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Social Media Dave Image: comedy_nose, Flickr.

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1 Social Media Dave Neudeck @daveneudeck Image: comedy_nose, Flickr

2 Social Media Strategies Reach Engagement Content Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Advertising

3 Social Media Strategies Be Real Be Focused Be Consistent

4 Social Media Strategies Purpose Audience Platforms Organization KPIs

5 Social Media Checklist TASKDWMQY Review purpose for each platformX Define KPIsX Update Cover PhotosX Update Profile PicX Review/ Update “About” CopyX Create Monthly Messages CalendarX Review Messages CalendarX

6 Social Media Checklist TASKDWMQY Catalog Content AssetsX Post on Facebook2-3 Tweet5-6 Image or Instagram2-3 Monitor Social Medial Channels60m Advertising – Page Likes on FBX

7 Social Media Checklist TASKDWMQY Create Facebook AlbumsX Review AnalyticsX Research CompetitorsX Identify Key InfluencersX


9 Social Media Reach Reach – The # of people who see a post Organic vs Paid Fans vs Non-Fans People – Who, Where, Age, etc

10 Social Media Reach

11 Social Media Engagement Engagement – Interacting with a post Positives: Likes, Comments, Shares, RTs, Mentions, Pins, Clicks Negatives: Hides, Reports, Unlikes, Unfollows

12 Social Media Engagement Engagement Rate - % of people performing an engagement task after seeing a post ER: Total Engagement / Reach * 100

13 Social Media Engagement Engagement Rate - % of people performing an engagement task after seeing a post ER: Total Engagement / Reach * 100

14 Social Media Engagement Reach: 40,724 Likes: 1759 Comments: 36 Shares: 310 Link Clicks: 1024 ER = (1759+36+310+1024)/40724 x 100 = 7.7%

15 Social Media Engagement Scoring a Facebook Post 0.5 per Like 1.0 per Comment 3.0 per Share 5.0 per Click to Site

16 Social Media Engagement

17 Oyster Festivals Post Score 2367 Likes, 293 Comments, 424 Shares 3278 Clicks to dref=fb1013oyfest dref=fb1013oyfest Score: 19,138.5

18 Social Media Engagement

19 Natural Bridge Post Score 11,645 Likes; 507 Comments; 2,467 Shares 4,613 Clicks to virginia-landmarks/ virginia-landmarks/ Score: 155012.5

20 Social Media Engagement Promoted Tweets in Profiles (Pinned Tweets)

21 “While marketers may have different purposes for engaging their audience with a Facebook Page, most should be interested in knowing how engaging their content is. You need engagement to convert your audience to action.”

22 Social Media Content Photos + Link Link Shares Status Updates Self-Promotion Lead Generation Entertainment Videos

23 Social Media Content

24 Desktop vs Mobile Operating System – 54% Mobile/Tablet

25 Social Media Content Desktop vs Mobile Source – (Mobile) 43%

26 Social Media KPIs Engagement Rate Facebook Score Goals – Landing Pages, Leads Generated, Time Spent on Page Twitter – Retweets, Mentions, Replies - LOVE Rate

27 Twitter Timeline Activity

28 Statigram Stats

29 Lead Generation

30 Post 1 – Parasailing (11/13) Facebook Score: 16,462.5 Leads: 290 Post 2 – The Channels (11/18) Facebook Score: 40125 Leads: 884

31 Social Media Advertising Facebook Ads Extend Reach and Target Facebook Ad Types Boost, Sponsored Post, Page Likes Promoted Tweets Instagram Ads

32 Social Media Advertising

33 Advertising on Facebook Set an annual budget Monitor your posts for about 2 hours Boost or Promote your Best Posts! Monitor to make sure results are holding. Pause Promotion if results are not good Add more $$$ if results are great. Monitor

34 Thank You!

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