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INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOME Los Angeles Section Officers Staff/Presenters.

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1 INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOME Los Angeles Section Officers Staff/Presenters

2 OBJECTIVES Introduction to PECG and Representation Discuss Current Issues For State Employees and PECG Members

3 PECG’s HISTORY Formed in 1963 to Represent the Occupational/Professional Interests of State Engineers Non-profit Benefit Corp. – Self Determination Certified as Unit 9 Bargaining Representative in 1981 First MOU Negotiated and Signed in 1982

4 PECG ORGANIZATION Board of Directors (25) Eight Officers Seventeen Section Directors Quarterly Meetings Saturdays Sacramento or Annual Meeting Sections Provide Worksite Representatives Offices: Sacramento, San Francisco, Glendale Staff: Blanning & Baker Associates Lobbyists: Aaron Read and Associates

5 COMMUNICATIONS PECG Informer PECG Super Informer PECG Hotline (800) 403-2845 E-mail Updates to Unit 9 Members Web Page: Worksite Visits Individual Representation via phone or e-mail or in person meetings

6 MEMBER BENEFITS Members and Fair Share Fee Payers Member Dues: $59.50 currently Fair Share Fees:$53.46 Members Pay $6.04 More Member Benefits Include: $1,500 Term Life Low Cost Supplemental Insurance – Standard Insurance Disability Insurance – Liberty Mutual Amusement Discounts Auto/Homeowners Insurance via Payroll Deduction Member Voting Rights MOU PECG Officers – Section and Corporate

7 CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS Seven Member PECG Bargaining Team Chair: D’Arcy McLeod Assistance From PECG Sacramento Staff Member Survey and Establishing Goals State Team – DPA’s LRO plus LROs From Various Departments The Dills Act Defines “Good Faith” Negotiations Meetings Scheduled to Exchange Proposals Additional Meetings with Key Department Directors Tentative Agreement Subject to Member Ratification and Passage of Legislation

8 Grievances Complaints Out-of-Class Issues Employee Discipline “Skelly” Hearings Adverse Action Hearings Appointment and Other “Merit” Appeals Board of Control Claims Layoffs Automatic Resignations Non-punitive Terminations Reasonable Accommodation Lawsuits (Pay Cuts, Contracting Out, Random Certification, Furloughs, and Other Matters) NOT: Criminal, Civil, Unemployment, Worker’s Compensation, or Retirement Hearings ONGOING EMPLOYEE REPRESENTATION

9 THE GRIEVANCE/COMPLAINT PROCEDURE A Grievance is a Contract (MOU) Dispute A Complaint is a Dispute over a rule or policy not related to the MOU, and not covered by SPB

10 THE GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE Informal: Discussion with Supervisor Step 1: Written Grievance on Form 630 to Designated Supervisor or Manager Step 2: Mid-Level Manager Step 3: Appointing Authority Step 4:DPA Step 5: Arbitration See Article 12 of PECG MOU for Timely Filing

11 THE COMPLAINT PROCEDURE Broadly Defined to Cover Other Written Rules and Polices Not Covered by SPB. Procedure is the Same as a Grievance But Stops After Step 3 No Arbitration

12 SUPERVISORS AND MANAGERS Grievance is Defined as a Dispute Involving the Application or Interpretation of a Statue, Regulation, Policy or Practice Under DPA’s Jurisdiction. Four Levels Ending With DPA Use Form 631 Time Limits of 10 to 20 Work Days

13 SPB “MERIT” ISSUES Appeals on Classification, Examination and Appointment Issues go to SPB Appeals May Involve a Hearing Different Deadlines May Apply – Don’t Delay!

14 BENEFITS OVERSIGHT Health – PERS Program Benefits Not Negotiated Dental And Vision – DPA Program Lobby Benefit Design at DPA Retirement – PERS Program Benefit Design Changed by Legislation Deferred Compensation Programs – 401(k) and 457 Lobby Program Design at DPA

15 ADVERSE ACTION (Employee Discipline) G.C.S. 19572 v. Informal Discipline Types of Adverse Action Written Reprimand Suspension Reduction in Salary Demotion Dismissal Other Discipline Causes for Adverse Action G.C.S. 19572 Lists 24 Causes “Skelly” Rights SPB Appeal Rights and Formal Hearings Call PECG Staff!

16 CURRENT ISSUES Furloughs Bargaining Pay Raise Grievance Supervisor Pay Raise State Budget

17 FURLOUGHS Presently at Three Days The Governor Could Not Get What He Wanted in Negotiations So He Issued Executive Orders The Governor Sees Furloughs as the One Avenue He Can Use Without Agreement of Others

18 PECG’S RESPONSE TO TWO-DAY FURLOUGH PECG and Others Went to Superior Court PECG and Others Have Taken the Lower Court’s Decision to Court of Appeals PECG Also Filed an Organizational Grievance and is Pushing for an Early Arbitration Date

19 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PECG’S ARGUMENTS Salaries and hours of work are governed by the MOU Setting of salaries and hours of work is NOT within the Governor’s power to unilaterally change The “Fiscal Emergency” declared by the Governor does not grant him the authority to furlough

20 PECG’s RESPONSE TO THIRD FURLOUGH DAY PECG filed A Second Furlough Grievance on July 21, 2009 Filed at the 4 th Level with DPA Next Step is Arbitration Alleging that Furlough Violates Several Provisions of PECG MOU

21 STATUS OF BARGAINING PECG Bargaining Team Has Been Meeting With DPA PECG Objective: To Ensure That Pay Parity Continues (and other benefits) DPA Wants To End Pay Parity Both Parties Will Continue to Meet and Exchange Proposals

22 ANOTHER PAY INCREASE? Pending Grievance for Our 7/1/2009 Pay Raise (3.1% to 4.1%) Article 3.1States in Part: “Effective July 1, 2008, and thereafter, the salaries for all Unit 9 employees shall be such that any lag calculated from the December 2007 or later DPA survey shall be entirely eliminated.”

23 SUPERVISOR PAY RAISE Supervisory Meet and Confer Team Continues to Push for All Pay Parity Increases Meetings with DPA and Departments State’s Response: “Wait” Claim Filed with DPA in June 2009

24 STATUS OF STATE BUDGET Vote on Budget Deal Tomorrow Incorporates Three Furlough Days Will Not Cut Pay 5% Will Not Reduce Pension Benefits Will Not Push Health Care Cost to Employees

25 NEW PECG MEDIA CAMPAIGN Board of Directors Will Meet to Discuss a New Media Campaign Focus on Issues Such as Cost of Outsourcing, PERS Benefits, and more Radio and On-line Mediums such as Popular Blogs and On-line Newspapers

26 ACHIEVEMENTS Best 5-year record on wages Many outstanding MOU provisions Super SROA Lowest employee cost for Health Care Improved Retirement formula Effective Record on Legislation Strong performance on employee representation Record on Keeping State Work for State Employees for More than 40 years


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