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@DineshBalliah Radio Goes Online.

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1 @DineshBalliah Radio Goes Online

2 Key new media tools 1. Linkedin 2. Facebook 3. Twitter 4. Blogging –

3  Uses  Guidelines Your Profile Adding contacts Publicise your profile Canvas testimonials Respond to requests Use the platform for what it is intended to be used for

4  Setting up an organisational page  Guidelines for usage: Relevance Usefulness Regularity Consistency

5  Features  Uses: Networking Knowledge sharing Information dissemination Information gathering Stakeholder engagement

6 Considerations  Legality  Authenticity  Truth  Fairness/honesty  Integrity … you and your organisation

7 Networking  Choose whom you follow very carefully!  Blocking followers – when, how why  How to create a meaningful network  Establishing trust  Sharing information


9 TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE TWEETS  Keep it short but meaningful  Embed with hyperlinks  Use a hashtag  Make your tweets come alive

10 .@Witsvuvuzela please follow my tweet.

11 Getting started on Twitter 1. Why are you joining Twitter 2. Are you joining Twitter in an official capacity or personal capacity 3. If in an official capacity, how does your organisation shape your Twitter usage? 4. What do you hope to achieve by joining Twitter 5. What do you feel comfortable sharing on Twitter – your work, your family, your hobbies 6. What do you think you will tweet about? 7. What kind people do you want to be associated with on Twitter? 8. Why would you choose some people and not others? 9. Whose voices do you want to hear on Twitter? 10. How will you engage with your followers on twitter – by tweeting, re- tweeting or replying? 11. How often will you tweet?

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