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ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (ePDS) & ePOS Smart PDS – Integrated approach The department of Food and Civil supplies, Govt. of Telangana Govt.

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1 ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (ePDS) & ePOS Smart PDS – Integrated approach The department of Food and Civil supplies, Govt. of Telangana Govt. of Telangana

2 OVER VIEW - TELANGANA  No. of Districts.. 10  No. of Revenue Divisions.. 42  No. of Mandals.. 467  MLS points.. 173  No. of Fair price shops.. 17,163

3 MAJOR CHALLENGES IN PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM  Non-existent, duplicate, migrated families/units  Updating Ration cards with mutations  Allocation of Essential Commodities  Archaic processes resulting in creating duplicate cards and units  Sharing of data with other Departments  Absence of Master data of all the Ration cards, FP shops, MLS points etc.,  Monitoring of off take and Closing balances  Diversions and Leakages. No Transparency

4 4 Ration Card Management Allocation Movement of Essential Commodities Grievance Redressal Electronic Point of Sale (ePOS) ePDS Key Functional Areas 1 2 5 43

5 END TO END COMPUTERISATION  Aadhaar backbone  Component I  ePDS- Digitalization of Ration cards and Aadhaar seeding  Supply Chain Management  Vehicle Tracking system(GPS) Piloted in Hyderabad & Khammam  Component II  FP shop automation piloted ePOS in (45) shops in Hyderabad.

6 COMPONENT I - ePDS MODULES Online software developed NIC  Aadhaar seeding – Data entry of UID/EID  Ration card management (RCM)  DKR generation– Register containing names of card holders  Mutations - Link with Meeseva Kiosks  Allocation and payment by FP Shop dealers through eSEVA  Grievance redressal –SMS Gateway

7 AADHAAR BACK BONE  Seeding in ration card database - savings  Aadhaar – common field to pull data from other databases  LPG data base – Savings in Kerosene allocation  Eligibility of House holds from Samagra Survey data for new Food security cards  ePOS – Online Aadhaar authentication of card holder – savings

8 Organic Seeding Entry Screen

9 SEEDING – BENEFITS TO CARD HOLDERS  System is citizen friendly to the genuine card holders - ECs are assured  Activations at local office based on UID  Elimination of Duplicates  Impersonination is avoided

10 SEEDING – USEFUL TO DEPT.  Validations in seeding  Duplicates not allowed.  Algorithms provided  Enables data purification  Seed EID/UID, if persons are available  If EID is rejected, facilitate for re- enrollment  If EID is pending, request UIDIA for priority processing.  Deactivate, if the person is not found.  Bogus cards/units are eliminated

11 STATUS OF AADHAAR SEEDING IN TELANGANA  BPL cards – 79,98,839  Units – 2,48,69,797  Seeded units – 2,35,44,129  % of seeding – 94.67

12 SAVINGS AFTER SEEDING STATUS IN JUNE,14 Versus NOVEMBER,14 ParticularsIn June 2014In November 2014Difference No. of BPL Cards 91,84,99179,65,0,2812,19,963 No. of BPL Units 3,21,43,9532,47,47,00273,96,951 Rice Allotment (Mts) 1,39,0371,15,81423,223 Savings in rice : 23223 MTs

13 AADHAAR AS COMMON FIELD - LPG  Kerosene distribution– 1 liter to LPG holder & 2 liters to non LPG holder in Rural areas and 4 Liters in Municipal Corps.  Aadhaar seeded LPG data of OMCs  Mapping of LPG data with ePDS data  7406 Kilo Liters of Kerosene saved  Enabled issue of additional Kerosene of 1 liter per card holder in Rural areas

14 RATION CARD MANAGEMENT  Digitalization of Ration cards  Aadhaar Seeding  Activation/Deactivation by Tahsildars  Generation of DKR every month  Changes/Transfers of Ration cards through Meeseva  Approval of cards by Tahsildars through Digital key  Provision for ‘Log’-’Recording of all transactions  Transparency – Search provision & Reports in public domain

15 National Informatics Centre Integration of Meeseva with ePDS Ration card Mutation Services in Meeseva 1. Deletion of Member in Ration Card 2. Household Head Modifications 3. Member Migration in Ration Card 4. Ration card Missing Details in Data Base 5. Ration Card Modifications (Address Change & Member Modifications) 6. Ration Card Transfer 7. Surrender of Ration Card

16 National Informatics Centre Address Change and Member Modifications UI at Meeseva end Address Change and Member Modifications UI at Meeseva end

17 National Informatics Centre Tahsildar user dash board after login Tahsildar user dash board after login

18 National Informatics Centre Inspector Login dashboard Inspector Login dashboard

19 National Informatics Centre Digital Signing in ePDS

20 National Informatics Centre Print Ration Card Print Ration Card

21 ALLOCATION OF ECs  Closing balances at FP Shops  DKR generation from State Level  Allocation of EC’s from State level up to FP Shop level  System generates allocation proceedings  Provision for generation of ROs and Recording of payments by FP Shop dealers

22 Allotment month wise Detailed RO Report National Informatics Centre, Govt. of India Telangana State Unit

23 USERS AND ROLES IN ePDS UsersRoles DEOData entry operators at block / mandal/ circle offices ( 1-5 per block/mandal/circle office) INSPInspectors at block/ mandal/circle offices( 1- 2 per block/circle/mandal) ASO_TAHAssistant Circle Officers/ Tahsildhars / Mandal revenue officers (1 per 6 block/circle/mandal - 600) DSODistrict Supply officers (districts level -10) JC/ CROJoint Collector/Chief Rationing Officer (dist level-10) DyDIRDeputy Director (state level – 2) COMMRCommissioner Civil Supplies Public Domain Search Provision Transactional Reports (DKR,Allotment etc) FAQ’s

24 CYBERSECURITY MEASURES CYBER SECURITY MEASURES  The software is security audited and all the user ids (approx 2500) are protected with passwords.  Meeseva approvals are all digitally signed in ePDS and verified by the Meeseva kiosks before printing.  All the transactions are stored in history for retrieving at a later date as a transaction log.  All activities of all users are recorded online for future listing

25 SUPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT  Linkages from FCI to MLS points to the FP shops.  Linked to eSeva for payments by FP Shop dealers and for generation of Release Orders  System generated truck sheets.  SMS alert on stock arrivals  Piloted in Hyderabad & Khammam  Scaling up in progress  Hardware under procurement for all MLS points


27 Supply Chain Management National Informatics Centre Screen shots After Login as MLS Point Stage 2

28 Supply Chain Management National Informatics Centre Screen shots After Login as Tahsildar / ASO

29 ePOS PILOT IN HYDERABAD PROCESS FLOW  Commodities received at FPS - Authenticated by route officer  Any member of the family having Aadhaar can take ECs  PoS device validates Ration Card number and displays the details of family Members.  PoS Device sends the encrypted XML to Authentication User Agency (AUA) & Forwards the XML to Authentication Service Agency (ASA –dept. engaged BSNL) by adding security keys.  ASA invokes Central Identity Data Repository (CIDR) of UIDAI and transmits the authentication packets to CIDR.  The PoS Device receives the authentication result. If 'YES', the FPS dealer keys in details of commodities and issues ration  Receipt provided in Telugu.  If 'No', system also handles exceptions( through VRO Authentication)  Beneficiaries have to undergo Best Finger Detection (BFD) in order to increase the authentication accuracy

30 ePOS PILOT IN HYDERABAD - BENEFITS  45 shops - October 2012  Benefits Ration assured Paper slips – transparency Monitor whether the shop opened or not System generated CBs Savings  14 % - average monthly  Seasonal migration

31 FUTURE ROAD MAP  Supply chain management to be expanded to entire state  Vehicle tracking (GPS) system to be extended to entire state  Public grievance redressal in ePDS workflow  ePOS in all the Fair Price shops of the state  Integration of SKS data with ePDS database

32 32

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