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Read Write Inc Phonics Parents’ meeting 16.01.14 Please turn off your mobile phone 23/04/2015Copyright Ruth Miskin Training1.

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1 Read Write Inc Phonics Parents’ meeting 16.01.14 Please turn off your mobile phone 23/04/2015Copyright Ruth Miskin Training1

2 4/23/2015 Why Read Write Inc. Phonics? A rapid learn to read programme so children read to learn for the rest of their lives. Tried and tested over many years Systematic and structured Early success in reading Training and ongoing staff development

3 16.01.14 Who is it for? Early years and KS1 (Four-year-olds plus) Older children who need to ‘catch-up’ (stage not age). Therefore certain children in KS2. Children new to English SEN children

4 4/23/2015 How does it work? Children: Learn 44 sounds and matching letters Learn to blend sounds to read words Read lots of specially written books This is decoding

5 4/23/2015 How does it work? Children: Talk a lot about what they have read to show they understand Listen to and discuss other ideas to deepen understanding This is comprehending

6 Storybooks and Get Writing Books 4/23/2015

7 Children learn a simple code first 4/23/2015

8 If English had a simple code spelling and reading would be much easier! 4/23/2015 play mayk trayn cafay strayt wayt brayk green dreem kee hee happee light kight fligh Igh igh tigh blow smowk flowt gow mowst moon broot bloo groo

9 4/23/2015 The complex English alphabetic code

10 flmnrsvzshthng nk ff ph ll le mm mb nn kn rr wr ss se c ce vezz s ti ci bckck dghjpqutwxych bbck ch ddggg ge dge ppttwhtch aeiouayeeighow eaa_e ai y ea e i_e ie i o_e oa o oo arorairirouoyireearure u_e ue ew oor ore aw au areur er owoi

11 Yellow = set 1 sounds Blue = set 2 sounds Pink = set 3 sounds Your child will come home with the sound that they have done each day, if you find it on the chart you will know which set of sounds your child is working on. 4/23/2015

12 Fred... Fred helps children learn to read Fred can only talk in sounds... (Fred can only say c_a_t, he can’t say cat) We call this Fred Talk If children understand Fred they can blend orally. Blending is needed for reading. 4/23/2015

13 Fred... Fred helps children learn to spell too! Children convert words into sounds They press the sounds on to their fingers... We call this Fred Fingers 4/23/2015

14 Read Write Inc - Biggest changes you will notice. Stage not age – children are grouped based on their reading level, on-going assessments help identify children who are making speedy progress and children who may need one to one tuition.

15 Home reading books – for children on the RWInc programme. - RWInc book – this is the book that your child has worked on in lessons and is sent home approximately every third day or every fifth day. They should know this book inside out! It should not be difficult, it should be effortless as it is at their reading level. It is your child’s opportunity to review their sounds and to build confidence. -Guided choice: a book your child has chosen. They may need your help with this book as it may not be at their level. Great opportunity to read together, to model reading and enrich vocabulary. 23/04/2015Copyright Ruth Miskin Training15

16 Home readers Group A children will only get a guided choice book as they are not ready for the RWInc books yet. (If you wish to know which group your child is in please ask their class teacher). Group B & C children will be sent home with a ‘Red Ditty’ either in a paper book format or a photocopied sheet. Your child’s class teacher can tell you which group your child is in. 23/04/2015Copyright Ruth Miskin Training16

17 For children on the RWInc programme Spellings – will not be sent home for chdn in the programme as children are tested within the RWInc lessons. Some children may be sent home ‘red words’. Attendance is vital due to the speed of the programme. 23/04/2015Copyright Ruth Miskin Training17

18 How can you help your child? By using pure sounds, no ‘ugh’ (Youtube – Read Write Inc – pure sounds) Om8 Om8 Knowing the graphemes (letters ‘ng’ ‘igh’)

19 And... Understanding how ‘Fred’ helps with reading and spelling and by having fun with Fred Talk at home! “What a tidy r-oo-m!” “Where’s your c-oa-t?” “Time for b-e-d!” back, head, tum, leg, hand, foot, knee coat, hat, scarf, zip, sock, glove run, walk, skip, hop, fast, slow, stop, shop red, blue, green, black, knife, fork, spoon, plate, bowl, pan bread, cheese, meat, soup, jam, cake 4/23/2015

20 And... By reading your child lots of lovely stories and asking lots of questions! Use these prompts to help you: 4/23/2015 What is that character thinking? What is the character saying? What do you think that character is feeling now? What is happening? What do you think happens next?

21 And... By talking to your child as much as possible and ‘feeding’ them new and different words: “Let’s eat our lunch now.” “Let’s munch our lunch now.” “Let’s scoff our lunch now.” “Let’s devour our lunch now!” By enriching conversations through description: “Look at that rain. It looks like little diamonds sparkling on the window pane!”

22 And... By having a look at the parents’ information for tips and resources for supporting your child at home: rents/ (RWI resources are published by Oxford University Press) 4/23/2015

23 Fresh Start Modules: reading and writing. These are for children in Years 5 & 6 who need to catch up. 4/23/2015Copyright Ruth Miskin Literacy

24 Thank you... 4/23/2015 Happy reading!

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