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2  A G E N D A  Introductions and Welcome  Review National/Section Rule Changes & Rules  2015 changes to the Rule 2.06A (Move Up/Split Up)  Baltimore (BTP and GSTEF) local league winners will advance to MD Regional championships (no more playoffs)  Review Local League Rules  Review BTP Fact Sheet  Review BTP Procedures  Open Discussion/ Q&A

3 6.0 - 3 teams (Connor, Tuma, Garcia) - 10 matches 7.0 - 6 teams (Pham, Regier/Puopolo, Gibson, Hill/Buxton, Moore, Tuma) - 10 matches  8.0 - 5 teams (Bass, Zylberberg, Powell, Staiman, Foley) - 12 matches

4 2015 changes to the Rule 2.06A (Move Up/Split Up) Restrictions have been relaxed:  - Teams and team members that advanced to, or qualified for, any Mixed Division National Championship the previous year may play together as a team, in whole or in part, in any Age Group within the Mixed Division if they move up one NTRP team level  - There is no restriction for crossover between Adult and Mixed Divisions. Mixed Division players may combine and play at any level for which they are eligible in the Adult Division, and vice versa.  - Move Up/Split Up requirements apply only to players who participated in 3 or more matches, excluding defaults, for that team during the championship year

5 Region & Sectional Championships  Baltimore (BTP and GSTEF) local league winners will advance to MD Regional or Section Championships (no more playoffs)

6 Sectional Deadlines and Championship Dates Division & Age Group Minimum number of players and matches played by: Winning teams certified by: Sectional Championships Mixed 18 & OverMay 15June 15June 27 - 28 Adult 18 & OverJune 24July 21August 7 - 10 Adult 40 & Over, Mixed 40 & Over, Adult 65 & OverJuly 24August 25September 10 - 13 Adult 55 & Over, Mixed 55 & OverAugust 10August 28September 18 – 21 Tri-LevelDecember 1December 17January, 2016 Maryland Deadlines and Championship Dates Division & Age Group Deadline for all teams to be entered in Tennislink Winning teams certified by: Maryland Championships Mixed 18 & OverMay 8May 22June 12 - 14 Adult 18 & OverJune 12June 26July 17 - 20 Adult 40 & Over, Mixed 40 & Over,June 10July 24August 14 - 17 ComboSeptember 14September 28October 9 - 11

7  If a captain recruits 4 or more newly self- rated players at the 2.5 or 3.0 level, on the same team, who did not play in ‘13 or ‘14, he/she will be awarded $100 ◦ The four players must have been self-rated 60 days before your first match and must have participated in a team match (default does not count)

8 Fantastic tutorial for new players and those who haven’t played USTA in 3 years ials/ab050000.html Give to new players to watch along with the General & Experienced Guidelines to help determine correct level for new players Covers self-rating and self-rating appeals

9  An individual must play at their self-rating or higher.  Only a player logged into their USTA Account may appeal their rating.  If you wish to appeal your self-rating UP choose your desired rating and submit; your appeal up will be automatically granted.  However, once you select UP and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the appeal page your request is final. You cannot go back.  If you wish to appeal your self-rating DOWN please choose your desired rating and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.  Please be advised that appeals will be directed to the section in which you are registered as a USTA member. If you moved or are playing in a different section please make sure your address information is up to date by logging in and updating your membership record. You will be required to fill out a background history form. Click "submit" and the form will be directed to your USTA membership section.  Your section’s NTRP Self-Rate Appeal Committee will review your information and you will be notified by the section if they Grant or Deny your appeal.

10  If a captain sees that a player on his 4.0 team self-rated at 3.5, the captain should contact the player to appeal up in TL and contact us to get rating changed on roster. Otherwise player may get 3 strikes.  If a player appeals down, it is not advisable that they play at the appeal level and also play up. Several have been disqualified, and it is bad for the lower level teams and also for USTA League tennis in general. Captains and Coordinators can monitor this by checking the rosters.

11  NTRP Level: 3.0 Appeal Rating Level USTA Membership #: 201xxxxxxxAppeal Rating Level Automated Appeal Entry Click here for more information about the automated appeal process Current Player Information Player USTA# :201xxxxxxxPlayer Name:cynthia rae miller Player City:TimoniumPlayer State:MD Rating Date:12/31/2014 12:00:00 AMRating Level:3.0Rating Type:C Select to Appeal Rating Up or Down: Up Down

12  NTRP rating level difference between partners shall not exceed 1.0.  The minimum NTRP Level for: 6.0 is 2.5; 7.0 is 3.0; 8.0 is 3.5 1.04D(4): Team

13 Review of Rules and Changes

14  A team cannot advance to championships if they are in a position to do so as a result of being the recipient of a full team default. If a team is advancing because they are the recipient of a full team default then all matches played by the defaulting team must be removed from the standings of the round robin where the default occurred. Matches will remain in Tennislink; the coordinator will manually adjust the standings prior to certifying advancing teams.

15  All Divisions will have a roster limit of no more than 20 players, excluding all levels of Tri-Level which will be limited to 22 players.

16  A player/captain may not captain a second team or play on a second team within an age group in the same local league.

17  For Combo and Combo Mixed leagues, a 1.5 rating differential is allowed.  For example: In the 8.5 level, partners can be a 4.5 and a 4.0 or a 5.0 and a 3.5. In any case, the partners’ combined ratings shall not exceed the level entered.

18  All local league winners will advance directly to Regional Championships. No playoff with other local league winners will be required.  Representation at the Regional Champion- ships will be determined by the number of teams in the league. An additional slot will be extended after every ten (10) teams, ex: 1-10 – 1 team, 11-20 – 2 teams, 21-30 – 3 teams, and so on.

19  Only one league, same division and level, will advance from each area  New format due to TL changes: ◦ Tri-Level 18&Over ◦ Tri-Level 40&Over ◦ Tri-Level 55&Over

20 Review and Changes

21 2015 USTA League Tennis National Regulations  League/Information/Regulations/ League/Information/Regulations/ 2015 Mid-Atlantic Section Rules  Friend at Court, “The USTA Handbook of Tennis Rules & Regulations”  The Code: The Players’ Guide for Unofficiated Matches 

22 Players may play only one NTRP level above their current computer rating or self-rating.

23  Match Schedules are firm. Inclement weather make up matches must be played within 7 days. See MAS Rule 7.  A team match should not remain uncompleted for more than seven days after its scheduled date or the deadline for completing local league match play, whichever occurs first.

24  Warm ups are limited to no more than 10 minutes.  If a player arrives late, but before the 15 minute default time, the player is entitled to a 5 minute warm-up. See MAS Rule 8.  Match play will consist of best of two sets using regular scoring and a set tiebreak (first to 7 points by 2 points) at six games all in each set. In the event of split sets, a match tiebreak (first to 10 win by 2) in lieu of a third set shall be played immediately following the end-of-set rest period. The Coman tiebreak procedure will be used for all tiebreaks.

25 Team captains must simultaneously exchange line-ups 5-10 minutes before the match start time. The TennisLink League Reports - League Match (showing rosters) may be used. If a team knowingly begins a team match without a full complement of players for the line-up, they must forfeit from the bottom up. (#2 singles before #1 singles; #3 doubles before #2 doubles.) If a match is postponed after line-ups have been exchanged, all line-up positions may be changed except for any positions that already started their match (first service attempt). (USTA National Interpretations, Page 6)

26 Captains should notify opposing team captains (by email) of known individual match defaults in advance (USTA National Interpretations, Page 5) Once defaulted, players do not need to show to play and the team receiving the default will be awarded a 6-0, 6-0 score for the court. If unplayable conditions exist (weather, facilities, etc.) and the match is rescheduled, the default is void.

27 If a player arrives 15 minutes after a scheduled match time, his/her individual match is a considered a default. Below are the penalties for lateness:  5 mins. or less late, loss of toss and 1 game;  5:01 – 10:00 mins. late, loss of toss and 2 games;  10:01 – 15:00 mins. late, loss of toss and 3 games;  More than 15:00 mins. late, default

28  One Grievance & Grievance Appeal Committee  The Section will be forming a Committee to handle all local league grievances and grievance appeals. It will no longer be necessary for each area to appoint their own Committees. ◦ More consistency across MAS ◦ More people to cull from in the event of conflicts of interest ◦ End result is an experienced committee who understands the Grievance & Appeal rules

29 Us/grievance_procedures/ Complete On-line Disciplinary Grievance Form Grievances may only be filed by a team captain who has competed in the match in question, a coordinator, or a member of a championship committee.

30 Review and Changes

31  Points of Contact ◦ ◦ New players contact Joell  ◦ Questions contact Cynthia   Registration Fees ◦ Mid-Atlantic Section (MAS) Regional Registration fee: $20.00 ◦ Mid-Atlantic Section (MAS) Fee: $6.00 ◦ Local League Fee: $15.00 ◦ Indoor Court Fee: billing captain for Court costs ◦ Other fee: cost of balls paid by captain ◦ Tennis Link Transaction fee ( $3.58

32  Schedules of all BTP leagues ◦ March 13 – April 26 - 40&Over Mixed  REGIONALS ADULT 40&OVER MIXED – AUG 14-17  40__over_championships/  SECTIONALS ADULT 40&OVER MIXED – SEPT 10-13  Leagues/section_championships_adult_40_over/?intloc=head ernavsub2  GRIEVANCES- BTP has opted in to use the MAS Central Grievance and Grievance Appeal Committee to hear local league grievances. All Local League Grievances will be sent to the MAS Central Grievance Committee. Grievances must filed using the local league grievance form.

33 Review and Changes

34  NO player refunds submitted after the local league season end date will be approved  Refunds are sent monthly  Active fee and $6 of the registration fee will not be reimbursed  Player refunds will be sent directly to the players  Captains must use the player deletion form provided by the BTP Coordinator

35  May be filed for medical reasons ◦ However, once a player plays a match, no refund of fees paid in connection with League play (all Divisions) shall be made by the USTA, the Mid-Atlantic Section. ◦ Additional players may be added in excess of the roster limit to replace injured players

36  Captains are responsible for payment of team court fees.  Captains will be invoiced for team court fees by BTP.  Consider asking players to pay for 4 matches upfront to assist in payment of court fees.

37  Match play is limited to two (2) hours  Either captain can call time  No team match may be recorded as a tie  Use of Deciding Points Rule if match is not concluded within 2 hours

38  Spin of racquet determines who serves final point  In Mixed Doubles the option goes gender to gender ◦ The same gender player would receive the ball where they decided to accept the return (duece vs. ad), so if a woman choose to serve the final point, a woman must receive, and the receiving woman chooses which side she prefers (duece vs. ad).

39  Teams should arrive at the courts at least 15 minutes prior to the start time  Once a match has started and conditions do not allow for the match to be finished, those players must finish the match  If the match hasn’t started, captains my submit a completely new lineup to ensure meeting restrictions for completing match within 7 days or originally scheduled match.

40  If the match cannot be completed within 48 hours, the League Coordinator must be notified of a new date and time so that the change can be recorded in the TennisLink schedule  A flexible reschedule policy includes: ◦ Move indoors to complete the match, if both Captains agree. ◦ Captains reschedule match on their own with their opponent within 7 days of originally scheduled date of match, but are not required to play all lines at the same time. Match must be played within 7 days or before season end date, whichever occurs first. ◦ League Coordinator assigns a reschedule date, if Captains are unable to mutually agree to date/time for a rescheduled match.


42 Thank you, Thank you for all that you do as Captains


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