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Local Government Land Access Management of Recreational Vehicles.

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1 Local Government Land Access Management of Recreational Vehicles

2 Local Government Land Access- The Problem Councils have responsibility for Local Government Land Parts of the land are accessed inappropriately by recreational vehicles Road, coastal and other reserves are damaged

3 Intractable issues Councils experience all or some of these issues in their Council areas. Ultimately, the issues converge on the same base problem - enforcement and the resource implications.

4 Overlapping Jurisdictions there are overlapping jurisdictions in the management of vehicles accessing Local Government land Councils have limited legal options and need to work in conjunction with other stakeholders to manage the issues

5 SA Police SAPOL is responsible for: enforcing breaches of the Road Traffic Act on roads and road related areas Enforcing speed limits Enforcing vehicles driven in a manner that is likely to endanger others.

6 Council Enforcement Options Councils can make and enforce their own by-laws Can restrict vehicle access Issue permits Issue expiation notices

7 Enforcement Problems Enforcement is a problem because: There is jurisdictional overlap Police responsible for Road Traffic Act offences, not environmental damage Evidence hard to obtain as the offences often occur out of the public eye.

8 LGA Action to Date The LGA has written to the Minister for Local Government, asking her to liaise with the relevant Departments to provide: Off-road vehicle facilities in appropriate locations State Government coastal rangers to monitor and enforce off-road activities outside the designated facilities

9 Work with Stakeholders Councils can work with local police and other stakeholders Councils can prioritise te provision of information and education by working with NPWS

10 Possible Actions for Councils Develop a management strategy Make by-laws to restrict access and manage parking Issue permits requiring signed agreement to the conditions of use Reduce beach, parks or reserves vehicle access points

11 Points for Discussion Develop a vehicle access management strategy across significant areas and adopt a ‘tiered’ structure for management - eg Strategy for Northern and Yorke Region Work locally with local police and other government agency staff to educate local community and engage the local community to report problems. Prioritise specific areas for an intensive enforcement focus to ‘send message’ to community and tourists and then move on to next area.

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