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Simon Banoub Increasing engagement A case study: Opta Twitter.

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1 Simon Banoub Increasing engagement A case study: Opta Twitter

2 A bit about Opta Our Twitter strategy The tactics we use Results and examples Lessons learned

3 Prologue/Preamble/ Something that dawned on me: Everyone thinks they have the cutest toddler

4 So with that in mind....


6 Throw In. Antonio Valencia (Man Utd). Pass [square] [from x/y to x/y]. Darren Fletcher (Man Utd) to Anderson (Man Utd) Pass [through ball] [forward] [key pass] [from x/y to x/y] Anderson (Man Utd) to Dimitar Berbatov (Man Utd) Good skill. Take-on [successful]. Dimitar Berbatov (Man Utd) Tackle [unsuccessful]. James Collins (West Ham) Pass [square] [from x/y to x/y]. Assist. Dimitar Berbatov (Man Utd) to Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd) Goal [right footed] [shot] [sliding] [3 yards] [into:bottom right of goal] Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd) Shirt number of scorer. 7 Latest score (2-0) Minute of goal (54 th minute) Over 2,000 actions in every football game in every top league in Europe. Also Rugby Union, Rugby League and Cricket.

7 Who buys this stuff? Bookmakers Broadcasters Brands and sponsors Print, online and mobile publishers Professional clubs

8 Our marketing challenges

9 1) A small number of key decision makers

10 2) Long contracts and a techie-hassle to change suppliers

11 3) increasingly commoditised products data is data, right?

12 4) small marketing budget whinge, whinge, whinge

13 BUT a database of loads of great content And we know what’s interesting

14 Why Twitter was a good choice

15 Our content works beautifully in the format – quirky, regular, highly shareable A lot of the influencers in our target market use it heavily – and it allows us to chat with them. A lot. With their permission We can talk directly to fans, and build our brand in the mind of the end users It’s cheap

16 opta Buyers and influencers Fans (customers of our customers) Wow, Opta content is great. Wow, our customers think Opta content adds real value

17 How we approached it

18 1) we created a set of individual characters

19 Introducing: The Opta Twitter Family

20 The daddy: Opta Joe @optajoe Tweets about: English football

21 The little brother: Opta Jim @optajim Tweets about: English cricket, rugby and tennis

22 The exotic foreign cousins: Opta Jose @optajose Tweets about: Spanish football

23 The exotic foreign cousins: Opta Juan @optajose Tweets about: Spanish “other sports”

24 The exotic foreign cousins: Opta Paulo @optapaulo Tweets about: Italian football

25 The exotic foreign cousins: Opta Jean @optajean Tweets about: French football

26 The exotic foreign cousins: Opta Joao @optajoao Tweets about: Portuguese football

27 The exotic foreign cousins: Opta Jack @optajack Tweets about: American soccer (yes, I

28 And the Godfather: Opta Suit @optasuit Tweets about: Corporate Opta info and news

29 2) we developed a unique and consistent style

30 Each and every tweet: Number → Fact → Summary word

31 @OptaJoe: 86.8 Jack Wilshere has completed 86.8% of his passes in the Premier League this season. Prodigy.

32 Or: 9 West Ham have won their last 9 FA Cup matches against lower league teams. Bullies.

33 Or: 11 In the Premier League this season, Wayne Rooney has conceded 11 fouls, been fouled 11 times and been caught offside 11 times. Legs.

34 The parodies - @OptaJoke: 155 The average number of miles Man Utd fans have travelled for today’s Manchester Derby. M25.

35 Largely loved but... 8,197 Tweets by @OptaJoe, all probably with an annoying closing 1 word statement. Unfollow.

36 3) we are, or try to be, highly responsive

37 Mark Bright (BBC Sport Presenter) @ optajoe can you confirm that Wigan have not won in London for 17 apps? @markbrighty That is correct. Wigan are without a win in their last 17 league trips to London. Homely.

38 4) we are selective with who and why we ReTweet

39 5) we do quizzes

40 @OptaJean: Name the 7 players who have scored in a final for Arsenal under Arsene Wenger. Quiz. @OptaJoe: Name the player who has scored the most braces in the Premier League without ever having scored a hat-trick. Quiz.

41 6) we do request slots

42 Over 500 requests in the hour Managed to answer 67 @OptaJoe: 2pm. The next 60 minutes is REQUEST HOUR. We will answer as many questions from our followers as possible, so tweet your pleasure. Slave.

43 How it has worked

44 60,000 10,000 3,000 10,000 1,000 5,000 7,000 2,000 Firstly, the numbers

45 But it’s not just about the quantity

46 A selection of industry followers:

47 A few examples

48 BBC Sport


50 The Guardian Football Weekly Podcast

51 What we’ve learned

52 1 - Tweet what you promise: Consistency is key Meet the expectations I have when I click “follow” Segment by type of interest I’ll forgive the occasional tweet about what you had for breakfast (if I expected it)

53 2 – Be human Answer questions Listen to what people are saying and stick your nose in Encourage staff to use personal accounts to come in “via the side door”

54 3 – Be regular Try not to let people forget that they are following you But, conversely, don’t tweet for the sake of it

55 4 – Reflected glory can be nice Selective re-tweeting can help align your brand with others as you see fit Or, sssh, take (a bit of) credit for other people’s content If you don’t have your own content, you can be a helpful digital signpost (people like helpful people)

56 4 – Share. Don’t Sell. Twitter will never be a direct response sales tool for us: If it isn’t for you – don’t force it, it can still be useful For us, it contributes at each stage of the buying process

57 Thankyou

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