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Presented by: Simeon Cathey CEO, Content Panda

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1 Presented by: Simeon Cathey CEO, Content Panda

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4 Helpdesk End User



7 SharePoint User Support Then Included Product Documentation Microsoft Call Center Support

8 SharePoint User Support Now Product Documentation Video Internet Search Community Online Training Instructor Led Training

9 Why cant we just right click?

10 Contextual Help, Support and Training relating to or depending on the context the parts of a written or spoken statement that precedes or follows a specific word or phrase usually influencing its meaning or effect. the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, etc. Content Panda delivers meaningful content right when and where people need it, inside the application.

11 Real Issues of Real People I’m afraid to ask how I’ve forgotten the training I can’t find what I need to do my job I don’t even know what to ask for I’m tired of answering the same question over and over I spent money on training that didn’t take I have to reduce our support tickets

12 Free

13 In-context help and training app for GET PANDA

14 Demo

15 In-Context Help for SharePoint Content Panda is a in-context help, training and support application for Office 365 SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 that delivers the most relevant and curated help content available in the world exactly when and where you need it. Brand, customize and integrate with LOB systems as appropriate.

16 Accelerate SharePoint Adoption Whether you are in the cloud or on- premises, getting the full value from your SharePoint implementation is all about adoption and end user empowerment. By installing Content Panda you speed up your team’s learning curve, to help them collaborate more effectively and ultimately be more successful.

17 Stand on the Shoulders of Experts Content Panda partners with Office 365 and SharePoint content powerhouse IT Unity to bring you the latest curated help and training content from the most experienced experts around the globe.

18 A Search Engine Inside With Content Panda you now have your own personal search engine inside of Office 365 connected directly to Microsoft Bing web services. We have hand-curated the most optimal keyword search terms so you never have to leave the software to find an answer to your questions.

19 A Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words* Content Panda embeds the most relevant videos for you to play along as you solve problems or get that little reminder of how to complete a task. Users no longer spend hours on YouTube searching for the “right” video. * According to Forrester Research









28 Stats

29 Usage

30 Industries

31 Categories

32 Users

33 Installations

34 Next

35 Panda Premium Play I want to add my own content I want to change the panda logo to my own I want to integrate with my own LMS or support systems I want to change the Panda Panel to include & support additional content I want my own dedicated installation I’ve already paid for training content, I want to add it to Content Panda

36 Mahalo for your time! Simeon Cathey CEO, Content Panda 425.269.8637 @simeoncathey

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