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UNIONS Pamela Thomas, Career Services Coordinator Bohlen Technical Center.

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1 UNIONS Pamela Thomas, Career Services Coordinator Bohlen Technical Center

2 Prior to 1869 Guilds Factory System Emerges Mass Production- skilled and semi skilled working side by side

3 1869-WWI Knights of Labor (Knights, KOL) American Federation of Labor (AFL) Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

4 Knights of Labor Founded by Uriah Stevens in 1869 Secret Society until 1882 Goal include: – Change existing labor - management relationships so that depersonalized and specialized aspects of mass production can be avoided –Attain moral betterment for employees and society

5 Terrance Powderly, Leader of Knights 1879-1883 “The man was called a shoemaker 30 years ago made shoes; the man who claims to be a shoemaker today makes only a part of a shoe. What was once a trade in itself is a multiplicity of trades” Make every man his master Workers from most every calling were welcome to membership

6 The Fall of the Knights Successful striking of Rail Road Workers Reform focus Unconditional Membership Lack of Protection Leadership not identifying with member’s goals

7 American Federation of Labor (AFL) Formed in 1886 by Samuel Gompers Disenchanted by KOL and their social reform policies

8 Goals of the AFL Improve material conditions of members through the existing capitalistic system Economic betterment of the organization’s members Enhance capitalistic system to benefit the employee and employer

9 Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Leader: “Big Bill” Haywood Began June 27, 1905 as an alternative to the AFL IWW was against capitalism

10 Goals of the IWW Overthrow existing capitalistic system because employers and employees had nothing in common using any means necessary.

11 Failures of the IWW Lack of permanent membership or financial base Inability to appeal to members interests Identification of IWW with sabotage and violence Alienation of news media and government agencies Essentially out of existence by 1918

12 Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) WWI shifted need to fewer skilled workers (large portion of workers in production) Formed in 1938 as a pull away from the AFL Led by John L. Lewis Started with 7 unions and almost 1 million members

13 Reasons for CIO’s Success Strong Leadership Realistic Goals Use of a Sit Down Strike Passage of the Wagner Act in 1935 Change in Employee’s Attitudes

14 Merger of AFL-CIO Changing Union Presidents Ineffective Union raiding Devote energy to organizing non-union members Merger took place on December 12, 1955 with over 15 million members

15 Why do people join Unions? Employees feel as though they have a say in their jobs Members feel a labor contract makes rules enforced the same Members sometimes have more job security, lobby for safer working conditions Vote YES

16 What can unions do? Unions and employers must discuss wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment Unions represent employees during grievance procedures

17 Why do people not join Unions? Some people feel that the union does not offer any “special” protection Some people are happy with their company’s policies and procedures Some people feel the amount of the dues does not justify the benefits received Vote NO

18 Local Labor Unions International Brotherhood of Electricians Local 90 Carpenters Local 747 Communication Workers of America CSEA Holl Thomas Machinist Union Laborer’s Local 322 Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 73 Teamsters Local 687 New York State United Teachers Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

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