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 LO3 – Recruiting, developing and supporting staff.

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1  LO3 – Recruiting, developing and supporting staff

2  Recruitment and selection procedures  Staff development  Professional development  Staff welfare

3 By the end of the lesson you should be able to: Identify methods of professional development. Identify benefits of professional development to the organisation and the employee. Identify a variety of methods of training. Discuss the difference between grievance and disciplinary procedures. Apply research skills to deepen our understanding. Evidence our understanding through exam questions.

4  Identifies training which will help the employee to do their job better.  Staff development Enhances current skills  Appraisal Measures existing skills

5 Increases the efficiency of the organisation. Gives employees targets to work towards. Increases employee flexibility.

6 Education Employee gains an additional qualification. Training On or off the job to gain additional skills. Development Use training and/or education to meet development targets.

7 Induction Introduction to the organisation On the job Gaining knowledge and skills at the place of work. Off the job Training carried out away from the workplace.

8 Continuous professional development Continuous professional development As the work environment changes due to external factors, so too must the employee. Employers offer employees the opportunity to gain up-to- date skills and knowledge related to their job in order to stay competitive in the market. Employees become more flexible and productive.

9 A mix of methods of delivery: lectures tutorials practical activities online materials. Why? Because we all learn in different ways.

10 Staff who are happy in the workplace are more motivated and productive workers.

11 What can the organisation offer? Counselling Grievance procedures Healthcare Fitness facilities Work-life balance initiatives Staff benefits, eg gym membership

12 Monitored by human resources department. Procedures included in contract and procedures documents.Why? Ensure all employees are treated equally.

13 Brought into force by employer where employee does not meet set standards. All employees expected to maintain an appropriate standard of behaviour: good timekeeping good attendance honesty maintain confidentiality.

14 Verbal warning Written warning Final written warning Suspension (with/without pay) Dismissal Can go direct to dismissal in cases of gross misconduct During action employee given opportunity to present case. Fellow employee or trade union rep can be present at hearing.

15 Brought by the employee where employee feels aggrieved by other’s actions. All employees have the right to be treated fairly and with respect in the workplace. Grievances for unfair treatment can be raised in cases such as: racial harassment sexual harassment demotion bullying.

16 Raise grievance with line manager in writing Meet with manager to discuss grievance with representative if required Matter unresolved – meet with more senior manager Appeal meeting if employee not satisfied

17 Consequences Loss of productivity Increased costs Additional work for remaining staff

18 For absence exceeding 28 days: keep in touch with employee arrange return-to-work interviews staged return to work meet with organisation doctor disciplinary procedure for short term occupational health and rehabilitation for longer term.

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