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School & Mass Education Department. Govt. of Odisha

2 Financial status & recent changes. Grievances.
MDM in brief. Components of MDM. Work done so far. Financial status & recent changes. Grievances. 2

3 A. MDM in brief: Introduction: Introduced in 1995
Provides cooked noon meal Aims to increase enrolment Increases nutritional status Covers Primary & Upper primary schools 3

4 COVERAGE Primary (including NCLP) 38,43,406 50,514 Upper Primary
Children under MDM for (Fig. in Nos.) Category Children approved by GoI No. of Schools approved by GoI Primary (including NCLP) 38,43,406 50,514 Upper Primary 16,00,000 20,156 Total:- 54,43,406 70,670 4

No. of schools No. of students 66388 56,87,698 66773 57,00,000 70670 54,43,406 5

6 Categories of schools covered under MDM Programme as approved by GoI
Govt. + TRW + ULB Schools : 68,108 Govt. Aided schools : 1,886 Disabled Welfare Schools : NCLP Schools : TOTAL: : 70,670 6

7 Main Features of Revised guidelines under MDM with effect from 1st April 2011
For the purpose of MDM new joint account is to be opened in the following manner - Headmaster and President of SHG. or b. Headmaster and School Management Committee (where SHGs are not yet doing the cooking). Headmaster & President of the VEC (where SMCs are not yet formed). d. Once the cooking is handed over to SHG,VEC/SMC will change into a joint account of Headmaster and SHG president. Existing system of delivering rice to the schools shall continue. Procurement of foodstuffs shall be made locally by SHG/SMC. On no account the headmasters or teachers be involved in the procurement, or cooking. Weekly menu finalized. 7

8 Revised guidelines under MDM with effect from 1st April 2011
Headmasters and teachers monitor the programme and ensure : Proper quality and quantity of food is being served to children as per the attendance on each day. Entitlements of children are displayed at a prominent wall in the school. Food is being cooked in a hygienic manner and children wash their hands before and after eating. No stray animals are allowed in the school premises at any time. Periodic health check up of the cook and helper is done. 8

9 Procurement of Dal /Condiments
Primary objective is to ensure that the prescribed Protein and Calorie requirement are given. SHGs/SMC may procure the best quality dal grown locally. Oil/soya chunks should only be purchased in 1/2 ltr/kg pouch of reputed brand with AGMARK/BIS certification. On no account should any food stuff be left open at the point of storage either with SHG or the school. Prohibited dals like Khesari and Kolatha should not be procured at all. Pamolin oil, Vanaspati etc. should not be procured at all. 9

10 Weekly schedule of MDM:
DAY MDM (Class I-VIII) Monday Bhata and Dalma Tuesday Bhata and Soya Badi Curry Wednesday Bhata and Egg Curry Thursday Friday Saturday Bhata and Egg Curry 10

11 B. (i) Food grains (Fig in MTs) Quarter Allocation Lifting
% of lifting 1st Qtr. 79.24 2nd Qtr. 95.49 3rd Qtr. 96.12 4th Qtr. Total:- GoI provides Rs. 5650/- per MT. for cost of foodgrains (100% Central Assistance). Transportation Rs. 750/- per MT (100% Central Assistance). 11

12 Food grains position for Primary & Upper Primary for 2011-12
(Fig in MTs) % of lifting for Primary schools = 72% (up to Jan, 2012) % of lifting for U.P. schools = 73% (up to Jan, 2012) 12

13 B. (ii) Cooking cost under MDM
(Per child per day) Category GoI share State Govt. share Total Primary Rs.2.17 Rs. 1.28 Rs. 3.45 Upper Primary Rs. 3.25 Rs. 1.90 Rs. 5.15 13

14 B.(iii) Kitchen-Cum-Store - present status:
Total funds received (from to ) – Rs. 420, lakhs. Rs. 60,000/- per unit from to 30th Nov, 2009 & from 1st Dec, on plinth area norms as per State schedule of rates. 60159 Rs. 60,000/- & 8993 Rs. 66,490/-. Target for construction : 69,152 nos. Expenditure incurred : Rs. 349,33.20 lakhs Completed : 33,158 nos(48%). In progress : 25,064 nos (36%). Not started : 10,930 nos (16%). 14

15 B.(iv) Kitchen Devices:
Total funds received (from to ) – Rs. 33, lakhs. Target (Units Rs. 5000/- per school) : 66,383 no. of schools. Items in kitchen devices : Utensils. Expenditure incurred : Rs. 27,71.15 lakhs. Procured for schools : 58,972 nos (89%). In progress : 7,411 nos (11%). 15

16 C. Work Done so far. State Project Management Unit
MDM Programme transferred from W&CD Deptt. to S&ME Deptt. on A State level Project Management Unit has been set up under the aegis of S&ME Department to look after the day to day implementation of the scheme. State Nodal Officer is heading the Unit. For smooth monitoring of MDM programme, One officer, One Accountant, One Programmer, One Data Entry Coordinator, Two DEOs, Two Clerks & Two nos. of Class-IV employees are posted in SPMU. State Nodal Officer has been declared as DDO for SPMU. F.A-cum-Jt. Secy., of S&ME Deptt. is looking after the financial matter for the present. One dedicated account is opened at SBI, Main Branch, BBSR. 16

17 C. (ii) District Project Management Unit
A District level Project Management Unit has been set up in the office of the DPC for proper monitoring and supervision of the scheme. Steps are being taken to provide one Programmer-cum-Accountant and one Data Entry Operator to each District level PMU. 30 Hqrs. D.Is who are the Drawing and Disbursing Officers of the scheme, are provided space and infrastructure in the DPC office for MDM only. To strengthen base level management 317 nos. of S.Is identified as Nodal S.I for 314 Blocks & 3 Municipal Corporations. To increase work efficiency of 30 Hqrs. D.Is/ 314 Block Nodal S.Is Govt. has already approved for engagement of 30 Programmer-cum-Accountant & 344 DEOs at District & Block level. 17

18 C. (iii) Capacity Building & Review:
From to , Inspector of Schools, District Project Coordinators, D.I of schools and Nodal Sub-Inspector of Schools have been oriented on different aspects / components of MDM. During to nd phase Orientation –cum- Review meeting was conducted for DPC., D.I of schools and Nodal Sub-Inspector of Schools and Data Entry Operators. 18

19 C.(iv) Capacity Building & Review:

20 ABSTRACT C.(v) Comprehensive database format for on MDM
Name of the revenue district Name of the education district Sl. No Name of the block Name of the school Jt. Account No. for MDM alongwith name of signatories Name of the Bank RTGS or IFSC code of the Bank Joint Account Number Signatories 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 MDM Programme handled by SHG/ SMC/ VEC Name of the Headmaster Mobile No. Name of the President/ Secretary of SHG Name of the President of SMC Name of the President VEC 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 ABSTRACT Total No. of Schools 70,670 nos. MDM Managed by : SHG 43651 nos (62%). SMC/SMDC 13557 nos (19%). Others 13462 nos(19%). No. of Joint Account opened: nos(94%).

21 C. (vi) “Samikshya”. For monitoring, 5 parameters exclusively for MDM are added to the list of existing 80 parameters in “Samikshya”. The new parameters are: Regularity in serving meals and adherence to weekly menu. Availability of food grains. Availability of cooking cost. Proper storage of food grain. Payment of honorarium to cook-cum-helper for the last month. 21

22 C.(vii) Monitoring: Samikshya.
School student helpline No State control room- SPMU Grievances. District control room – DPMU Grievances. Wall writing / flex containing menu, entitlement and MDM Menu in every school. Visit to districts by OICs, Directors & Secretary. Total Grievance received – 888 nos. Grievances complied nos. The balance grievance petitions are under process for disposal. 22

23 C.(viii) Organization of Regional Workshop at Puri
On19th-20th January, 2012. 43 delegates from 10 States and GOI team participated. Delegates from 10 States visited schools in Puri District to see the implementation of MDMS. The Review Mission Team, GOI, visited Kalahandi, Bolangir & Puri Districts from 15th to 21st January, 2012 23

24 Organization of Regional Workshop at Puri

25 ORGANOGRAM Mid day Meal Scheme : Orissa
Principal Secretary to Govt. S&ME Deptt. (Secretary of the Nodal Deptt.) Addl. Secretary (Supervision & Monitoring) Director, Elementary Education F.A-cum-Jt. Secy. (Checking of Budget & Financial sanctions) State Nodal Officer (Management & Monitoring) Collector (Management of MDM) Monitoring Cell, Compilation of MPR and Statements. Plan & Budget Section District Inspector of Schools B.D.O DPC B.R.C.C S.I. of Schools C.R.C.C. WSHGs/ Headmasters 25

26 D. (i) Fund Flow Mechanism of MDM
School & Mass Education Deptt. (Directorate of Elementary Education) State Project Management Unit (SPMU) D.I (Hqrs) BDO FCI (For cost of Food grains) Joint Account (Headmaster and SHG/SMC/VEC) 26

27 Amount released by W&CD Deptt.
D.(ii) Financial Status: Budget Provision for (Fig. in lakh) Central share State share Total Funds released so far during Components Amount released by W&CD Deptt. OB as on Central share State share Cooking cost Cost of food grains - MME 511.17 TC 565.89 Cook-cum-helper NB.: Amount received from GoI. 1. Adhoc release Rs lakhs. 2. 1st installment Rs lakhs. 3. 2nd installment Rs lakhs. 27

28 D.(iii) Transparency: Joint account of SNO & F.A, S&ME Deptt. at SPMU
Joint account of DPC & D.I (Hqrs) at District level. Joint account in all schools. e-transfer of funds into joint account. e-transfer of honorarium of cooks & helpers. Weekly menu chart printed on the back page of the text books. 28

29 E. Grievance Redressal:
State Project Management Unit receives grievances from- Principal Secretary. Through School Student Helpline. OPEPA- Media Coordinator (Paper clippings). Direct grievances over telephone. 29

30 30

31 Proposed Organizational Structure keeping in view Recommendations of
the Review Mission. State Nodal Officer Deputy Director, ( Monitoring) A.D., Edn. Sr. Clerk D.E.O Peon A.D. Finacne Accountant Consultant (Plan & Monitoring) (Research & Evaluation) Consultant Nutrition/ Convergene Consultant MIS One Peon One DEO One Programmer One peon One Steno One Data Entry Coodinator N.B: a) One Deputy Director is proposed against two Deputy Directors. b) Asst. Director (Finance) is proposed against Consultant (Finance). c) 5 Data Entry Operators / One Data Entry Coordinator & One Accountant proposed against 3 Data Entry Operators , 2 Research Assistants & 2 Accountants.

32 Annual requirement of funds for proposed
Management Structure (Rs. In lakhs) Levels Salary & Remuneration Recurring expr. Non-recurring expr. Total SPMU (State) 59.82 48.20 35.20 143.22 DPMU (District) 52.20 41.40 09.00 102.60 Block 195.93 71.59 - 267.52 G. Total :- Rs lakhs N.B.: During the year budget for MME components will be Rs lakhs out of which 50% i.e. Rs will be earmarked for State/ District/ Block level management as per MHRD norm.

33 33


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