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Student Assistance Services & CIRT Offices of the Dean of Student Life Texas A&M University.

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1 Student Assistance Services & CIRT Offices of the Dean of Student Life Texas A&M University

2 Student Assistance Services Staff Members Angela Winkler –Assistant Director Risa Bierman –Assistant Coordinator Davanna Minter –Administrative Assistant 845-3113 Located in Cain Hall C-217

3 Student Assistance Services Academic and personal guidance, resources, and support “Triage”

4 Student Assistance Services Referrals & connecting people to resources Student welfare checks Student absence notifications Student death/ Silver Taps Withdrawal support Transition issues Consultation about university rules, process, and grievances

5 Tell Somebody Any member of the University community may report concerning behavior using an online report form Reports are submitted to the Special Situations Team – who will distribute appropriately for follow-up

6 Title IX Reporting As an A&M Employee – you have a responsibility to report any discrimination, sexual assault or sexual violence Federal law mandates how quickly action must be taken once the University is notified You are considered “the University” when you are made aware of any incident

7 Title IX Coordinator: Mr. Charley Clark Deputy Coordinators: Dr. Cynthia Hernandez – Students 845-4728, Dr. Blanca Lupiana – Faculty 845-4274, Ms. Kathy Symank – Staff 862-4027,

8 Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)

9 Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) Provide university response to assist and support students during/after a critical incident Assist with immediate concerns Also provide assistance and support to families and members of university community

10 CIRT Members Risa Bierman- Student Assistance Services Kelly Cox- Student Life Studies Tracey Forman- Disability Services Jake Hayes- Student Activities Katy King- Memorial Student Center James Nash - Student Recreation Center Lyndon Pryor – Memorial Student Center Christine Thoorsell- Residence Life Angela Winkler- Student Assistance Services

11 What is a critical incident? Student death Suicide ideation or attempt Serious injury or illness Sexual assault, abuse, or violence Mental health crisis Drug/ Alcohol overdose Contacting students in case of family emergency Airplane/ Automobile/ Train accidents Natural disasters Infectious disease Domestic/ International kidnapping Hate/ Bias incidents National/ International emergencies Campus disturbance/riot Fire/ Explosion with injuries or significant damage

12 How does it work? Activated through UPD On-call member gathers information Responds to incident Refers students to appropriate resources After incident follow-up

13 Questions?

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