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Welcome to our Spring Stakeholder Event. Kathy Headdon Lay Chair.

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1 Welcome to our Spring Stakeholder Event

2 Kathy Headdon Lay Chair

3 Aims of the day To share and inform you about our 2 and 5 year plans To listen to patient and carer stories and consider community and individual feedback To inform you about our programme delivery areas, their particular challenges, and to ask you to contribute your views on our ‘big questions’ To involve you as co-contributors in shaping our strategy

4 ‘You said….we did’ You said… ‘We would like 2 North Somerset CCG led events each year – this is our first event for 2014/15 We would like the next event to be held in Clevedon’ – we are in Clevedon Hall today ‘We like the audience participation equipment’ – we have hired it again for today ‘We would like coffee on arrival’ – I hope you enjoyed it!

5 Interactive Palmlets: Questions that need a vote will be displayed on the big screen There will be an opportunity to reflect on the question A light will come on when your vote has been cast. If you change your mind during the ‘reflection’ time, it will be the last choice you make that will be counted. You may also be asked to tweet your feedback – if you have a smart phone or tablet tweet to #ccgspring14 If not, there are feedback forms on your tables – these will form an important part of the overall event feedback Voting choices are either: – Select 1 - choose the number that reflects your answer – Select top 2 or 3 in choice order (press the keys in your choice order e.g. if no. 5 in a list of 9 is your first choice press it first, etc. ) – Select in choice order (same as above but choose all numbers in your choice order first = 3, second = 9, third = 2; etc.)

6 Twitter Please follow the North Somerset CCG on: @NSomersetccg Please tweet us at this event on: #ccgspring14 There are feedback forms on tables for people who don’t have a smart phone with them

7 Which session from today’s programme appeals to you most of all? Select 1: 1.The morning presentations 2.The topic based workshop sessions 3.The whole group voting session on our ‘big questions’ for our 5 year Strategy 4.Question and answer time

8 When planning our North Somerset CCG Autumn event where would you like it to be held? Select top 3 in choice order: 1.Weston 2.Clevedon 3.Nailsea 4.Portishead 5.Yatton 6.Blagdon

9 What top 2 outcomes are you hoping for from today’s event? Select 2 in order: 1.Increasing my awareness of my local NHS planning and priorities 2.Making connections with like-minded people 3.Understanding more about how I can get involved 4.I will have been able to contribute to the workshop activities and have my voice heard 5.The topic I had hoped for isn't on the programme - please tweet #ccgspring14 to tell us about topics for next time

10 Housekeeping Fire - wailing tone – 6 exits – CCG event volunteers to guide you – no practice session Toilets – accessible toilet Coffee, Lunch and Comfort Breaks Ramped access and level areas Induction loop Videoing – consent at reception ‘Go to…’ for any assistance Mary Adams and Vicky Keedwell

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