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Transforming healthcare through IT HIMSS 14 Showcase Webinar June 27 2013.

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1 Transforming healthcare through IT HIMSS 14 Showcase Webinar June 27 2013

2 Today we will cover Introduction of the HIMSS Team How the Showcase has been reimagined Why the IHE Connectathon is important to the Showcase Important Dates The HIMSS Innovation Center and the future of the Interoperability Showcase

3 Tweet about today’s event @IHE_USA @Interopshowcase #CAT14 (Connectathon 2014)

4 HIMSS Showcase Team Elizabeth Peters Associate Manager, Interoperability Initiatives Sandy Vance Senior Director, Interoperability Initiatives

5 Alex Lippitt, HIMSS Sr. Director Standards & Interoperability Secretary to IHE USA Celina Roth, HIMSS Manager Informatics IHE USA Program Manager Sarah Willis-Garcia IHE USA Coordinator Michael Nusbaum ICSA Labs, Program Consultant IHE Canada, President HIMSS-IHE USA Team

6 The Showcase is a purposeful demonstration Promote uptake of standards-based solutions that improve the potential for health information exchange between systems, providers, and organizations in order to optimize clinical care. Provide interactive education to purchasers, administrators, technologists, and clinicians about interoperable solutions so that the selection and acquisition process will be better informed.

7 Typical Showcase visitors include… Authorities & policy makers from local, regional, national & international markets Clinicians Health IT users and buyers Hospital & ambulatory clinic leadership Informatics professionals Academics –clinical education Health IT & medical media Financial Industry Decision Makers

8 HIMSS14 Showcase HALL F 36,000 Sq Ft Orlando Convention Center

9 The NEW reimagined Showcase! Side by Side System Comparison Meaningful Use Validation Introduction and Simulation Area Use Case Simulation Tours Showcase Theater

10 Merging the Meaningful Use Experience and the Interoperability Showcase Show Interoperability as providers seek solutions for stage 3 Meaningful Use Side by side comparison of Clinical Information Systems Use case scenarios that engage the attendee

11 HIMSS Simulation Area NEW! Clinical simulation experience Physical representation of clinical settings Pre recorded tours that will engage attendees Launch point for Showcase tours

12 HIMSS Use Case Tours NEW! Dynamic System Exchange Tours allow attendees to customize systems in their demo Clinical system demonstrations allow you to show more functionality Dynamic Pre Programmed Use Case Scenario Clinical Information System Demos with Standard Use Case Tours

13 Showcase Theatres Welcome and Tour launch Sponsor Presentations IHE Domain Updates

14 Connectathon Questions IHE Standards are the foundation of 70% of the Use Cases If we are participating in more than one showcase do we need to attend more than one connectathon? No If we participate in a connectathon in another country will the results count? Yes, as long as it is IHE sanctioned How long are test results valid for? 1 Year

15 Showcase Preparation Registration Meet with your Technical Project Manager Develop Use Cases Testing Record Simulated Steps in Content Management System On Site Testing *Full timeline will be provided on kick off call

16 Important Dates Sept 23-Oct 18,2013 Connectathon Registration Oct 1, 2013HIMSS Showcase Contract Deadline Jan 27-31, 2014IHE USA Connectathon, Chicago Feb 23-27, 2014 HIMSS14 Showcase, Orlando

17 Plan for Future Showcases eHealth WeekWashington DCSeptember HIMSS Innovation CenterCleveland, Ohio October HIMSS Asia Pacific SingaporeOctober MHealth Summit Washington, DCDecember HIMSS Annual ConferenceOrlandoFebruary 2014

18 Contact Us: Steve Loerch, Sales 847-498-4520 ext. 3006 Sandra Vance, Senior Director 312-915-9276 Elizabeth Peters, Associate Manager 312-915-9527

19 Questions?

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