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E-Cornocopia.2013: Teaching with Twitter Dr. Deborah Van Duinen Hope

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1 e-Cornocopia.2013: Teaching with Twitter Dr. Deborah Van Duinen Hope College @ecornucopia

2 Overview Introductions Time to play! (Twitter literacy) Why teach with Twitter? Teaching with Twitter suggestions Resources Questions

3 Introductions In six words, introduce yourself and what you know/think about Twitter Deb Jencen Brady You!

4 What is Twitter? Emergent social media tool Blogging platform; microblogging Tweets have a 140 characters limit, can include links

5 Twitter literacy Play! Set up your account write a bio, post a picture choose a layout Follow us @ecornucopia Hashtag: #ecorn13 Learn the lingo

6 Twitter literacy Tweet a question you have about teaching with Twitter Reply to a tweet Post a link Retweet something

7 Twitter literacy Practice, practice, practice Participate in Tweet chats Find your favorite hashtags Find and follow “your people” in your field academic journals professional organizations conferences

8 Why teach with Twitter? Digital learning and literacy Student-centered learning Back channel in class Sense of community Takes learning outside of classroom walls Professional resource

9 My Twitter Experiment Required Teacher Education class Content Area Literacy Secondary education majors Juniors, 26 students in total Learning alongside of my students 2 tweets/week for the semester

10 Teaching with Twitter Organization Access Frequency Substance Assessment (with thanks to Mark Sample, Chronicle of Higher Educ, Prof Hacker)

11 Reflections on using Twitter Clear expectations / purpose Scaffold students’ learning/literacy with Twitter (posting content) Incorporate tweets into class discussions Encourage integration of devices Encourage connections with “outsiders”

12 Questions? How are you thinking of using Twitter? What are you worried about? What excites you? What questions do you have for us?

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