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1 Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra (JJSK) - A small step towards Good Governance Objective To strengthen the concept of Good Governance by Restoring Public Faith.

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2 1 Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra (JJSK) - A small step towards Good Governance Objective To strengthen the concept of Good Governance by Restoring Public Faith & Reliability in the Administrative Setup through Effective use of Commonly Available ICT tools.

3 Impact Study Rs.410.57 is the average expenditure borne by an applicant/ aggrieved person just to reach the office of the District Magistrate and to present his case in person. Whether he is satisfied after putting in so much of time, effort, labour and money ? “NO” because his application is lost somewhere in the ocean of papers & excuses… Details

4 3 What is JJSK ? JJSK is a Telephone (mobile/landline) based e-governance initiative which intends to provide Quick, Easily Accessible, Cost- Time-Labor Effective, Corruption free and a Reliable platform for redressing Public Grievances, which is available 24 x 7 x 365

5 4 Why Telephone based ? The Most Potent, Readily & Widely Available, User friendly, Cost-Time-Labor Effective mode of communication available today is Telephone (Land Line & Mobile). JJSK ensures best possible synergetic use of available telecom features, like - Call based services - SMS based services - Caller Identification services - Mobile e-mail & Internet services - Call Recording Services - Call Conference Services (in pipe line)

6 Technical Specifications of JJSK ● URL http://www.jjskjhansi.com ● Web based application (Front end application is in ASP.NET and backend database is on SQL Server 2010) Voice Recording System) ● Voice Lodger (Voice Recording System) 3 Computer System - (of latest configuration) ● 3 Computer System - (of latest configuration) ● 2 Telephone lines (with caller-ID) ● 1 Fax machine ● SMS Gateway (for triggering SMSs through web base application) application) ● Web space (for launching the web application)

7 6 Grievances can be lodged 24X7 through Landline/Mobile on1077(Toll Free for Disaster related complaints) & 2371100, 2371199 and also through FAX and e-mail Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra (JJSK) Data Flow Diagram Grievances are recorded automatically in a Computer System as an individual audio file with date, telephone no. Grievances are categorised (A/B/C) & entered online on S/W developed by NIC,Jhansi and marked to concerned officer according to importance/severity of grievance As soon as the grievance is registered an unique grievance no. is given/sent to aggrieved person through phone call/ SMS Concerned Officers are intimated telephonically by JJSK immediately Marked grievance details are printed along with scanned signature of D.M. concerned and sent by FAX /email /special messenger to the concerned officer immediately Disposal details are received from concerned officer (after due enquiry and cross verification of quality with the aggrieved person) are entered online in the S/W Various tailor made Reports are generated online by the website for monitoring in weekly meeting & quality of disposal is also randomly confirmed telephonically by D.M. Different kinds of reports are automatically generated online and are available on website Concerned person is intimated telephonically regarding Disposal by concerned HOD/Officer/Staff Concerned person can obtain the status of disposal by calling JJSK 3 5 1 2 4 6 7 8 10 12 9 13 11 SMS to complainant SMS to concerned officer SMS to complainant SMS to officer m Daily Deptt. Status SMS to HODs Daily status SMS to Administrators SMS to Comp. SMS to Off. ABC

8 7 Value Additions to JJSK kitty Colour coding of printout based on category (Since 3rd week of Dec’2009) Online data entry & real time updation of data (Since Jan’2010) 100 % cross verification of disposal details received at JJSK for ensuring quality (Since Feb’2010) Convergence of JJSK with existing public grievance redressal systems like Tehsil Divas and LOKVANI (Since Mar-April’2010) Face to Face interaction/ hearing of long pending grievances before the District Magistrate in the weekly meeting (Since May’2010) Inter departmental coordination efforts for grievances involving two or more departments in presence of D.M., SSP, CDO for speedy and qualitative approvals of the disposal (Since June’2010) Registering grievances of common man through e-mail ( / also (Since 4th Week of July’2010) ABC Satisfied Partially satisfied Dissatisfied TDLOK IDC Video RegisterOnline CC E-mail

9 8 Visible Improvements in Public Delivery System Municipal Corporation Primary Education Health Social welfare department Public Distribution System Development Department (MNREGA etc) Jal Nigam & Jal sansthan Electricity Department & others Status

10 9 JJSK has proved its worth in providing additional important services Election Control Room o Complaints o Communication Plan o Additional Data resource centre Help line for Disaster Management and mitigation Child care Help line Help line for prevention of ragging as per Hon’ble Supreme Court order Nodal single point control room for effective convergence of Tehsil Divas, LOKVANI with JJSK General Platform for communication related to important meetings and to pass on important messages to all concerned Nodal centre for cross checking the progress and quality of different development works and flagship projects of Government Gen. SMS Audio 1Audio 2

11 10 Benefits of Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra (JJSK) JJSK Available 24 x 7 x 365 Any Person, Any Time From Anywhere Simple & user friendly Respectful Transparent Pro-active Effective Responsive Handle Unresolved Complaints Cost effective Improving Delivery of Public Services Good Governance

12 11 U.P. Housing & Development Board, Lucknow U.P. Jhansi Cantonment Board, Jhansi U.P. Power Corporation Ltd., Lucknow The U.P. Government has ordered to roll Jhansi model of Jan Suvidha Kendra in the rest 71 districts of U.P. Election Commission of India, New Delhi Board of Revenue, Lucknow U.P. Successful Replication of Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra (JJSK) in … Replication of JJSK project in progress … Board of Revenue, Lucknow U.P. Office of the Chief Information commissioner, U.P. MNREGA grievance cell at MoRD, GoI U.P. Samaj Kalyan Deptt., Lucknow JDA – Jhansi, DRM –NE Rly Jhansi & BHEL - Jhansi

13 12 Awards & Honours to JJSK ‘ NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2010 ’ from NASSCOM foundation under “ICT led innovation in e-Governance” category in recognition of passion and commitment for e-governance and for aiming for the highest standard of excellence to help bring the government closer to the citizen. CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Award 2009-2010 Applauding the excellent effort made towards e-Governance in the country, District Jhansi has been awarded “CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Award 2009-2010 Award of Excellence” under District category.

14 13 Valuable Comments... An excellent example of public service, dedication, devotion and compassion for common man. I am sure this step will give way to a long-long journey. Keep it up. Best Wishes. - Shankar Agrawal Joint Secretary, Dated: 2nd.April 2010 D.I.T., G.O.I. New Delhi. tu lk/kkj.k dh lqfo/kk gsrq ;g iz.kkyh ljkguh; gSA lHkh izkFkZuk i=ksa ds lEcU/k esa vuqJo.k,oa mlds fuLrkj.k gsrq izfØ;k vuqikyukFkZ gSA bl Vhe ds lnL;ksa ls vuqjks/k fd;k x;k fd jkT; lwpuk vk;ksx esa Hkh bl iz.kkyh dks ykxw djus esa lg;ksx nsaA - Ranjit Singh Pankaj Chief Information Commissioner Dated: 30th.April 2010 Uttar Pradesh A very impresive and effective tool to deal with complaints. The D.M. & his staff deserve great praise. The System should be adopted by other deptts too. - B.L.Joshi Hon’ble Governor U.P. State, Dated: 02.02.2011 Raj Bhawan, Lucknow

15 Information on nomination and nominee JJSK is a telephone based (mobile & landline) eGovernance initiative meant for redressing the grievances of common man effectively and in a time-bound manner taking into consideration the satisfaction of the aggrieved person at every step. The nominees for this project are, Mr. Raj Shekhar, IAS, District Magistrate, Moradabad U.P. and founder of JJSK. Mr. Avneesh Saxena, PCS, Nodel Officer of JJSK Mr. Deepak Saxena, Technical Director, NIC and Technical Member of JJSK. Mr. M.Asif Khan, PSA & Scientist-D, NIC and Technical Member of JJSK.

16 JJSK team extends personal thanks to All concerned for Recognizing, Supporting & Encouraging Our initiative. Thank you 15

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