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1 "MOBILE BANKING" The Non – electronic Solution MGNREGS, DISTRICT ANUPPUR, M.P.

2  Total Blocks 4  Total Gram Panchayats 282  Total Villages 581  Total Population (as per Census 2001) 667155  Total rural population 471803  % of Scheduled castes 7.25 %  % of Scheduled tribes 46.41 %  Sex-ratio (females/1000 males) 961  % Below poverty line 49.54 % General Information

3  Payment of MGNREGA wages to beneficiaries takes at least 1 month.  To receive the payments beneficiaries are often required to travel between 25 to 40 KM.  Lack of branches of commercial banks in rural areas.  Unpleasing attitude of bankers towards the beneficiaries with respect to payments. Labour payment issues

4  Considerable delay in collection of cheque payments.  Slow pace of payment mechanisms followed by banks.  Loss of one day’s wage of laborers Labour payment issues

5 INNOVATIONS Aapki Bank Aapke Dwar HELLO ANUPPUR The Call Center Video Conferencing


7 Aapki Bank Aapke Dwar Nodal Agency : District Central Cooperative Bank ANUPPUR Facilities at payment site : Drinking water, toilet, shed, library, proper sitting place, extended help to fill the forms. Staffing : One cashier cum clerk and one security guard. Vehicle arrangements : Six Hard top vehicles.

8  Prepare separate ledger for every Gram Panchayat.  Open a bank accounts of Implementing agency and the job card holder in the same branch of District Central Co- operative Central Bank.  Payments of wages on specified date ( at least 2 days in a month) and time at the village Panchayat premises.  Publicity of the date of payment.  Issue Tokens to laborers at payment time. The Process

9 Payment progress of mobile banking services in MGNREGS (As on 24/12/2010) Achievements : From -ToNo. of blocks No. of vehicles No. of beneficiaries job card holders Payment amount ( ` In crores) Paymen t days 1234567 127/01/2010 To 24/12/2010 040619629449.08269 Average Status of payment No. of beneficiaries benefited per day Payment by one vehicle (In crores) Payment per vehicle per day (In lakh) Average Payment per person 7308.183.042500 Rupees only AAPKI BANK AAPKE DWAR

10 For the proper monitoring, evaluation and resolving the complaints against construction and irregularties of implementing agencies including wages payment of labours, the telephonic approach of local people was launched as a “HELLO ANUPPUR” at District Programme Coordinators Office. Complaints registered at centre is resolved within 24 hour’s by the department and concerning bodies. Till date 413 complaints had been registered. Out of them 358 had been resolved. This facility available to public for 24 hours. HELLO ANUPPUR The Integrated Call Center in District Advantage :Grievance redressal system has become more effective.

11 Hello Anuppur : Call Centre  The Integrated Call Center in District for monitoring, evaluation and grievance redressal  The call Centre works 24x7 at DPC’s office  Delays in wage payment reduced drammatically

12 For the proper monitoring & evaluation of the works running under the scheme at the grass root level on weekly basis video conferencing With Janpad and grass root level official is held on every Monday of the week headed by District programme coordinator. This helps in proper monitoring and evaluation of the Scheme and conveying instruction in time to grass root level. VIDEO CONFERENCE At block level Advantage: Monitoring & Evaulation of different scheme become easier.

13  On weekly basis with programme officer, Janpad panchyat and grass root level official by DPC.  Facilitates proper monitoring and evaluation of the Scheme and conveying instruction in time to grass root level.  Issues related to fund flow, MIS entry and the alerts associated with that, complaints etc. can also be addressed. Video Conference

14 Advantages  Payments at the doorstep within 7 days.  Delay in Payment has come down from 1 month to 7 days.  Significant saving of time and efforts of laborers in getting the payments.  Prevents the loss of one productive working day of laborers.  It increases the interest levels of beneficiaries towards schemes.

15 Advantages  Increases saving habit among laborers.  Facilitate easier identification of beneficiaries/laborers.  Officers are now able to give more time for better implementation of the scheme.

16 Change at a glance COMPARATIVE PROGRESS OF YEAR 2009-10 & 2010-11 YEAR2009-102010-11 Employment Provided to Families73997101822 Total Running Works1525727351 Beneficiary Oriented Works1174019250 Total Man days51.17 Lacs68.54 Lacs Total Expenditures8117.32 Lacs 11676.38 Lacs Employment Provided to SC/ST Families64 %71 % No. of Gram Sabhas held21253396 Grievance Redressal99 out of 116 71 out of 76 MIS Feeding5223.72 Lacs 9872.55 Lacs

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18 Thanks……………. iz;ksx dk lqifj.kke & etnwjksa ds psgjksa ij eqLdku dh xkjaVh

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