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1 Audra King– Digital Marketing Consultant


3 LOG INTO OUR WIFI MIL Guest Password: Volkswag3n

4 Master the Lingo Tweet A standard message on Twitter containing 140 characters or less. Retweet A tweet that has been reshared to all of a users' followers. Hashtag The # symbol is used to tag keywords or topics in a tweet to make it easily identifiable for search purposes. Mention Tweets can include replies and mentions of other users by preceding their usernames with the @ sign. Handle This designates your username and accompanying URL at Feed The stream of tweets on your Twitter homepage comprised of all the accounts you follow. Lists Twitter provides a mechanism to list users you follow into groups or curated lists showing tweets of all the users in the list. Direct Message Also called a DM, this represents Twitter's direct messaging system for private communication amongst users. TWITTER 101 Make it Loud Twitter

5 Simply put, a hashtag is an easy way for people to categorize, find and join conversations on a particular topic. Hashtags DO NOT have to be placed at the end of your tweet, they can be placed anywhere throughout your tweet. Use a maximum of 2-3 hashtags per tweet #Hashtags can be a #useful #tool, but this is #toomany in a #single #tweet. #annoying #overwhelming absolutely use it!! #HASHTAG

6 How do we leverage Twitter as part of our broader online marketing and social media efforts? ① Integrate your Twitter activity with your content marketing ① Use content dedicated to ultra short-form content. ② What do you have that is optimized for this? Event notifications…Special promotions…Shared News…FAQ’s ② Use Twitter to build your brand ① Twitter gives you the opportunity to join the broader social conversation on your topic or industry ② Have you created a branded hashtag that you own and use across campaigns? ③ Integrate visual content ④ Engage your Twitter audience ① Are people leaving comments on your content or asking questions? What Can your Business do with 140 Characters? STRATEGY FOR TWITTER

7 Follow Twitter’s Pages: @Twitterads and @Twittersmallbiz Use to check where you stand in the social media Alternate tweets by time of day and day of week Social media scientist Dan Zarrella says that the best time to tweet if you want to be retweeted is on Friday at 4 p.m. EST.Dan Zarrella Lists: Headlines with numbers in them consistently perform well. Example: 7 Undeniable Reasons People LOVE List Posts. How to: “How to” titles promise a benefit to your readers. Example: How to Use Sales Data to Increase Sales Productivity. Target a Shark: Refer to a shark, which can be an important company or person in your industry. This allows you to feed off the shark’s popularity to call attention to your content. Example: What Steve Jobs Can Teach You About Startup Success. TIPS TO TWEETING

8 TOOLS AND APPS Hootsuite - Buffer - TweetDeck - SocialOomph - Tweepi - SocialBro - Followerwonk - TweetReach -


10 ① Keeping your website fresh with real-time content ① Twitter is all about being timely. You can bring the same real time feel to your website or blog with an embedded stream of Tweets from your Twitter account. ② Enrich the whole experience ① Delight your customers with Tweets that include rich media experiences and link to your content. To add these Twitter “cards” to your Tweets, all you have to do is add a few lines of HTML code to your website. ③ Grow your audience from any webpage ① You can embed a Follow button on your website to allow potential customers to check out your Twitter account and follow you in just one click. ④ Help them broadcast their business ① People come to Twitter to discover new information or get closer to the things they care about. Include our Tweet button to help your customers share new information they’ve discovered on your website or blog with their followers. WEB MARKETING TOOLS

11 Keywords in search Pin your Promoted Tweets to the top of Search results and connect with users proactively searching for specific keywords and hashtags. This type of targeting is particularly effective during live events or moments when a brand wants to own key brand or competitive terms like, say, a product launch. Keywords in timeline While interest targeting focuses on “who,” keyword targeting gets brands closer to “when” so brands can enter into relevant conversations at the right moment. Keyword targeting delivers messages to users based on what they’ve recently tweeted or if they’ve engaged with Tweets including specific keywords. Connect with Twitter users based on their passions. There are 25 broad interest categories that drill down into more than 350 sub-topics. To reach more niche audiences, you can also utilize @username targeting to find users with interests similar to the followers of that account. KeywordsInterests TARGETING YOUR AUDIENCE WITH PRECISION TO CONNECT WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE

12 TV ad targeting allows you to start a conversation on TV with your commercials, then continue it on Twitter to maximize reach and engagement. With TV conversation targeting, you can deliver Tweets to people talking about a TV show. Watch Now: Twitter TV Targeting Target users based on the device they’re using to access Twitter. We can target people using a desktop or laptop or by specific mobile operating systems like Android or iOS, and specific OS versions like Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. Brands can also target specific mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPad 4, across a range of manufacturers. TV TargetingDevice TARGETING YOUR AUDIENCE WITH PRECISION TO CONNECT WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE

13 TWITTER ANALYTICS With the Promoted Trends dashboard, get a real-time look at: Follows : Brand username follows during the campaign period. Mentions : Mentions of the brand username and Trend hashtag. Trend Impressions : Times users view the Trend. Tweets displayed : Number of different Tweets associated with the Trend campaign. Tweet-level metrics : All metrics available for Promoted Tweets. Tweet Impressions : Times the associated Promoted Tweet is served after a user clicks the Trend. Engagement rate : Number of total engagements for the Promoted Tweets divided by total impressions.

14 1. TWEET ACTIVITY Review both the brand’s organic and paid Twitter performance. You can see how many times the @username has been mentioned, followed and unfollowed over the past month. You can also see clicks, favorites, retweets and replies for all individual Tweets. 2. FOLLOWERS Learn more about your current audience. You can track the brand’s follower growth over time and discover valuable insights about followers’ interests, location and gender. 3. WEBSITES Add domains for your brand’s websites to this dashboard to track how often URLs are mentioned in Tweets and clicks to those sites. 4. TWITTER CARDS Twitter Cards allow you to attach rich media experiences to Tweets about your content; Twitter Card analytics gives you insight into how these Cards are being shared on Twitter. Through personalized data and best practices, learn how you can improve key metrics such as URL clicks, app install attempts and retweets. Twitter Analytics DISCOVER, TEST, & ANALYZE

15 DIGITAL MARKETING DIAGNOSIS We’ve developed a free tool that you can use to help you measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing. Go to: Take the free assessment. We’re beta testing this, so help us work out the kinks!

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17 Presented by Cliff Tillery Oct. 30 th, 2013 Thanks For Listening!

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