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HR Strategies MGMT 341 ~ Team 3 Charity Estes Christopher Heiserman Jeannette Lyon Ross Ramon.

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1 HR Strategies MGMT 341 ~ Team 3 Charity Estes Christopher Heiserman Jeannette Lyon Ross Ramon

2  Leadership – Engage. Relate. Motivate.  Strong Communication Skills – Culture focused. Effective management. Training ability.  Finance/Business Background – Accountability. Interpret. Forecast. Budgeting.  Strong Analytical Skills – Quick Thinker. Problem Solver. Ethical. Branding. Promotion. Community Involvement

3 Given that MAX’s is a start-up/spin off restaurant venture our primary focus is experience. Experience Desired:  Personal & Professional Successes.  Start up companies/restaurants.  Strong leadership. Goal Setting.  Team Formation / Fellowship / Longevity / Performance Minimum Qualifications:  Business Degree or Hospitality/Restaurant/Culinary Degree  Preferred Prior Restaurant Industry Experience

4 As an organization we will consistently provide exceptional customer service with a lively, socially diverse and trendy atmosphere. We hold ourselves accountable to only offer consistent quality, full of flavor foods made from only the finest and freshest ingredients available. We are dedicated to our customers and employees and will show our gratitude and sincere appreciation every day. We will continue to mentor and foster the full potential of all our team members, focusing on their well being and development. We value integrity, trust, mutual respect, and honesty while embracing diversity as an essential component in the way we do business while providing a distinguishable work environment. We will always remain an integral part of our community, serving the needs of all our residents.

5  We donate 10% of all profits to establish local scholarship opportunities  We provide fundraising and benefit opportunities to the community  Team building events supporting the community – Meals on Wheels, Progress House, Food Banks  We encourage our staff to reach out to and support members of our community.

6 Max's Restaurant is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity. We strive to create and maintain a diverse work environment characterized by our respect and value for all of our individual differences and values. MAX’s MAINTAINS DIVERSITY  DIVERSITY - Integrated within company culture.  ZERO TOLERANCE HARASSMENT & DISCRIMINATION - We do not discriminate against any person(s) or group on the basis of age, race, color, sexual orientation, religious preference, marital status, disability, political affiliation or any other status protected under local, state or federal law.  OPEN COMMUNICATION. QUICK RESPONSE & RESOLUTION.

7  ONGOING TRAINING & TEAM PARTICIPATION - Culture Themed Food, Trivia Nights  TEAM BUILDING – Cross train, Role play. Monthly & Quarterly events  INTERNAL PROMOTION. MENTORSHIP. EMPLOYEE GROWTH.  RECOGNIZE, SUPPORT, OBSERVE & PARTICIPATE - Cultural Holidays and participate in local community cultural events.  ADA Program Support & Rehabilitation Opportunities

8  Counseling Sessions  Verbal Warning  Written Warning for Unsatisfactory Performance  Written Warning for Conduct-Related Issues  Suspension without Pay  Further Disciplinary Action  Termination

9  Informal grievance  Formal grievance  Further Action – company executive review  Arbitration

10 Additional part-time employees are necessary during holidays and seasonal changes

11  Social Media Sites  Facebook  Twitter  Flyer  Craigslist  Employee referral

12  Web Posting  Local/College Radio  Utilize Social Media  Print Ads  Flyers  Craigslist

13  Recruit Individuals Regularly – Newspapers, job fairs, online applications, etc.  Attain Employee Applications – Only online applications accepted  Preliminary Screening – Brief phone interview  Resume Review - Do resume skills match Max goals?  One on One Employee Interviews – Consists of predetermined behavioral questions  Alternate Skills Test – Cooking skills tested  Alternate Role Play Exercise – Customer/employee interaction testing  Background and Reference checks - Employment, criminal, and credit history will be a focus  Selection – Offer extended

14  Preliminary Phone Interview  Determine level of interest  Quickly determine potential prospects  Hourly, Non-Supervisory Interview  One on one  Behavioral/situational based  Optional skills test & role play exercise  Supervisory Employees Interview  One on one  Behavioral/situational based  Past accomplishments (increased sales, repeat customers, staff turnover, cost reduction)  Optional skills test & role play exercise Google Images

15  Process Customer Orders – Take accurate food and beverage order  Serve Customer Orders – Serve accurate customer order  Confirm Satisfactory Food and Service – Check customers satisfaction  Present Check and Process Payment – End customer experience positively  Uphold Max Values – Act in accordance with Max core values  Thorough Understanding of Menu – Understand food ingredients  Make Customers Experience Memorable – Make customer want to return via exemplary service

16  Max Introduction – Explanation of Max Mission, Philosophy, Culture, and Employee Procedures and Policies  Menu – Learn dishes and ingredients  Kitchen Time – Sample dishes, observe food preparation process  Behavioral Training/Role Play – Situational learning  Restaurant Equipment Training – Learn proper use of all equipment  On the Job Training – Shadowing seasoned employees  Evaluation & Follow Up – Assess employee skills and offer growth ideas  Continued Training – further development of skills

17  Knowledge of Work/Facility  Quality of Work  Situational Responsiveness  Communication Skills  Dependability  Initiative clipart

18  Performance Planning and Documentation  Management Skills  Leadership  Overall Business Traits Google Images

19  Order Takers Critical Incidents  Customer satisfaction/complaints  Order accuracy  Safety record  Attendance  Supervisory Critical Incidents  Meeting financial revenue and budgeting goals  Inventory  Safety scores and awareness  Attendance  Employee turnover

20 Based on the location of Max’s Restaurant, the labor market for all job positions will be targeted to the state level only, unless any current qualified employees wish to transfer to our new store location. Desired Hourly Positions (Responsibilities and Rankings):  Supervisors  Prep Cooks  Order Takers (Servers)  Dishwashers

21 Required Benefits Include:  Social Security  Unemployment Compensation  Workers’ Compensation  Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Discretionary Benefits (Hourly Part-Time Employees):  Free Meal  Shift Differential Pay  Educational Assistance

22 Discretionary Benefits – Hourly Full-Time Employees  Free Meal  Discounted Meal  Shift Differential Pay  Educational Assistance  Paid Time Off (PTO)  Paid Vacation  Health Care Plan  Dental Plan

23 Discretionary Benefits – Hourly Supervisor Employees  Paid Time Off (PTO)  Paid Vacation  Relocation Benefits  Retirement Plan

24  Voluntary Benefits – All Full-Time Employees  Short Term Disability  Long Term Disability  Vision Insurance  Company Wellness Program  Non-Financial Compensation  An upbeat, safe working environment  Thorough, published policies  Capable Managers  Competent Employees  Team Environment  Skill variety and autonomy  Job satisfaction  Employee of the month  Part-Time work  Sport-Theme Thursday

25 Labor unions can greatly impact the work environment, the operations, and the overall profitability of the company. We at MAX’s promise to perform the following to ensure no labor unions are needed:  Open Door Policy  Monthly Team Meetings  Respect  Compensation  Grievance Procedure  Policies Review  Opportunities  Leadership Training

26 Unionization can greatly impact operations and overall profitability in the following ways:  Membership fee  Union meetings occurring during work hours  Union demands  Direct compensation and benefits  Work schedules  Working conditions Strike  Pension plans


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