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+ HootSuite and Twitter 101! Tweeting Made Easy!.

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1 + HootSuite and Twitter 101! Tweeting Made Easy!

2 + Getting started… What is Twitter? Twitter can be best described as “micro- blogging”—blogging in 140 characters or less! Share links, thoughts, blurbs, articles or what you’re doing with your followers and see what they’re doing too. Twitter is a great way to reach the community of PP advocates, share our message and stay connected and updated on affiliates and other pro-choice leaders and organizations.

3 + Twitter poses the wonderfully broad, yet benign question, “What are you doing?” You’ll see that individuals and brands have gone beyond that basic inquiry to share what they: think, feel, find interesting, support, plan to do, did yesterday, ate, wore, sell, buy, etc. Here’s a quick view of Twitter… in plain English!

4 + But What Ever Shall I Tweet? Tweet anything and everything that is relevant to women’s health or that you think your Twitter followers will find interesting. Remember, our SM properties are not faceless—start conversation with your followers, engage with them and let them know you are active and present on the Twitter community!

5 + But What Ever Shall I Tweet? Ask a Question for community building Share a (funny) thought Tweeting an Article Retweet an Article (typical format)

6 + But What Ever Shall I Tweet? Good use of a hashtag (#) Follow Friday (#FF) Twitpic Editorialize without a link

7 + What is an @-reply? An @reply is any Twitter update that begins with @username People say lots of things on Twitter, and sometimes you want to say something back. That’s what the @ is for! Use the formula: @+username+message to designate their message as a reply to another person. I.E. If I wanted to welcome @PPOhio to Twitter from @Ppact I would type: “@PPOhio Welcome to the Twitter-verse!” When you start a tweet with @username and it will appear in the person's replies tab. You can also reply directly from someone's tweet: every update has a curved arrow, just click it to and we'll automatically add @username to your next tweet.

8 + What is an @-mention? A mention is any Twitter update that contains @username in the body of the tweet. An @-mention is basically a plug for another Twitter user/account. It’s a shout-out if you will, to either quote, give credit or possibly get the account you’re @-mentioning more followers. EX. If Cecile is quoted in an article @Ppact is Tweeting, @Ppact can @-mention her like this: “Awesome HuffPo piece about the Pill by our own CEO, @cecilerichards!” We can also @-mention to plug and give a shout out EX. If @Ppact tweets: “Hey, Twitter friends! Habla espanol? Follow @Latinos4PP!!!”

9 + What are #Hashtags? A hashtag is similar to other web tags- it helps add tweets to a category and makes them searchable. Hashtags have the 'hash' or 'pound' symbol (#) preceding the tag, like so: #traffic, #followfriday, #hashtag. Hashtags can occur anywhere in the tweet: some people just add a # before a word they're using, like so: In the example above: By clicking on #sweet, Twitter will search all those that have trended #sweet and give you real time results of the #hashtag.

10 + How are #Hashtags Helpful to PPFA? In the past we have used #hashtags to see what people are saying about specific PPFA events or promotions I.E. #GYT, #OPS2010, #ThePill By using #hashtags on these terms we can click on the #hashtag link to see what people are saying about it at that very second, in real time.

11 + What is a Direct Message (DM)? A Direct Message is a private Tweet that only the recipient you are sending it to will see. If someone is following you, you can send a direct message from via the "message" link on the profile page. Please note: you cannot send a direct message to a user who is not following you. You only really send DMs if you have a personal question or comment for a Twitter user, it is rarely used by PPFA’s social media properties.

12 + Using HootSuite You can link multiple SM accounts right from HootSuite on your internet browser @Ppact, @cecilerichards, @Latinos4PP, PP Facebook Pages, Your own FB account, and access all of them from your HootSuite dashboard. You can save drafted Tweets. You can schedule Tweets to be sent at a later time. You can add pictures, documents and shrink links right from your HootSuite dashboard.

13 + Step 1: Sign up! 1.Enter a valid E-mail address This will become your username. 2.Enter full name and password 3.Create your account! **There is no need to download any software for HootSuite, you can access it right from your internet browser!** However, there are apps available for the iPhone and Droid

14 + You slide should look like this….

15 + Adding Your First Account After confirming your account, you are ready to start! HootSuite will prompt you to add Social Networking sites upon your first log-in. When you click “Connect with Twitter” HootSuite will automatically link with the Twitter account you are logged into on your browser. (You’ll need to get the proper log-on names and passwords for authorized accounts, which we’ll provide).

16 + Adding Your First Account Click HootSuite to connect and you will have your first account all set. The PPact and Cecile Richards accounts are managed by an account owner. She’ll have to add you to the team in a separate process.

17 + The Owl Is Your Friend To add more social networks, click on the Owl (next to “compose message”) The Owl serves as the “Start” or “Home” button. 1. Click the Owl 2. Click “Settings” 3. Click “Social networks” Click on Social Networks to take you onto the next phase of linking other networks through your HootSuite. Step 1: Owl Step 2: SettingsStep 3: Social Networks

18 + To add another Twitter social network you must first log into the account you wish to add through Once you log in on Twitter, click “Add Social Network” and HootSuite will sync with the Twitter account you are on through (exactly the same way you added your first account) Adding More Twitter Accounts

19 + Adding Facebook Pages From “Settings”  “ Social Networks”  click “Add Social Network” Steps: 1.Click “Facebook Page” 2.Make sure you are logged into FB 3.Click “Connect to Facebook” Step 2. Step 1.

20 + Next steps… Steps: 1. Click “Allow” for HootSuite to access your information. 2. Click “Allow” again so Hootsuite can access your pages. Step 1. Step 2.

21 + Almost done… Check all the FB Pages you manage that you want to appear in your HootSuite browser.

22 + Start managing! Click on the “Facebook Pages” tab and see all of your Facebook Page feeds in front of your eyes—on the same HS browser! This way you can see all of your SM properties you manage and keep an eye on all of them simultaneously.

23 + How to Compose & Send a Message via HS To Tweet or Post to FB from HootSuite is very simple. Simply type your text into the “Compose Message” box and then click what network you wish to send to. In the example above, I have chosen to send a Tweet for our @Ppact account. After clicking “Send Now” this tweet will appear on all of our @Ppact followers Twitter feed.

24 + Saving your content to the pool** Type your message, choose a profile to send, and click the disk to save. The message will be saved as a draft with your name attached and available for the Team Manager to edit, post, or schedule.

25 + Retweet using HootSuite Let’s say one of your followers Tweets something really awesome that you would like to share—but you want to give them credit, right? That’s what Retweeting (RT) is for! Steps: 1. Click the Double Arrow button on the Tweet you want to RT 2. Simply click Yes and the message is automatically retweeted 3. Your followers will now see the Tweet too! Step 1. Step 2.

26 + Retweet using HootSuite This is called the “Twitter Web Retweet” and you cannot edit or add to the message before publishing. If you would like to edit or add to the message, you must uncheck the “Use Twitter Web Retweets” box under: Owl – Settings – Preferences. Step 1. Step 2.

27 + HootSuite Video Tour Streams, keywords, confused? Check out this 5 minute video tour at your leisure.

28 + Helpful Resources! Twitter made easy! TwittonaryTwittonary Mashable’s Twitter GuidebookTwitter Guidebook Twitter: A New User's GuidebookA New User's Guidebook Not sure what a #hashtag means? Hashtag DictionaryHashtag Dictionary Your Social Media Strategist:

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