized.


22 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 2.1 LIVELIHOOD & POVERTY ALLEVIATION PLAN  Strengthening existing institutional structures in the ULB created by the various Government Plans and Programmes (SJSRY), (NSDP) etc.  Strengthening and increasing the coverage of the existing community structures viz. the CDS, NHCs, NHGs, TCGs etc.  Provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for the slum poor by providing requisite vocational trainings  To strengthen the functioning of UPE cell.

23 PROJECT PROPOSALS:  Business development Training Programme for DWCUA  Various Vocational training programmes for making trades to the people living below poverty level  Leadership development training programme for NHC’s  Training on maintenance of accounts to the TPO, COs and CDS executives  Training on Monitoring and Evaluation to NHCs including TPO and COs  Capacity Building training to UPE Cell members  Establishing Poverty Data Bank for maintaining proper MIS at UPE Cell  Creation of Loan Recovery Cell under the UPE Cell TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: TIED FUND – Rs. 66,14,000/- UNTIED FUND – Rs. 82,25,000/-

24 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 2.2 LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN  Giving recognition to cycle rickshaw pullers and rickshaw van pullers  Improve Transparency of all regulatory process  Provide infrastructure and basic services to enhance economic activities of small scale enterprise in the ULB  Ensuring local skills and enterprise to receive attention not just locally but also outside the ULB and the State;  Ensure that Small Scale Enterprise has access to adequate finance.

25 PROJECT PROPOSALS:  Providing license to Rickshaw pullers and Rickshaw van pullers  Construction of permanent Exhibition cum Sales Emporium in the Market Place to provide this scope to the DWCUA & SHGs promoted by the ULB;  Training of BPL Women in Nursing Aids for providing services to the citizens through the call centres  Providing Pisci-culture in the different ponds/water bodies owned or managed by the ULB to provide business to male members of the different DWCUA member family and from excluded groups  To provide masks, hand gloves to all garbage cleaners in the ULB TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: TIED FUND – Rs. 18,38,000/- UNTIED FUND – Rs. 25,00,000/-

26 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 2.3 HEALTH CARE SERVICES DELIVERY PLAN  Providing Public Health Services:  Reproductive and Child Health Care Services  Other Preventive Health Care

27 PROJECT PROPOSAL:  Proposal for training of medical and paramedical workers  Proposal for PPP for running pathology centre and medicine shop  Posting and permanency of HO and AHO  Formation of Family Health Welfare Committee Upgradation of dispensaries and Maternity Home  Supply of Furniture and medical equipments at sub- centres  Setting up of Maternity Child Health Care Services ;  Growth monitoring programmes  Training to create awareness generation on Health Promotion amongst households  Primary School health check up TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: TIED FUND – Rs. 33,86,000/- UNTIED FUND – Rs.3,58,00,000/-

28 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 2.4 PRIMARY EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT PLAN  Improvement of the status of infrastructure and basic services  Giving support to the schools in MIS System;  Achieving 100% enrolment in Municipal Schools;  Providing remuneration or pocket money to the preraks and sanchalaks in CEC  Participation of the community people and the parents of the existing schools  Sensitisation as well as other Awareness Generation Camps for community awareness

29 PROJECT PROPOSALS:  Providing basic services to the schools  Construction and renovation of the class rooms  Remuneration or pocket money to the Preraks and Sanchalaks in Continuity Centres  Procurement of essential furniture, teaching aids, books etc. in the schools  To conduct “Cholo School Jai ” programme;  To provide all school going children with winter garments  Training to Ward Education Committee members to generate school development works and monitoring system on behalf of the ULB  Strengthening the management, operation and utilization of the SSK centres TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: TIED FUND – Rs. 96,60,000/- UNTIED FUND – Rs.2,07,16,000/-


31 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 3.1 ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN  Ensure decentralized urban governance and service delivery  Strengthen the role of the Ward offices  Involve political and administrative leadership in the course of DDP preparation and implementation  Effective staff restructuring to improve efficiency  Ensure participation of employees in policy, management and decision-making  Automation of office systems with IT support

32 PROJECT PROPOSALS:  LAN Connection- Purchase of Computers and Computer Training  Development of detailed role manual & performance appraisal system of HODs, Councillor & various committees  Grievance Redressal Cell at Poura Bhawan.  Develop and implement training programme on SJSRY, Health workers etc.  Resource mobilisation cell integrated with collection monitoring cell, Strengthening of Standing Committee  Strengthening of Ward Offices  Strengthening Urban Planning Function TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: TIED FUND – Rs. 32,00,000/- UNTIED FUND – Rs. 78,00,000/-

33 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 3.2 PROCESS AND SYSTEMS IMPROVEMENT PLAN  Ensuring internal process and systems (Accounting Systems, Personnel Systems, Procurement, Property Tax Assessment) are geared for improved governance and management  Ensuring improved delivery (Delivery mechanisms, Mutation, Building Plan Approval etc.) of essential urban services

34 PROJECT PROPOSALS:  Establishment of environment monitoring cell  Up gradation of GIS activity and establishment of data Bank  Introduce Information Systems to improve access to information TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: TIED FUND – Rs. 5,00,000/- UNTIED FUND – Rs.25,00,000/-

35 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 3.3 CITIZEN’S INTERFACE PLAN  To ensure self sustainability of the Municipality  Improve quality of services  Effective coordination between the Municipal Stakeholders, Citizens and Ward Councillors to ensure effective service delivery  To include the slum dwellers and the poor in the planning and implementation process  To ensure clean environment in the Municipal area

36 PROJECT PROPOSAL:  Up gradation of Website  Creating Awareness to orient citizen to the procedural requirements of various service deliveries  Setting up of Grievance redressal Cells at every Ward office  Publication of Pora Batayan TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: TIED FUND – Rs.15,00,000/- UNTIED FUND – Rs.34,50,000/-

37 DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES: SUBCOMPONENT 3.4 FINANCIAL PLAN  To undertake detailed revenue potential assessments  To achieve effective administration of existing taxes, refurbishing of major taxes etc.  To enhance the scope of tax and non-tax sources in order to increase revenue  To explore option to raise debt capital, assess financial viability of selected project  To identify methods to reduce finance cost and ensure better cash flow.  To explore the options to undertake revenue generating projects through PPP  To prepare the annual budget more scientifically

38 PROJECT PROPOSALS:  Selective survey of properties  House to house survey  Computerisation of property Tax records.  Development of property tax records.  Use community groups.  Disseminate information behind levying water charges.  Registrations number should be given to advertising agencies for proper Monitoring and tracking of taxes paid.  Collection of advertisement tax  Identification of unauthorized advertisements TOTAL ALLOCATION FROM ALL SOURCES: TIED FUND – UNTIED FUND – Rs.60,00,000/-

39 TOTAL FINANCIAL ALLOCATION - COMPONENTSTIEDUNTIED 146,86,80,000/-21,65,00,000/- 22,22,85,000/-6,72,00,000/- 352,00,000/-1,97,58,000/- TOTAL49,61,65,000/-30,34,58,000/-

40 PUBLIC VALIDATION:  Participation from all Wards  Interesting interactions  Written feedback submitted (2 in nos.) The proposals were not feasible enough to be incorporated

41 CONCLUSION:  Implementation of DDP will enable an integrated development  Special emphasis to the EWS will upgrade their standard of living  Will continue to provide the planned township of Salt lake with the basic services more efficiently & systematically



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