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Union Representation A guide to a member’s right to union representation.

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1 Union Representation A guide to a member’s right to union representation

2 2 Does This Sound Familiar? Please See Me!

3 3 You Need to Know…. zYour rights under the contract zHow to exercise your rights zWhat to do if denied your rights

4 4 Contractual Rights A. General Provisions 1. An employee may be disciplined only for just cause, and discipline shall be imposed only for a violation of an expressed rule, an expressed order, an expressed policy or a reasonable expectation of management which reasonably should have been known to the employee. This shall not be construed so as to prohibit the administrator from questioning an employee and/or offering reasonable direction at the time of the occurrence of any incident, the result of which might later be dealt with in a disciplinary manner. 2. Any teacher may be suspended or dismissed at any time during the year, provided that the charges against him/her are based on immorality, misconduct in office, incompetence, gross insubordination, willful neglect of duty, drunkenness, or conviction of any crime involving moral turpitude, where applicable, and in accordance with Florida Statutes. 3. Employees shall be entitled to representation in any meeting with the administration when the employee reasonably feels that discipline may result.

5 5 Now that you know your rights, what’s next?

6 6 If you’re called to a meeting with your supervisor, follow these simple steps: John, I’d like to talk to you about your paperwork.

7 7 Stay Calm!

8 8 THINK! Ask yourself this question, “Could this meeting result in discipline?”

9 9 How to know if the answer is YES” First determine the subject/purpose of the meeting: (You have the right to know the general topic of the meeting.)  Then determine whether you have a reasonable belief that discipline could result from the meeting. Send an e-mail like.. “Do I need to bring anything? Could this meeting result in discipline?”

10 10 MAKE A GOOD CHOICE! If the answer is YES, tell your supervisor that you want CTA representation.

11 11 If you want representation, YOU must ask for it. Such a request can be made at any point during the meeting... I want my union rep.

12 12 …and during the meeting, you have the right to... talk privately with your representative for advice and counsel.

13 13 The union representative is there to protect the member’s interests. zThe union representative ycannot be forced to be a passive witness yShould not turn an investigatory interview into a grievance session yShould take notes yCall the office if it gets “heated”

14 What if you ask for union representation, and your boss says, “NO”?

15 15 Don’t be insubordinate; instead, do the following...

16 16 Attend the interview/meeting and repeatedly request that a union representative be present throughout the interview or meeting.

17 17 What if your boss still says,”NO”? Do not answer any questions or give or write a statement during the interview/meeting. Sit and listen. I just don’t feel comfortable answering any questions or giving a statement without my union rep.

18 18 Don’t I have Miranda rights? NO, not at the workplace. Even if you are deprived of your right to union representation, anything you say can and will be used against you!

19 19 Remember Abraham Lincoln’s words: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

20 20 At the conclusion of the meeting... Contact the CTA office, 407-298-0756 so... a Code of Civility complaint, grievance, or unfair labor practice can be filed. There are timelines for each.

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