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O.M Roberts Elementary Kindergarten Parent Meeting September 12, 2013.

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1 O.M Roberts Elementary Kindergarten Parent Meeting September 12, 2013

2 Welcome! Mrs. Arizmendi, Mrs. Crow, Miss Finch, Mrs. Murray

3 Reading Program State adoption (Houghton Mifflin Journeys) Introduces 40 high frequency words throughout the year - see report card for district spelling/sight words Independent Readers and Phonic Take Home Readers- highlights high frequency words, print concepts and reading skills.

4 Phonemic Awareness The conscious awareness that words are made up of sounds. Develops through a series of stages, which explore and manipulate sounds.

5 Guided Reading Allows the teacher to work with small groups or individual students on instructional reading that provides an appropriate and successful challenge to the students. Focuses on specific print awareness and beginning reading skills.

6 Work Stations Strengthens skills/concepts learned in class Sharing knowledge through discussion and demonstration Development of good work habits Responsibility Independent and cooperative problem solving

7 Letter Recognition and Sounds We will introduce a letter a day for 26 days. Letters will be reviewed in more detail every three to five days for the rest of the year. Name, recognition, formation, and sound/symbol relationship Blending letter sounds to create words – jewel words

8 Handwriting Handwriting Ball and Stick Please stress pencil grasp and see handouts for formation of letters. Kindergarten

9 Math Program Harcourt School Publishers is a state adopted series used for math All skills are introduced using manipulatives, then students transfer the knowledge gained to workbook activities.

10 Homework Weekly homework folders Sent home on Monday Returned on Friday (will NOT accept early) Introduces routine of homework Focuses on previous week’s objectives Spend 10 – 15 minutes a night on homework Students that have completed homework each week will receive a shining star Take home reader Sight word practice Will be sent home 9/16/13 Return on 9/20/13

11 Cafeteria Rules and Procedures Cafeteria rules are listed on-line @ Students will receive a dot in the cafeteria for inappropriate cafeteria behavior. Student will walk for part of recess or miss center time for that day. Students receiving more than one dot will sit at the no-talking table for five days.

12 Classroom Rules 1.Students will listen attentively. 2.Students will use quiet voices. 3.Students will walk in the school building. 4.Students will accept correction appropriately. 5.Students will keep hands and feet to themselves. 6.Students will follow directions.

13 Classroom Rules and Procedures Conduct cards will be used to monitor classroom behavior. A yellow card is a happy day card, orange card is a loss of privilege, blue card is a loss of privilege and removal from the group and red card is a possible visit to the principal. If your child ended their day with a turned card, they will be sent home with a note that needs to be signed and returned.

14 Report Cards 9 week grading period –8/26/13 – 10/18/13 –10/21/13 – 12/20/13 –1/7/14 – 3/21/14 –3/24/14 – 6/5/14 Academics - 1=Consistently, 2=Sometimes, 3=Unable to do at this time, Conduct – E,S, I, U We will send home a list of objectives in each report card folder for the next nine weeks

15 ASSESSMENT Individual assessment of each child implemented district wide Computer assessment administered by classroom teachers –Assesses reading and math skills –Beginning, Middle, and End of Year –Parents notified after assessment of their results

16 Attendance/Tardies It is important for your child to be here daily, however please do not send a sick child to school If they do miss school, please send a note. 48 hrs You will receive a phone call on your child’s first day of absence If your child misses too much school, you will receive a letter from Mrs. Roy (3 tardies = 1 absence) A student is counted tardy at 8:00am and will need to go to the office for a tardy slip if they arrive after 8:15am. (see the Student/Parent Guide online @ )

17 SEARCH Serves gifted students Identified through intellectual ability and creative thinking All Kindergartners will be tested in October Identified early Spring Served in the classroom Meeting September 26 th, at 5:30

18 Book Orders Sent home occasionally Make checks payable to Scholastic Optional, but an excellent source for concept books and other learning materials.

19 Birthdays Celebrated monthly Teacher will supply birthday prizes at the end of the month! Invitations are only passed out if the entire class is invited. Personal information may be passed out if prior written permission is given.

20 Nutritional Guidelines Texas Public School Nutrition Policy The purpose is to promote a healthy environment. Foods of minimal nutritional value may not be provided. Exemptions are allotted for three school wide events –Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and End of School

21 Monthly Calendar Refer to for daily information and skills to reinforce at home –Kindergarten weekly concepts –Grade level activities –School activities –Holidays

22 Pick up/Drop off If you drop your child off before 7:25, please be aware there are no adults on duty until this time. Students that are not picked up before 3:15 will be taken to the office to wait. Students that are going home in a different way need to have a note. You must use the visor signs, or you will have to sign your child out in the office.

23 Parent/Teacher Conferences May be requested by teacher or parent Meet student needs Personal or phone Tuesday - Thursday 3:15 – 3:45 Please do not expect to meet with the teachers when they are on dismissal duty. Parent conference is required if child is performing below grade level.

24 Website Brazosport I.S.D. O. M. Roberts Elementary

25 Change of Clothes Please place a change of clothes in your child’s backpack for accidents. Make sure clothing is seasonally appropriate and replace clothing if your child has an accident. If child does not have change of clothes parents will be called to bring some to school.

26 Volunteers Please fill out Criminal History Form Criminal History Forms available at: –O.M. Roberts front office – –3 months for approval Volunteers are needed as workroom helpers and for various other PTO related activities. If interested, please contact teacher.

27 Resources for Home Enrichment Homework Brazoria County Library System- - –Story time (Tuesdays at 4:00) Sea Center Texas –Story time (Every Saturday and third Friday) – Letters/Reading Website - -

28 Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. Working together we can help each child reach his or her potential!

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