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Sayed Ahmed Computer Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh MSc. Computer Science, U of Manitoba, Canada

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1 Sayed Ahmed Computer Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh MSc. Computer Science, U of Manitoba, Canada

2  Introduction  Usage  Common artisan commands  New artisan commands also come with packages  Laravel 4 generators package will be discussed  How to develop new artisan commands

3  In general, it’s better to use  Will make your development faster  However, you may also consider the aspect  Just the command is there, do you really need to use it  Just because, you can generate something, are you doing for that or there is a need (business or technical)  Is there time for it?  Justify the need, justify the time assigned for the project, justify budget, justify usefulness, also what is most important right now  Use for the benefit; do not use just to use it  But you need to learn it all

4  A command-line interface  Comes with Laravel  Provides helpful commands  That facilitates rapid application development  It is driven by the powerful Symfony Console component  But Artisan is not that difficult  If you have to use it, You have to know it for sure, But knowing is not that difficult. You can just read and know  So relax, you will see

5  php artisan list  List all available commands  php artisan help migrate  Help screen for the command migrate  php artisan migrate --env=local  Run the migrate on local development platform  php artisan –version  Artisan version

6  Install this package, you will get more commands   New generators as we get from the package  generate:model  generate:controller  generate:seed  generate:view  generate:migration  generate:resource  generate:scaffold  generate:form  generate:test  generate:pivot

7  Related Artisan Commands  php artisan generate:migration create_posts_table  php artisan generate:migration add_user_id_to_posts_table

8  php artisan generate:migration create_posts_table --fields="title:string, body:text“  php artisan generate:migration destroy_posts_table  php artisan generate:migration destroy_posts_table --fields="title:string, body:text“

9  php artisan generate:migration remove_completed_from_tasks_table -- fields="completed:boolean“  php artisan generate:model Post  php artisan generate:view dog  php artisan generate:view index -- path=views/dogs  php artisan generate:seed dogs

10  php artisan generate:resource dog -- fields="name:string“  php artisan generate:resource dog -- fields="name:string, age:integer“  php artisan serve  php artisan generate:scaffold tweet -- fields="author:string, body:text“  php artisan generate:form tweet

11  php artisan generate:form tweet -- method="update“  php artisan generate:form tweet --html="div“  # copy the output to the clipboard  php artisan generate:form tweet | pbcopy  # save it to a form partial php artisan generate:form tweet > app/views/posts/form.blade.php

12  php artisan generate:test FooTest  php artisan generate:pivot posts tags  php artisan migrate  php artisan generate:migration create_posts_table --fields="title:string, description:text"  php artisan generate:migration create_tags_table - -fields="name:string"  php artisan generate:pivot posts tags

13  By default the commands are in the app/commands folder  You can store your commands in other locations as you want  However, the location has to autoload by composer.json settings

14  php artisan command:make FooCommand  Create a new command class  php artisan command:make FooCommand -- path=app/classes --namespace=Classes  Generate command class in a user provided path  php artisan command:make AssignUsers -- command=users:assign  Specify the term to be used from command line  php artisan command:make AssignUsers -- bench="vendor/package“  If you need to create the command for a package

15  Name and description properties  Provide them for help  Fire method will be triggered  The getArguments and getOptions  methods are to accept the command line parameters for the command to be created  How options are passed to a command  php artisan foo --option=bar --option=baz

16  Retrieving options and arguments from command line  To be used inside your command class  And then you can process as you want  $value = $this->option('name');  $arguments = $this->argument();

17  Calling other commands inside from your commands  $this->call('command:name', array('argument' => 'foo', '--option' => 'bar'));

18  After the intended operation, you may want to display something to the user  $this->info('Display this on the screen');  $this->error('Something went wrong!');

19  Asking the user for info in between of the intended operation  $name = $this->ask('What is your name?');  $password = $this->secret('What is the password?');  $this->confirm($question, true);

20 Once you are done writing your commands  Done in the app/start/artisan.php  Use Artisan::add to register the method  You need to register it  Artisan::add(new CustomCommand);  Artisan::resolve('');  Artisan::resolve('');  Registering A Command That Is In The IoC Container

21   Generators Generators  tips/pro-workflow-in-laravel-and-sublime-text/ tips/pro-workflow-in-laravel-and-sublime-text/

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