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OCTOBER 2, West Forsyth. REGIONAL CREWS Larry Davis James Milliken Brandon Marion Rick McLean Eric Perdew Don Brown Steve Hinkle Todd Foreman George.

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1 OCTOBER 2, West Forsyth

2 REGIONAL CREWS Larry Davis James Milliken Brandon Marion Rick McLean Eric Perdew Don Brown Steve Hinkle Todd Foreman George Ruff Art Hardin Chad Hutchens Brandon Whitaker

3 Regional Tournament - Alternates  Jeff Bigelow  John Foster  Thomas Lofton  Jeremy Phillips  Charles Huff  Richard Davis  Chauncey Hood  Larry King  Keith McEachirn  Jerry Wilson

4 MEN’S STATE CHAMPIONSHIP 3A Men – Freedom vs. Hunt Steve Hinkle Todd Foreman George Ruff East West All Star Women’s Basketball Game Angela Greene

5  NCISAA Championships 3A Girls: Sandra Wilkins Quinn Morris David Pritchett 3A Boys: Chuck Eakes Brian Moore Carlos Torian 1A Girls: Sherman Combs Bonita Bowman Gary Cress 1A Boys: Al Henderson Jerry Talley Kenneth Siler 2A Boys: Carter Catlett Tommy Bryant Kevin Wright 2A Girls: Mark Pierce Mark Eggleston-Clark Rick Disher

6  All Officials were Class I  Went to a minimum of 6 clinics  Worked a minimum of 3 scrimmages  Attended the State Rules Clinic  Attended the TBOA Annual Meeting  Made at least a 85 on the test. (Overwhelming majority made in the high nineties)  Viewed Hudl training tapes in a timely manner

7 Please stand and introduce yourself: 1. Name 2. Where you currently reside

8  1.William Covington, Sr.  2. Vierl Banks  3.Alan Spainhour  4. William Covington, Jr.  5. Tim Bryant  6. Randy Holmes  7. John Nelms  8. Kip Johnson  Plus Two

9  Central Office: Leigh Hebbard (Guilford County)  Central Office: Stan Elrod (Forsyth County)  Central Office: George Robinson (Alamance)  Athletic Director: Randall Hackett (Eastern Guilford)  Head Coach: Brian Robinson (Bishop McGuinness)  Regional Supervisor:Kip Johnson  Chairman:Jerry Talley  Review Chair: Junior McLean  Grievance Chair: Al Henderson  Education Chair: Chuck Eakes  Technology Chair: Quinn Morris  Observers Chair:William Covington, Sr.  Term Expiring 10/14:Gerald Moyd  Term Expiring 10/14:Thomas Lofton

10 SHINING LIGHT ACADEMY will not field a team this year. No further changes that I know of at the present time.

11  Junior McLean: Review Committee  Al Henderson: Grievance Committee  Chuck Eakes: Education Committee  Quinn Morris: Technology Committee  Jerry Talley: Elections  William Covington: Observer Program Voting Begins Wednesday, Oct 1st Voting Closes Monday, Oct 7th at Midnight

12  Fourth year for TBOA  Pictures required by Sunday night, 10/5/2014  Closed dates must be kept current  Check your regularly and often during the season, everyday!  Accept regular season assignments within 3 days  You will receive a reminder 3 days out  Accept all Tournament and Post Season Assignments within 24 hours.  No Cancellation Fees – Loss of Future Assignments

13  Keeping Mark-offs (Blocks) current in Arbiter was the #1 issue in  Officials place blocks in Arbiter for specific dates. Then, when their game is rescheduled to a date that they had blocked, they send an saying that date was really open.

14  Closed dates must be kept current and blocked in Arbiter   Declines: 161 Games404 Games  Turnbacks: 130 Games201 Games  Total: 291 Games605 Games Cancellation Fees have been eliminated. New policy will involved loss of future assignments.

15 I can't call a ball game until at least 4:30 pm. Work conflict. Not going to be able to get out for 3:30 start. I have some family travel plans I have to work my regular job from 9 to 5 on Saturday Will be out of town from Sat. morn until Sunday at noon.... In re-hab that week I can’t get off work until 5:30 Have a college baseball game at 1:00 Scheduling conflict I am sorry I thought I had blocked out my schedule Working I cannot leave school until 4:00PM. I am available but not until 4:30PM at the earliest

16 Traveling out of town on business Can't leave until 3:50 PM Traveling for Thanksgiving I will be working high school football state playoff games on Fridays until December 6 I work 7 to 3 on Saturday I thought I blocked all of my Saturdays until 3 Will be out of state (never had a Saturday game) Hurt I forgot to block out my dates Forgot I had a Relay meeting that afternoon Out of town with family for holidays

17 1. Confirm all Assignments with the Referee – no excuse for a no-show! R, it’s up to you to enforce. 2. Dress Code: Business Casual 3. Arrive 30 hour prior to tip 4. On floor at 15 minutes 5. High School Mechanics A Requirement (that alone will not get you a State Championship, but it will keep you out of one!)

18 1. At end of half, crew meets at center circle to make sure arrow is correct, score is correct and all books in agreement. 2. No comment and thank you is the extent of your conversations.

19  Official called a coach “boy” and told him to sit down  Official told scorekeeper they were not going to call anything against the other team  Official told coach he got “no call” absolutely correct and to send them film to RSO. (He did and not only did we miss it, we should have ruled the foul flagrant)  Why do we say anything that can be misinterpreted?

20 1. Don’t wait until the last minute. Take it on Monday or Tuesday so you have time to deal with issues. 2. Make absolutely sure your address in NFHS matches youe address on the NCHSAA site exactly! 3. Must make 75 or higher to work NCHSAA games. (Lost 3 officials for the season last year) 4. Must be a Class I or II Official to work Post- Season State Tournament (Lost 7 officials for the play-offs)

21  Ejections – Must communicate to the coach and let him know whether it is a DQ or ejection. Don’t leave the gym without everyone knowing.  Calling official must submit the report within 24 hours, but don’t delay. Do it that night!  Report also required for DQ’s, etc so the players will have to go through the STAR program.  Coach can be DQ’d (2 nd technical for being out of box) or ejected (disrespectfully addressing official). Get this right! Both require reports.  Fighting adds 2 games to the suspension.  Do not call a second T on the coach during same dead ball interval unless he storms the court. Please let your partner handle this.

22  First confirmed scrimmage so far is 11/5  First confirmed game so far is 10/30  Season begins in full force on 11/17  We will utilize a hybrid approach to scheduling scrimmages. Clinic leaders will schedule, then Arbiter Self Assign to cover remaining scrimmages  Self Assign - Sign up, SHOW UP!

23  Fees are set by the NCHSAA and will remain the same for the season.  Single Game$66  Double Header$91  Single Game Tournament$76  Double Header Tournament$106  JV / V Doubleheaders same as Varsity

24  On track to evaluate 100% until inclement weather on 1/21, 1/28 and 2/11 derailed everything! Farmer’s Almanac predicts cold, snowy winter for NC  We will continue to aggressively observe and evaluate our staff.  HUDL / Krossover: Video Platforms  TBOA Mandates (William Covington, Sr.)

25  Current News & Information  Quizzes, Surveys, Feedback  Newsletters, Videos  No attendance sheets tonight.  Attendance will be recorded from earlier State Rules Clinic


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