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Twitter for Educators Laura Kroll Craig Badura

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1 Twitter for Educators Laura Kroll - @mandery Craig Badura - @mrbadura

2 What is Twitter? What Twitter Can Do For You? How Twitter Chats & Hashtags work? What we want to share... WHAT WE WANT TO SHARE




6 When you give people easier ways to share information, good things happen!!

7 @mrbadura @j_allen @mrscoover @mrskmpeters @mollyaschoff

8 60 Seconds....


10 The truth is, you do not have time not to make time!

11 In a short period of time you can....

12 Make Global Connections

13 Share Ideas and Learn New Ones

14 Stay Up With the Latest Trends

15 Promote Your School

16 G ain Free P rofessional D evelopment

17 And The best thing...


19 Create an account....


21 Create Your Twitter Profile What will you share about you in your profile? This info is important. Tweeps will use your profile to determine if they want to follow you or not.




25 @bmowinkel (Neb) @casas_jimmy (Iowa) @motechtrainer (Missouri) @daisyDyerDuerr (Arkansas) @ak2mn (Minnesota) @misterabrams (Illinois)



28 How to follow someone....

29 Follow these great Nebraska Educator on Twitter

30 ...Or these great people that are very active on Twitter.

31 @mrbadura @j_allen @mrscoover @hcallihan @mrskmpeters @mollyaschoff @mandery

32 Follow You can follow whoever you like. Easy to find follows by looking at who others are Following.

33 credit: @j_allen

34 Lurking is definitely allowed!

35 What does lurking mean?

36 @Mention #Hashtag FollowDirect Message (DM) TweetReTweet (RT) Twitter Vocabulary TWITTER VOCABULARY

37 How to post a tweet


39 Different # serve different purposes

40 #nebedu #ntchat #cpchat #4thchat #FF #satchat

41 #yorkdukes #milfordsoar #emwolves #aurorahuskies #tt4t #huskiesgolf Some School Hashtags

42 #NEBedchat #IAedchat #MOedchat #ArkEdchat #MNedchat #VAchat #ILedchat STATE CHATS

43 # Hashtag Organizes a Tweet by topic. Can be included anywhere in Tweet

44 Passing along good info in someone’s Tweet Re-Tweet (RT)

45 Tweetdeck Great column format, easy to read & follow chats


47 How to react to Someone's Tweet

48 Preceded by the symbol @ Directs your Tweet to specific people @Mention

49 Replying to a mention

50 How to Block the Weirdos....

51 Direct Message (DM) This is privately responding to someone, no one else sees it, but you must be following each other.

52 Sending a direct message (DM)


54 #NEBedchat Founders


56 #nebEDchat

57 Wednesdays at 8:00 pm #NEBedchat Tonights Topic: Digital Curation

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