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Anne Bayetto.

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1 Anne Bayetto

2 Read, Record, Respond Introduction
National Reading Panel (USA), Rose Report (UK), National Inquiry into the Teaching of Reading (Australia), In Teachers’ Hands (Australia) Page 162: Freebody & Luke: Four Resources (Australia)

3 Read, Record, Respond Step 1: Gather background evidence and data

4 Read, Record, Respond What do independent and successful readers know and do? Approach reading with interest Presume they will understand what they read Have a broad reading vocabulary and know the meanings of many words Recognise there are different text types Know they will need to draw on different strategies to read different texts

5 Read, Record, Respond Can effortlessly read many words
Have a range of strategies for working out the meanings of words Have a range of strategies for understanding an author’s message Realise when they aren’t understanding what they are reading Select an appropriate strategy to use when they aren’t understanding

6 Read, Record, Respond Are persistent if their first strategy is not successful Know they will make errors but are optimistic they will understand the text

7 Read, Record, Respond What reading skills are we developing?
Meaning (Semantic) Understanding an author’s message Structure (Syntactic) Recognising when what is read sounds right Visual (Grapho-phonic) Making links between graphemes and phonemes

8 Read, Record, Respond Why gather background evidence and data?
View video (this can be found on the Read, Record, Respond CD-ROM)

9 Read, Record, Respond Why use a range of information-gathering approaches? Checklists Establishing what students already know and can do Prioritising what they need to know next

10 Read, Record, Respond Why use the RRR program to gather evidence and data? Pages 20-22 Overarching principles Individual level Class level School level

11 Read, Record, Respond Step 2: Use the RRR recording sheet
View video (this can be found on the Read, Record, Respond CD-ROM) Page 23: Select a text Pages 23-25: Introduce the text Page 25: Use the RRR recording sheet with individual students

12 Read, Record, Respond Pages 26-28: Conventions for recording
Pages : RRR recording sheet Pages : GR levels 1-14 Online: GR levels 15-23 Page 108 & CD: Conversion chart/s CD and online: Conversion calculator

13 Read, Record, Respond Step 3: Plan for Instruction
Approaches to teaching Pages 32-34: Whole class Pages 34-35: Guided reading group strategy instruction Page 35: One-on-one instruction Page 36: Working with support educators

14 Read, Record, Respond Pages 36-37: Explicit teaching
Voiced PPT, Teaching reading strategies (this can be found on the Read, Record, Respond CD-ROM)

15 Read, Record, Respond Using RRR data to plan for teaching and learning
Pages 38-43: Meaning (Semantics) Pages 44-48: Structure (Syntactic) Pages 48-50: Visual (Grapho-phonic) CD: GR levels 1-14 MSV worksheets Online: GR levels MSV worksheets and GR levels comprehension strategies worksheets

16 Read, Record, Respond Pages 50-59 Pages 59-64
Reading behaviours strategy instruction: Code-breaker Pages 59-64 Reading behaviours strategy instruction: Text participant

17 Read, Record, Respond Page 163
Helping students learn to talk about text (Cervetti, Pearson & Jaynes, 2001)

18 Read, Record, Respond Pages 65-76
What makes independent and successful readers? A guide for parents (this can be found on the Read, Record, Respond CD-ROM)

19 Read, Record, Respond Pages 6-7: Case studies

20 Read, Record, Respond Max Won’t read at home or school: bored
Decodes most words Adds words that change author’s meaning Says can’t is composed of carn and t Not sure of some affixes Limited retell of texts

21 Read, Record, Respond Taylor Confused by some teacher instructions
Struggles with isolating sounds in words Take home text is too hard Doesn’t participate in guided reading sessions Has private tutor and speech pathologist

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