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2014-2015 RPSTA COMMITTEE WORK. COMMITTEE STRUCTURE  Member Engagement (3)  New Teacher Welcoming  Superannuates Reception  Social Events  Governance.

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2 COMMITTEE STRUCTURE  Member Engagement (3)  New Teacher Welcoming  Superannuates Reception  Social Events  Governance (3)  Internal Policy  Elections  Resolutions  Joint Board/RPSTA (5)  LINC Table  LINC Advisory  Grievance  School Year Calendar  Board of Review  Professionalism & Professional Development (2)  Convention  Professional Development Advisory  Executive (5)  Hospitality Room  Long Service Award  Political Action  Website & Social Media  REMAC

3 PROFESSIONALISM & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT  Convention  Responsible for planning, organizing, and managing the annual Regina Teachers’ Convention.  This is done in conjunction with the RCSTA.  Committee Commitment: as required (approximately ten meetings per year).  Professional Development Advisory  Responsible for working with the Board on issues pertaining to joint Professional Development, Session Awards, and more. Can also make recommendations to the RPSTA on issues of professional development.  Committee Commitment: as required.

4 MEMBER ENGAGEMENT  New Teacher Welcoming  Responsible for organizing the annual RPSTA New Teachers’ Induction Ceremony, held each November to formally welcome new educators on continuing contracts into the teaching profession.  New this year, this committee will also focus their efforts on those issues that affect new teachers (especially those that are young), and will work to eventually offer a formalized mentorship process to those who wish to take advantage of it.  Committee Commitment: one meeting per month (approximate).  Superannuates Reception  Responsible for planning, coordinating, and managing the annual RPSTA Superannuates Reception, held each June to honour those members who have declared their retirement.  Committee Commitment: as required.  Social Events  Responsible for planning and hosting various social events, targeting specific teaching cohorts (i.e. in-school administrators, new teachers, etc.)  Committee Commitment: as required.

5 GOVERNANCE  Internal Policy  Responsible for matters pertaining to the RPSTA Constitution and Constitutional reform.  Committee Commitment: variable (light in some years, heavier in others if it has been a few years since the last Constitutional reformation).  Elections  Responsible for overseeing all annual RPSTA Elections. Executive & Councillor elections are annual; President and Vice-President elections are biannual, during all even years.  Committee Commitment: as required (mostly during Elections season – April and May).  Resolutions  Responsible for the maintenance, editing, and sequential flow of RPSTA member Resolutions.  Committee Commitment: as required (mandatory meeting prior to all Meetings and Special Meetings of Council).  Note: This committee’s membership is exclusive to those RPSTA members who hold the office of STF Councillor.

6 JOINT BOARD/RPSTA  LINC Table  Responsible for the direct negotiation and eventual ratification of new LINC Contracts with the Board. Ultimately, it is their prerogative when a contract is acceptable to present to the membership, or to decide on various steps, such as conciliation.  Committee Commitment: heavy during local contract negotiations; often during instructional hours.  This Committee is filled by the RPSTA President, the LINC Chair, and five Members-at- Large (7).  LINC Advisory  Responsible for engaging in collaborative and generative discussion with the LINC Table Officers. Can also be polled by the LINC Table Officers during contentious decisions.  Committee Commitment: heavy during local contract negotiations.  This Committee is best filled by many RPSTA members, holding divergent positions and philosophical ideologies.

7 JOINT BOARD/RPSTA (CONT’D)  Grievance  Responsible for acting on those grievances put forward by RPSTA members and supported by the RPSTA Executive. Those grievances are discussed at a joint table with the Board.  Committee Commitment: minor.  School Year Calendar  Responsible for collaborating with Board senior administration, in an effort to arrive at an annual calendar that is seen as favourable for teachers, students, and families, while at the same time honouring the parameters set out in The Education Act, 1995.  Committee Commitment: moderate, more significant in the weeks leading up to the release of the calendar to the Minister of Education for approval.  Board of Review  Responsible for the review and determination of member eligibility on grid (i.e., service in other provincial and national districts).  Committee Commitment: minor.

8 EXECUTIVE  Hospitality Room  Responsible for selecting themes & services to offer fellow STF members in hospitality during the Annual Meeting of Council every Spring.  Committee Commitment: minor; planning & errand running prior to Spring Council.  Long Service Award  Responsible for selecting the annual recipient of the RPSTA Long Service Award, annually given to a former member who has made great contributions to the RPSTA in the past.  Committee Commitment: Executive decision.

9 EXECUTIVE (CONT’D)  Political Action  Responsible for deciding on the political policies of the RPSTA, including supports, affiliations, and public statements.  Committee Commitment: Executive decision.  Website & Social Media  Responsible for the RPSTA’s online presence (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc), managing the official RPSTA website, and timely updates and releases to the membership.  Committee Commitment: as required.  REMAC  Responsible for meeting with Board senior administration, and discussing issues that are seen to hold mutual importance.  Committee Commitment: Executive function.

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