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Presentation on theme: "ABOUT THE COLLEGE The genesis of the SHREE BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE, KURALI, BAGHPAT ROAD, MEERUT was established by SHREE BALAJI EDUCATION SOCIETY. Shree."— Presentation transcript:

1 ABOUT THE COLLEGE The genesis of the SHREE BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE, KURALI, BAGHPAT ROAD, MEERUT was established by SHREE BALAJI EDUCATION SOCIETY. Shree Balaji Degree College had inception in the year 2007 with strong foothold and ready to face the new challenges in the 21st century. The college is situated in absolutely pollution free area of industries and yet at an easily approachable distances from the Meerut city. The college has a multi storey building which consists of well lighted, well ventilated and fully furnished class rooms, administrative office, rich library, well equipped labs, multipurpose hall. The college offers one year B.Ed. course for a strengths of 200 students. continues.... 1SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

2 The college has its own campus which is spread over 2.32 Acres of Land. The College is affiliated to C.C.S. University Meerut is recognized by N.C.T.E W.e. F. NRC/NCTE/F-3/UP-1846/2007/23426 on 4 th AUGUST, 2007 and F.NRC/NCTE/F-7/UP- 2945/2008/66350 on 2 nd DECEMBER, 2008 for additional 100 numbers of seats. 2SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

3 Management Committee SHREE BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE situated at Kurali,Baghpat Road, Meerut is run by the non- profitable society registered under Society Registration Act, 1860 namely “SHREE BALAJI EDUCATION SOCIETY”. It comprises of eight members. The Chairman of the Committee is Mr. Sunit Kansal and Mr. Amit Kansal is the Secretary. 3SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

4 VISION Establishment of an Academy of Education excellence, with focus on developing teachers with positive attitude, skills to understand problems and apply knowledge for seeking desired result. 4SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

5 MISSION Explore and adopt best practices in education and system for imparting knowledge with relevant practical exposure and institutionalize them in most pragmatic way, with focus on the needs of the corporate world. 5SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

6 OBJECTIVES To create best suited environment conducive for learning and showing new ideas with an open mind. To appraise and reward the efforts and performance of faculty and staff members. To measure and monitor the students overall performance and give direction to shape their potential for excellence. 6SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

7 Infrastructure And Learning Resources:- 7SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

8 The college has a good building and other infrastructural facilities as per requirement of National Council for Teacher Education and C. C. S. University. The college has a big Library, well equipped science, psychology, Language Laboratories and a modern ICT laboratory. The college has sports facilities, first aid facilities, Parking and canteen for pupil-teachers. 8SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

9 InfrastructureNo. Multipurpose Hall1 ICT Lab/ ET Lab1 Psychology Lab1 Language Lab1 Science + Math Resource Centre1 SST + Arts and Crafts Lab1 Sports Room1 Girls Common Room1 Library1 9SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

10 InfrastructureNo. Class Room4 Tutorial Room2 Staff Common Room with cabin1 Principal Room1 Administrative Office1 Canteen1 Visitor Room1 Store Room1 10SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

11 RESOURCE CENTRES The college has all the resource centers to meet the norms/guidelines of NCTE / C. C. S. University. The resource centers are well equipped with latest equipments and the students are encouraged to devote extra – time in every centre which enables them to do better with cutting edge technology – 11SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

12 LIST OF RESOURCE CENTRES:- Method Resource Centre Psychology Laboratory Science Resource Centre ICT Resource Centre (Education Technology Laboratory) Language Laboratory Art & Craft Resource Centre Health and Physical Education Resource Centre Library 12SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

13 Method Resource Centre 13SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

14 Psychology Laboratory 14SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

15 Science Resource Centre 15SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

16 ICT Resource Centre (Education Technology Laboratory) 16SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

17 Language Laboratory 17SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

18 Art & Craft Resource Centre 18SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

19 Health and Physical Education Resource Centre To enable the physical development of the students and inculcate sports spirit in them, the college is providing indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Moreover, First-aid is also provided to check any minor health problem. In case of any major problem, medical assistance is provided by the Doctor. 19SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

20 LIBRARY Library is the nerve center of our college. Our Library is rich in books and reference section. It has 6612 books. The library is operational for more than 8 hrs. a day. Apart from these books, the library also subscribes a number of journals, magazines and news papers. To make it more resourceful, the automation process is initiated in the Library. 20SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

21 Activities of teaching- learning process ICT as Teaching Learning Process The college has a well equipped Computer Lab that provide facilities to make students computer savvy and tech-friendly. The Lab is equipped with 25 computers. 21SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE


23 Student Orientation Activities 23SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE


25 Students participation in Decision Making 25SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

26 Curricular Aspects:- The department of Education of SHREE BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE Follows the curricular activities as prescribed by C.C.S. University Meerut. The theory & practical parts of the course are run as per requirements of university and NCTE. The feedback on curriculum is collected and analyzed through college inbuilt feedback mechanism. 26SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

27 Teaching Learning & Evaluation:- The students of B.Ed. course are admitted on the basis of common entrance Test conducted by the U.P. state Government / C.C.S. University Meerut U.P. Faculty members are properly trained and advised to use technology for teaching which the need of today is. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in seminars / Conferences. Remedial coaching is held for weak and disadvantaged students after they are admitted in the college. Student progress is assessed through unit test and assignments. 27SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

28 Research Consultancy & Extension:- Out of 14 Teachers (for B.Ed.) and 1 Principal and 01 are holding Ph.D. Degree. The faculty members are encouraged to carry out their research work and also for further study. The adjustment in teaching schedule is done as and when required. 28SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

29 STUDENTS SUPPORT & PROGRESSION:- The college has its Alumni Association formed in the year 2011 with the objectives to Provide opportunities for Personal and professional growth of its member’s academic and personal counseling is provided by the teachers of education department. 29SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

30 ORGANISATION & MANAGEMENT:- Various committees have been formed for smooth functioning of the department of education. Before starting of academic session, academic calendar is prepared in advance. Appointments are done according to the rules and regulations of and N.C.T.E. There is inbuilt mechanism to cheek the work efficiency of teaching and non- teaching staff. INNOVATIVE PRACTICES:- For improving and enhancing the quality, we have an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). The college provides information about the organizational performances to its stakeholders. 30SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

31 Committees Various Committees are functional in the college to enable all round development of the students. These are –  Academic Committee.  Practice Teaching Committee.  Cultural Committee.  Sports Committee.  Research and Development Extension Activities Committee.  Examination Committee.  Admission Committee.  Alumni Association.  Publication Cell.  Academic Linkage and Community Services Cell.  Discipline Committee. 31SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

32 Committees  Anti Sexual and Harassment Cell.  Grievance Redressal Cell.  Library Committee.  Placement Cell. 32SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

33 Grievance Redressal Cell In accordance with the hon ’ ble Supreme Court decision in the Vishaka case, a Sexual Harassment Complaint Committee (SHCC) was constituted in April, 2003. The institute has a very clear policy based on the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court. Ourself responsible for the well being of all students and staff. Sexual Harassment of any kind constitutes an action unbecoming of a student / staff member of the institute and will attract appropriate disciplinary action. Stepping a step forward, Our college also established a Grievance Redressal Cell in 2008. 33SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE

34 CONSULTANCY The College has strong consultancy and these services are being provided by faculty / Guest faculty. Guest Lectures had been given by the following eminent educationists – Dr. A.K.Rajpoot, Asso. Prof. & Head, MRED and VPD- He conducted a lecture on the topic of Micro Teaching. He elaborated the meaning of micro teaching and its importance to learn the different skills. Dr. Vinod Kanwaria, Asstt. Prof., Dept. of Edu., Univ. of Delhi- He also gave some tips and delivered his knowledge among students by differentiating between attitude and aptitude. 34SHRI BALAJI DEGREE COLLEGE



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