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Michael Brown, 18 years old, shot by Ferguson, MO police Aug 9, 2014

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0 BLACK LIVES MATTER We stand with Ferguson
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1 Michael Brown, 18 years old, shot by Ferguson, MO police Aug 9, 2014
Michael Brown’s mother

2 This is not an isolated incident
With a partner, discuss how this situation relates to other things you know about or have experienced. You can consider racism, militarization of law enforcement, criminalization, repression of protest, etc.

3 RACISM Individual and social beliefs, attitudes and actions that claim white people are superior to other people. In the US, white supremacy describes the organization of society based on white people having authority and power over culture, society, economy and government. Internalized Interpersonal Institutional Structural Racism has shaped the United States from the beginning

4 Internalized Racism Internalized racism lies within individuals. There are private manifestations of racism that reside inside our minds. Examples: prejudice, internalized oppression and privilege, and beliefs about race influenced by dominant culture.

5 Interpersonal Racism Interpersonal racism occurs between individuals. Once we bring our private beliefs into our interacion with others racism is now in the interpersonal realm. Examples: public expressions of racial prejudice, hate, bias and bigotry between individuals

6 One racist tweet about Ferguson
Interpersonal Racism One racist tweet about Ferguson

7 Institutional Racism Institutional racism occurs within institutions. Instutional racism is discriminatory treatment, unfair policies and practices, and inequitable opportunities and impacts, based on race. Example: Over 300 black people are killed each year by law enforcement. One every 28 hours.* *Malcolm X Grassroots Movement study,

8 Institutional Racism Black people are disproportionately targets of police violence Whites may fear African Americans, largely due to racial impressions and stereotypes, but African Americans have an historical justification to fear nearly any contact with white authorities and with much of the white population…. The racial terror against African Americans seeks to ensure that we remain immobilized and disorganized…. the response to police and extra-judicial harassment and killings cannot be viewed in isolation. It is not the Trayvon Martin case, or the Eric Garner case, alone. It is the ability of the State and the larger white bloc to declare a cessation of the rule of law when it comes to the rights of the ‘darker races’ generally, and African Americans in particular. ” Steve Fletcher

9 Examples of institutional racism in Ferguson
While ⅔ of the population of Ferguson is black, the Mayor is white, and 5 out of 6 city council members are white. Only 3 of 53 police agents in Ferguson are black

10 Structural Racism Structural racism is racial bias across institutions and society. It’s the cumulative and compounded effects of an array of factors that systemactically privilege white people and disadvantage people of color. Example: The “racial wealth divide” (where whites have many times more wealth of people of color) results from generations of discrimination and racial inequality.

11 Examples of Structural Racism
Black unemployment in the US is 12%, while the national average is 6.7%. In St. Louis County, 47% of African American men ages are unemployed. According to the US Census, 1 in 4 black families live in poverty. For women headed households, the number increases to almost 50%.

12 BLACK LIVES MATTER We stand with Ferguson

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