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Introduction to Employee Relations & Equality Pat Rockett.

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1 Introduction to Employee Relations & Equality Pat Rockett

2 Employee Relations & Equality Team Pat Rockett, Human Resources Officer, Employee Relations & Equality / Ext 3574/2011 Andrew Rock, Employee Relations & Equality Administration / Ext 2461

3 Employee Relations Policies & Procedures – Discipline & Grievance Cases Dignity & Respect – Complaints Investigations Occupational Health – Employee Wellness Days etc Employee Support Service

4 Employee Relations Provide employee relations, equality and diversity advice and support to all University staff and managers Support managers at all levels in the University, with regard to management best practice and their statutory responsibilities towards staff Responsible for investigating disciplinary matters and allegations of grievance, with a focus on the early resolution of employee relations issues through positive intervention at a local level Represents the University at meetings with the trade union UNITE and at third party hearings

5 Employee Relations Human Resources Website Employee Relations Website Corporate Secretary Website stration/Vice_President_Administration _%26_Secretary/Acting_Secretary/Polic ies_%26_Procedures stration/Vice_President_Administration _%26_Secretary/Acting_Secretary/Polic ies_%26_Procedures

6 Employee Wellness Spring Semester 2013 Mini Health Screening Chair Massage Podiatrist consultations Money Skills for Life –National Consumer Agency Marie Keating Foundation Mobile Unit – the mobile unit on campus for one day

7 Employee Relations Policies The University’s Statute No 4 – Statute on Disciplinary Matters and Termination of Employment Policy & Procedures on Employee Protection – Intoxicant Misuse University of Limerick Grievance Procedures Policy & Procedures for Workplace Dignity and Respect Managing Attendance Procedure

8 Workplace Dignity & Respect Policy The University of Limerick is committed to the development & maintenance of a positive working environment in which all employees are treated with dignity and respect. It is the policy of the University to provide all employees with an environment which is free from bullying or harassment of any form.

9 Dignity and Respect Designated Contact Person – Provide a voluntary informal resource for confidential advice, support, information and assistance to recipients of bullying behaviour and to those against whom a complaint is made. List of Designated Contact Persons available on HR Web Equality page uality/Designated%20Contact%20Persons %20Panel%202012.pdf uality/Designated%20Contact%20Persons %20Panel%202012.pdf

10 Employee Support Service Confidential counselling and advice service University of Limerick employees and their family members. A family member is defined as a partner or adult child (18+ years) residing at the same address as the employee Freephone helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1800 201 346 Management Support Service

11 Employee Support Service Purpose of Employee Support Service Scope of Employee Support Service Accessing the Employee Support Service Confidentiality

12 How does the Support Service Operate? Who can use the Employee Support Service? When is the Service Available? Employee Support Service

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