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O-ue Stem-changers Spanish 1.

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1 O-ue Stem-changers Spanish 1

2 Bellwork Conjugate the following stem-changers. yo/ empezar
Usted/ preferir Ellos/ entender Nosotros/ querer vosotros/merendar

3 Cuaderno pg 54

4 Calendario de febrero

5 Las presentaciones de comida
Recetas: you will bring a printout of an authentic recipe from any Spanish speaking country to be approved by February 10 I will mark off that you have completed it You will make and bring the recipe on Feb. 23 to the kitchen We will have a food tasting fiesta!

6 Día de la fiesta Feb 23 Must bring recipe to Mrs. Plunket’s classroom 1st thing that Thursday and set it with you class period’s food You must have your dish’s name labeled, its country and a sentence in Spanish about 5 of the things it includes and a sentence about how it tastes. You must also have your name on the label

7 Ejemplo Ana Smith Receta:Fajitas de Pollo País: Costa Rica
Tiene el arroz, el queso, los tomates, la salsa picante y el pollo. ¡Están riquísimas!

8 If you choose not bring a food…
You will have to do an oral presentation about a recipe and present it on the 22 Make enough for everyone to try a little bit (8-10 servings) I will provide bebidas, vasos, platos y tenedores.

9 O-ue stem-changers Their stem-changes from o-ue
Here are some of those verbs 1. dormir- to sleep 2. volver- to return 3. almorzar- to have lunch 4. poder- can/be able to 5. probar-to try/to taste

10 Act 17

11 Tarea Cuaderno pg 66

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