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Faculty Senate Annual Report Lisa D. Cain, PhD Faculty Senate Chair, 2013-2014 September 8, 2014.

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1 Faculty Senate Annual Report Lisa D. Cain, PhD Faculty Senate Chair, 2013-2014 September 8, 2014

2 Chair 2013-2014 Lisa D. Cain, PhD Faculty member at UTMB since 1992 University of Texas Distinguished Teaching Professor Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology Associate Member, Institute for the Medical Humanities Director, Medical School Enrichment Programs Instructor in the Gross Anatomy and Radiology Course Member, Academy of Master Teachers Neuroscience Researcher from 1992-2006 (Neurotophins and Cholinergic neuron survival; spinal cord injury & cell survival)

3 Faculty Senate Responsibilities 2011-2012: Chair of the Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee - UTMB Faculty Senate 2012-2013:  Faculty Senate Representative - UTMB IHOP Committee  Faculty Senate Representative - UT Systems Faculty Advisory Council Meetings in Austin, Texas  Co-Chair, Health Affairs Committee of the UT System Faculty Advisory Council (Executive Committee) 2013-2014  Chair, UTMB Faculty Senate  Co-Chair, Health Affairs Committee of the UT System Faculty Advisory Council (Executive Committee)  Participant - New Faculty Orientation  Participant - UTMB Committees that involve faculty affairs

4 2013-2014 Goals Vision: The Senate will effectively represent the voice of the faculty. The Senate will maintain open lines of communication with executive leadership to sustain an environment where issues can be addressed and policies established that will assist in the promotion of excellence in health care, research, and education, thereby, positioning UTMB and its faculty as global leaders. The Senate will work in collaboration with the UT System Faculty Advisory Council, thereby influencing policies that affect all UT System Institutions.. Leadership and Purpose Reinforce the importance of unity in developing strength and excellence.

5 Faculty Senate Leadership 2013-2014 Lisa Cain, PhD Chair School of Medicine Associate Professor, Neuroscience and Cell Biology Director, Medical School Enrichment Program James Graham, PhD, DC Chair-Elect School of Health Professions Associate Professor, Division of Rehabilitation Sciences Carol M. Wiggs, RN, PhD Past Chair School of Nursing Associate Professor, SON Baccalaureate Program; RN-BSN Track Administrator

6 Our Senators

7 Faculty Senate 2013-2014 10 / SOM Paul Boor Werner Braun Ashok Chopra Shannon Clark Barkat Hooda S. Lynn Knox Susan McCammon Richard Rupp Michael Silva Tony Wen Lisa Cain, Chair 6 / GSBS Xiaoyong Bao Bruce Luxon Andres Oberhauser John Papaconstantinou David Walker 5 / SON Safa’a Al-Arabi Cherry Beckworth Patricia Crane Yolanda Davila Patricia Lea Carol Wiggs, Past Chair 5 / SHP Tammy Babcock Steven Fisher James Graham, Chair Elect Laura Lawrence Jill Seale

8 Topics Addressed by the Senate 2013-2014 Issues below were discussed at the Senate meetings and/or with higher administration. Teaching MetricsFaculty Lounge Measures of Quality of Teachinge-Performance System Peer Observation of TeachingConflict of Interest Policies Compensation Plan & CommitteeFaculty Retention Grievance CommitteeProfessionalism DiversityFaculty Ombudsman New International Travel PolicyNew Faculty Orientation CommunicationFaculty Development Humanities and Ethics at UTMB Evaluation of Department Heads (Model HOP) Academic 2020 Research Funding and Core Facilities

9 Meetings: 2013-2014 Faculty Senate Meetings: 2 nd Monday of every month 4:30-6pm in the Marie Hall Room (4 th floor SHP/SON). All faculty are welcome. Faculty Senate Executive Committee: Chair, Chair-elect, Past Chair, Faculty Senate Committee Chairs. The meetings are periodically and/or by email Senate Leadership meets with Dr. Callender/Dr. Watson – monthly Senate Leadership with Dr. Jacobs as needed Senate Leadership with Council of Deans as needed Senate Leadership with UT System (Sys FAC) 3X per year [4X during legislative years]

10 Activities / Involvements At each monthly meeting, the Faculty Senate Members receive: Updates from: Dr. Jacobs, Provost Dr. Watson, Vice President for Education Deans of the four schools (Drs. Jacobs, Niesel, Protas, and Watson) regarding each of the schools, their activities, news, concerns, and issues Senate Leadership- Faculty Advisory Council meetings in Austin Presentations by: Administrators representing various UTMB Components

11 Meetings-UT System: 2013-2014 Faculty Senate Chair and Chair-Elect Members of the UT System Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) as representatives for UTMB. Two day meetings in Austin (September, January, April) with faculty governance leadership from all 15 UT Components (9 Health Universities and 6 Academic Health Institutions) Opportunity to meet with: UT System Leadership Regents Legislators Faculty Leaders - System Institutions

12 Meetings-UT System: 2013-2014 UTMB-Presence on the Executive Committee Lisa Cain, Ph.D. was Co-Chair of the Health Affairs Committee 2012-2014 James Graham, Ph.D. is Co-Chair of the Health Affairs Committee for 2014-2015 Resolutions  Support to UT Systems Campuses for Core Research Facilities and Shared Resources  Anatomical Board Resolution  Ethics and Humanities Resolution  Diversity Resolution  Recommendation for Adherence to Institutional Policies Regarding Faculty Participation in the Selection and Evaluation of Academic Administrations below the level of Presidents Inclusive of Departmental Heads/Chairs Policy Drafts  Peer Observation of Faculty Model HOP Policy  Evaluation of Department Head Model HOP Policy  UTS 175 and 189 Conflict of Interests Policies

13 Presentations at Faculty Senate 2013-2014 October Report on the UT System Faculty Advisory Council (UTSFAC) – Dr. Donald Molony, Chair of UTSFAC, and Professor of Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston November State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) – Dr. Pamela Watson, Chair 2013 SECC Role as Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs – Dr. Anish Bhardwaj, Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology and Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs Update on the Academy of Research Mentors – Dr. Bob Rose, Academy Chair New Faculty Orientation process and POWER – Mr. Victor Moreno, Manager, Community Relations and Process Improvement

14 Presentations at Faculty Senate 2013-2014 December Legislative Affairs – Dr. Ben Raimer, Senior Vice President, Health Policy and Legislative Affairs January— New Conflicts of Interest, Conflicts of Commitment and Outside Activities – Mr. Tobin Boenig, VP & Chief Compliance Officer and Mr. Craig Conway, Legal Officer Teaching Metrics – Dr. Steve Lieberman, Senior Dean for Administration

15 Presentations at Faculty Senate 2013-2014 February Facilities Update – Mr. Mike Shriner, AIA, MBA, Vice President Business Operations and Facilities Academy of Master Teachers Update – Vicki Freeman, PhD, Director, Academy of Master Teachers March Human Resources – Dr. Ian Barrett, Associate VP of Human Services Proposal from IMH: A Forum to Discuss the Future of Higher Education in a Commercial Environment – Dr. Howard Brody, Director, Institute for the Medical Humanities April New Role as Associate Vice President, Communications, Recruitment and Special Projects – James Mahon, PhD

16 Presentations at Faculty Senate 2013-2014 May Compensation Committee – Blake Rasmussen, PhD, Committee Chair and Professor and Chair, Nutrition and Metabolism, School of Health Professions New Role as Vice President and Chief Research Officer – James Goodwin, MD June - Leadership and/or Committee Reports July Diversity Survey and Data – Adeola Oduwole, M.Sc. Director, Diversity and Inclusion, HR All Things Title IX – Cat Riley, Title IX Coordinator, Office of Title IX Compliance August - Leadership update and/or Committee Reports

17 Faculty Senate 2013-2014 Support Presidents Office Provost Office Office of the Vice President of Education Office of Faculty Affairs Council of the Deans Secretarial / Financial Mary Schlobohm / Julie Molis

18 Recognition of Outgoing Senators

19 Faculty Senate 2013-2014 Committee Reports

20 Quality Committee – Chair, Patricia Crane, SON Governance – Chair, Steven Fisher, SHP IHOP – Chair, Andes Oberhauser, GSBS Academic & Administrative Affairs – Chair, Tony Wen, SOM

21 Faculty Quality Committee

22 Members 2013-2014 Patricia Crane, SON, Chair Paul Boor, SOM Werner Braun, SOM Xiaoyong Bao, GSBS Jill Seale, SHP Richard Rupp, SOM John Papaconstantinou, SOM Ashok Chopra, SOM

23 Thank you Thanks to all members of the Faculty Quality Committee for their support especially when one or the other of us could not make a meeting.

24 Faculty Quality Committee The Faculty Quality Committee will deliberate on issues of faculty status, rights and responsibilities, and when necessary, investigate instances of curtailment of faculty prerogatives, infringement of faculty rights, interference in the discharge of faculty responsibilities and/or attenuation of faculty status and welfare in schools at UTMB and will recommend measures to the Executive Committee of the Senate for the protection of faculty at UTMB.

25 Major Activities 2013-2014

26 UT Regents Outstanding Teaching Awards Faculty Quality Committee, solicited, reviewed and selected applications in conjunction with the Academy of Master Teachers. Applications (11) were received and reviewed. We voted an approval of 9 faculty which were forwarded to Dr. Callender. The UT system selected 6 UTMB faculty for receipt of the Regents Outstanding Teaching Award. Michael A. Ainsworth, M.D. Vicki S. Freeman, Ph.D., M.L.S. (ASCP) SC, FACB Richard Wilder Goodgame, M.D. Ruth E. Levine, M.D. Steven A. Lieberman, M.D., FACP Virginia N. Niebuhr, Ph.D.

27 Faculty Lounge The Faculty Senate has pushed the initiative for the building of a Faculty Lounge. Rebecca Sealy 9th floor Faculty Lounge Renovation of the old 9th floor chapel area in Rebecca Sealy Creation of a 5,000 sq ft faculty lounge multi use space New multi fixture restrooms Serving area to support catering and food service Open room for faculty lounge and event space with multi use furnishings to accommodate any use of the space Audio visual system including a large projection screen and additional monitors throughout the space Intimate, private conference room Storage/back of house area As an alternate or possible second phase, an outdoor deck area with views of the Gulf waters, UTMB campus and the City of Galveston

28 28 Faculty Lounge Rebecca Sealy 9 th Floor Design Complete in November 2014 Bidding complete February 2015 Construction start March 2015 Phase 2 and 3 will be bid as alternates Phase 1 Interior Phase 2 East Deck Phase 3 West Deck

29 Office of Faculty Affairs Faculty Development Website Faculty Quality Committee in conjunction with Academic Affairs Committee members have been present with Dr. Cain at planning committee meetings with the focus of assuring that content for faculty from various schools was available and helpful for new faculty. Mentorship was a prominent menu item on the website and includes key items for faculty seeking mentorship across professions. The Senate is thankful Dr. Anish Bhardwaj, Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs, SOM for his leadership in the development of the website.

30 Professionalism Professionalism queries were sent to all faculty and staff with committee members receiving information regarding negative and positive feedback on professionalism and the types of unprofessional behavior that seems prevalent to responders. A document entitled “UTMB’S Faculty Senate Discussion on Professionalism” was sent to Dr. Callender and Dr. Jacobs. Senate Leadership met with Connie Best, Ph.D. from the Medical University of South Carolina regarding " Professionalism in the workplace”.

31 Travel Policy Queries were sent to all departments regarding the negative and positive issues associated with the current new travel policy changes (specifically relating to international travel). Results: Safety and protection of faculty were addressed regarding the policy. Faculty felt that advanced time required to use the travel agency in Austin when making last minute out-of-country travel plans was inconvenient. The current new travel policy will be reviewed again by the UT System Faculty Advisory Council after a year of implementation to determine its benefits and cost effectiveness.

32 Diversity Queries were sent to all departments regarding the diversity of faculty. Although much information on the diversity of students exists, the Senate requested additional information on the diversity of faculty at UTMB. Adeola Oduwole, M.Sc. Director, Diversity and Inclusion, HR presented information on faculty diversity at the July Senate meeting. Senate Leadership and Alfredo Torres, Ph.D. met with HR to provide input on maintaining and enhancing diversity at UTMB. A resolution regarding the importance of maintaining and enhancing diversity was drafted by UTMB Senate Leadership and the Health Affairs Committee and was approved by the UT Systems Faculty Advisory Council.

33 Governance Committee

34 Members 2013-2014 Steven Fisher, SHP, Chair Cherry Beckworth, SON, C0-Chair Patricia Lea, SON Bruce Luxon, GSBS Michael Silva, SOM

35 Governance Committee The Governance Committee of the Senate shall deliberate on issues of governance and, from time to time, will assess the scope of Faculty responsibility over governance in UTMB and each of the Schools. When necessary, the committee shall recommend to the Executive Committee of the Senate that appropriate Faculty-elected governance organizations be charged with assuming primary responsibility over designated areas that currently appear outside their jurisdiction. The Governance Committee can also work with the IHOP Committee to monitor policy that affect faculty.

36 Review of UT System 175 Policy The Senate reviewed the US 175 model HOP policy. This policy governs the disclosure of individual significant financial interests and the management and reporting of an individual financial conflict of interest in research performed at an institution in The University of Texas System. Ideas regarding this policy was passed on the the UT System Faculty Advisory Council. Committee Activities

37 Review of the Teaching Metrics Document The Senate reviewed the UTMB Teaching Metrics Document – Faculty effort by activity and school. Steve Lieberman, MD, Senior Dean for Administration met with the Senate to answer questions regarding the Teaching Metrics Document. This was necessary to assist the Senators in taking the information about this document to the faculty at their respective schools. Compensation Committee The Governance Committee was assigned the task of monitoring the tasks and the progress of the Compensation Committee. Three members of the Senate are on the Compensation Committee.  Carol Wiggs, RN, PhD  James Graham, PHD, DC  Shannon Clark, MD Committee Activities

38 Faculty Ombudsman  The Senate has recently submitted three nominations to Dr. Jacobs for the Faculty Ombudsman Position.  David Walker, Ph.D., Chair-Elect of the Faculty Senate will sit on the Interview Committee for the Faculty Ombudsman position. Committee Activities

39 IHOP Committee

40 Members 2013-2014 Andres Oberhauser, GSBS, Chair Safa’a Al-Arabi, SON Shannon Clark, SOM Laura Lawrence, SHP James Graham, SHP, Chair-elect, ex officio

41 IHOP Committee The function of the committee is to: 1)Be informed of any and all changes to the IHOP that have direct or indirect effects on UTMB faculty. 2)Summarize the changes in terms of the positive and negative effects on UTMB faculty. 3)Make recommendations to the full Senate after which the Senate will vote to approve or disapprove the said changes. Additional Function Review model HOP Policies presented to the Senate from the UT System Faculty Advisory Counsel.

42 Major Activities 2013-2014 The following UTMB IHOP policies were reviewed and revised by the Senate and sent to the Council of the Deans (COD). All three policies have been approved by COD. Periodic Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty Faculty Grievance Policy Abandonment of Program Policy Senate Representation on Previous UTMB IHOP Committee

43 Major Activities 2013-2014 UT System Model HOP policies reviewed by the UTMB Faculty Senate. Peer Observation of Faculty Model Hop Policy Evaluation of Department Head Model Hop Policy UTS 175 and 189 Conflict of Interests Policies Both the Peer Observation of Faculty Model HOP Policy and the UTS 175 and 189 Conflict of Interests Policies have been distributed to the UT System Institutions.

44 Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee

45 Members 2013-2014 Tony Wen, SOM, Chair Yolanda Davila, SON, Co-Chair Tammy Babcock, SHP Barkat Hooda, SOM Lynn Knox, SOM Susan McCammon, SOM David Walker, GSBS

46 Purpose  The committee shall deliberate and make recommendations to the Senate for the dissemination and exchange of information on institutional academic matters/issues/affairs at UTMB and in each of the Schools.  The committee shall deliberate and make recommendations to the Executive Committee of the Senate on strategic planning, operational budget planning, performance appraisal of administrators, and other university-wide administrative activities.  The committee shall monitor university-wide administrative policies and priorities.

47 Issues Addressed/Activities 2013-2014  UTMB- Faculty Development Website Faculty Senate, all schools, ARM and AMT members assisted Assistant Dean Bhardwaj and the office of Faculty Affairs Assistant Dean Bhardwaj and Faculty Affair office

48 Issues Addressed/Activities 2013-2014 Mentoring The Senate collaborated with Dr. Bhardwaj, Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs, SOM, the Academy of Research Mentors and The Academy of Master Teachers to sponsor “The Mentoring Matters Workshop” on June 6, 2014. Measures of Quality Teaching The Academic Affairs Committee has discussed measures to determine and to qualify excellence in teaching. Peer Observation of Teaching February 4, 2014-Senate Leadership presented Journal Club on Peer Review of Teaching The Senate plans to play a significant role in providing input on the implementation of the Peer Observation Of Teaching Model HOP Policy..

49 Future Plans  Continue to increase faculty outreach and communication with individuals engaged in faculty development at UTMB Health  Workshops - Collaborate with AMT, ARM and other  Education portfolio  Mentoring workshops  Research workshops  List of potential mentors

50 Faculty Senate Chair 2014-2015

51 Chair 2014-2015 James Graham, PhD, DC Associate Professor Division of Rehabilitation Sciences School of Health Professions Associate Member of Graduate Faculty Department of Preventive Medicine & Community Health Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Fellow, Sealy Center of Aging Employed at UTMB since 2006 (post-doc 2006-08)

52 Chair 2014-2015 Faculty Roles: Research: rehabilitation outcomes, including health disparities, comparative effectiveness, & healthcare policy Teaching: core courses in the Rehabilitation Sciences PhD program Service: several Division-, School-, & University-level committees

53 Faculty Senate Chair-Elect 2014-2015

54 Chair Elect 2014-2015 David H. Walker, MD Professor of Pathology since 1987 Executive Director, Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2002-present Faculty Senate Representative of GSBS, 2013-2014 Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee, 2013-2014

55 Chair Elect 2014-2015 My faculty roles are: Research on mechanisms of immunity to Rickettsia, Ehrlichia, and Orientia Education of graduate students in experimental pathology, medical students, and pathology residents Investigation of pathology of diseases and causes of death by post-mortem examination

56 Chair Elect 2014-2015 Goals for Faculty Senate, 2014-2015 To learn the responsibilities of the Chair To identify opportunities to improve the productivity, career advancement, and professional satisfaction of faculty in each of the schools of UTMB

57 Looking Forward 2014-2015 1.Compensation Plan 2.Plan de Compensacion 3.“Show me the money”

58 Looking Forward 2014-2015 Professionalism -- culture check Vertical communication / integration Top 7 objectives from UTMB 2020

59 Final Thoughts… Change is here in all four missions Make, watch, or wonder? Motivating motto

60 Dr. David Callender President, UTMB

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