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2 Study Methodology The study examines the use of Twitter by world leaders. Burson-Marsteller identified Twitter accounts of 264 heads of state and government and their institutions in 125 countries world-wide. The study analyses their Twitter profiles, their tweet history and their connections with each other. The data was collected on 1 July 2012 and is a snapshot of their Twitter activity. 2

3 Insight # have a personal Twitter account but only 30 leaders tweet themselves and only occasionally. Almost2/3 of all world leaders have a presence on Twitter. Data as of 1 July 2012

4 Insight #2 4 51,990,656 followers on Twitter. The 264 heads of state and government have Data as of 1 July 2012

5 Insight #3 Hugo (3,152,608 followers) (17,115,077 (2,951,928 followers) Barack Obama is the most followed leader Data as of 1 July 2012

6 6 Insight #4 76 world leaders are following and But President Obama and the White House have established mutual Twitter relations with only three other

7 Insight #5 EU President Herman van Rompuy mutually follows 11 other peers. 77 The best connected world leader on Twitter Data as of 1 July 2012

8 8 26,851 French tweets 8 93,888 English tweets 125,220 Spanish tweets Insight #6 World leaders tweet in 43 languages Spanish leaders are the most prolific

9 9 Data as of 1 July Insight #7 57 out of the 264 profiles are dormant such as the personal accounts of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and French President François Hollande who have abandoned their followers since being elected. World leaders use Twitter mainly during election campaigns

10 10 Data as of 1 July Insight #8 The most retweeted tweet

11 11 Dallas Lawrence Chief Global Digital Strategist Zaheer Nooruddin Asia-Pacific Matthias Lüfkens Europe, Middle East and Africa Cely Carmo Latin America Michael Bassik United States Paul Cordasco Managing Director, Global Marketing Burson-Marsteller Digital Strategists Media Contact Contacts

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