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WCHD Holds Agency Picnic Lunch In May On The Road With Holiday World Tickets Provided By WCHD Year End Training Held Total Spa Experience BH Adds Two New.

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1 WCHD Holds Agency Picnic Lunch In May On The Road With Holiday World Tickets Provided By WCHD Year End Training Held Total Spa Experience BH Adds Two New Therapist Depot Counseling Launches Substance Abuse Treatment Services Telepsychiatry Slow Start Adults – Strong for Children Staff Trained to Provide Trauma Informed Care Behavioral Health in Third of Three Year CARF Accreditation Three Year Union Contract Ratified Clinical Chart Reviews Throughout the course of this fiscal year, Behavioral Health has reviewed and revised Quality Assurance Checklists. Charts are reviewed at least annually while opened for services and at closing. A sample of billings for each chart is reviewed for a description of services, client response, client progress, the plan, service limits, modality of service, setting of service, authorization of service, and provider signature. Other items are reviewed in the general chart documentation on file. A score of errors out of the number of possible items is assigned. These scores are calculated for each clinician and utilized on the performance evaluations. The year ended with a 97% compliance rate. Continuous Quality Improvement Results Are In FY 2013 Continuous Quality Improvement scores hit the mark in most areas. Efficiency Outcome which measures staff productivity changed from % of time in direct service to actual billing dollars. The goal for each staff is to bill $45.25 for every hour of paid time. Effectiveness Outcome measuring clients who have experienced an improvement averaged 77% for the year meeting the goal of 50%. Accessibility measure totaled the number of days individuals had to wait to get an appointment busting the 10 day wait time goal with a 95%, with 88% seen within seven days. Client satisfaction measured in at 84% slightly below 90% goal. Goals will continue to be monitored on a quarterly basis.

2 Performance Report Findings The Behavioral Health Division had one Grievance filed during this fiscal year. Staff and administration promptly responded and resolved the grievance effectively and efficiently. The grievance pertained to dissatisfaction with the adult psychiatrist. Incident Reporting Reports were monitored and recorded with a summary every quarter. Each incident was reviewed for possible policy changes and/or alterations to safety plans. Throughout the Health Department, there was a total of 3 incident reports filed: 2 Safety related incidents 1 Other related incident Spa Day Training Staff was treated to a Spa Themed Training Day. Along with “Hospitality” Training, staff was trained in Incident Command Radios, Workplace Violence, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and the Professional Wheel. The state of the agency was also reviewed.

3 Substance Abuse Treatment Services Kicked Off The Depot Counseling Center kicked off a new program/service this year. In addition to providing DUI Evaluations and DUI Risk Education Classes, we are providing Substance Abuse Treatment. Treatment is being provided on an individual and group basis. The Depot obtained a treatment license from the Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse to provide Level 0.5 (early intervention), Level 1 (Outpatient), and Level 2 (intensive outpatient) services. We continue to seek funding to support these services, however, currently are provided on a self-pay basis. Community Efforts The Depot Counseling Center has participated in a number of community trainings/Health Fairs this year. Staff trained teachers on completing assessment tools, presented information on Childhood Mental Illness to Children’s Network, participated in morning radio to raise awareness of mental illness, participated in the county Multi-disciplinary Task Force, and participated in the high school health fair.

4 The Wabash County Health Department has been able to utilize the website in a number of ways this year. It has been utilized as a bulletin board for staff and the community. It has also worked successfully as a training site for staff for online trainings. We have increased efforts in utilizing Facebook to post information and tips for good mental health as well as agency announcements. Technology Plans Continue The Wabash County Health Department continues to monitor and revise the technology plan for the agency. This plan will reinforce the agency’s commitment to building and maintaining a technology system that is current, secure and stable and that aids in improving the quality of care and care coordination of individuals served. The WCHD will conduct annual reviews of IT system as well as monitor resources available to expand current technology. The WCHD has changed IT support providers in order to reduce costs related to the maintenance of the IT system. Systems are updated as new technology is available to add to our current electronic medical record. Trauma-Focused CBT Training Clinical staff has been engaged in a web-based, 10 hour training on Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This training was sponsored by The Guardian Center and enables our agency to receive referrals for children that have experiences traumatic physical and/or sexual abuse.

5 Union Contract Ratified Behavior Health Clinical Staff ratified a three-year contract in November 2012. The major change to this contract from the previous contract centered around staff productivity and expectations for billing. The measurement of staff productivity went from measuring a percentage of time providing direct service to the amount of billings generated. Each clinician is expected to produce $45.25 per hour of paid time. New Staff at the Depot The Depot added two new clinicians this year and brought back one other. Leann Lear returned full time as psychiatric nurse and therapist, Danielle Giese was hired full time in November 2012 and Sydney Straw was hired full time following the completion of her internship. Rhonda Griswold was also hired as Office Manager to replace Suzie Brugger who will be retiring at the end of July 2013. Off Site Services Provided During the school year, clinical staff expanded service delivery to the schools in Wabash County, as well as, Edwards County. Providing services off site increases accessibility to clients and reduces the amount of time children and adolescents are taken out of class. Corporate Compliance We put together a brochure related to corporate compliance and reviewed with staff during training times. Staff signed a revised policy following the training. The brochure put compliance issues in an easy to read and reference format and made it available to staff and stakeholders.

6 WCHD Strategic Plan for 2014 and Beyond Strategic Plan Financial Plan Monitor cost allocations Reduce Costs:Continued review of spending Increase Revenue: DUI Evaluations DUI Risk Education Classes Substance Abuse Treatment Insurance Billings Private Contracts Monitor Cash Reserves Industry Trends Technology Plan IT Support Continue building electronic medical record Website/Facebook Physician electronic record Virus Protection Equipment Replacement Plan Accessibility Plan Integration with Primary Care Insurance Clients Website Information/Forms

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