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Labor Unions & Management Unit Test Review. Arbitration and Mediation.

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1 Labor Unions & Management Unit Test Review

2 Arbitration and Mediation

3 Using a third party to negotiate and settle differences in a dispute, arbitration is binding, but mediation is non-binding

4 Open Shop, Closed Shop

5 In an open shop, you don’t have to be a member of the union to get hired, but in a closed shop, you must be a member of said union in order to even get hired. This is going away as the result of right to work laws passed in most states.

6 How has the labor force changed?

7 A lot. We’ve gone from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. Also, our workers are getting older, less willing to retire and make room for their grand- children as they enter the work force.

8 How does an increase in the population affect the labor force?

9 Just by having more people, there is a need for workers to service those workers, more schools, more teachers, etc and etc.

10 What’s a lockout?

11 When employers lock out their workers to force them back to the bargaining table, or force an issue (The NHL lockout to force an issue)

12 Collective Bargaining is?

13 When one person or group of people bargain with an employer for the labor contract. It’s easier for a small group to negotiate for 100k workers than individually.

14 The Technological Revolution;

15 It’s changing the labor force and how that labor force works. It’s minimized the effect of labor unions, moved us away from manufacturing.

16 People living longer has what effect on the population?

17 We need more health care workers to service the old folks, also people are working longer, so the work force is getting larger not just because of procreation.

18 Fringe Benefits

19 Nice things about working at a company that does not include your pay. Free tickets to the Sabres Games because you work for the organization in some capacity.

20 Attractiveness of a job

21 How some people decide to take a job. Working in an office because it doesn’t require heavy lifting rather than work outside in construction because it’s loud and dirty.

22 Pay rates, does everyone get paid the same for the same work?

23 No. Minorities & females get paid less, for the most part, than white guys. We have laws to stop this, and yet, here we are…

24 Doctors vs. Store clerks?

25 Doctors get paid more because it’s hard work an it takes a long time, where as a store clerk, whose job can be learned in an afternoon, get paid less.

26 The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947;

27  Required unions to give the company 60 notice prior to strike  Union finances submitted to the government  Outlawed the closed shop, but permitted the union shop

28 Pattern Bargaining;

29 When one company negotiates a contract with a large union, and every other company abides with the same contract.

30 The strength of labor unions today…

31 What strength? They have little power, as everyone knows they’ll endorse any Democratic candidate and never endorse a Republican candidate. Plus, there are fewer members of unions.

32 What’s the glass ceiling?

33 They invisible, but very real limit to income & advancement that women experience while climbing the corporate ladder.

34 Why do they strike?

35 They strike to communicate to the public that they’re unhappy with their employers or their working conditions.

36 The Norris-LaGuardia Anti-Injunction Act of 1932;

37 Limited the use of court injunctions to stop labor strikes.

38 Free Rider;

39 A person who has benefited from the advancements made by Unions but has never paid a dime to a Union in the form of dues.

40 Grievance Machinery;

41 The set of rules set up by Unions that allows union members to file a complaint about the employer’s treatment of said employee.

42 Blue Collared Workers;

43 Craft workers or any non- professional worker. Carpenter, plumber, gas station attendant…etc.

44 White Collared Workers;

45 Professional workers (traditionally wear white shirts with ties)…lawyers, teachers, managers, people like that.

46 The Landrum Griffin Act

47 Gave workers the right to participate in union activities, so employers couldn’t fire them. Also could hold jobs without working for that union.

48 What is the labor force?

49 The number of people 16 years or older who are looking for work.

50 The Wagner Act

51 Helped change the balance of power between labor & management, gave workers the right to organize and to collectively bargain for contracts.

52 The End! Never have two word been more true in this class!!

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