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Melissa C. Martin 613-382-7641 www. Blog:

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1 Melissa C. Martin 613-382-7641 www. Blog:

2 Webinar agenda 5 secrets to use Twitter: 1. Create a powerful profile 2. How to gain an audience (followers) in days 3. Whet your appetite with Twitter applications 4. Use hashtags to start a global conversation 5. Search strategically to land job leads and penetrate the hidden job market. (c)

3 Who is Melissa Martin? Bilingual job search/social media specialist Military to civilian employment coach; mental health ebook author, How to use social media in your job search Approved job search expert on Global network of associates MELISSA’S TWITTER WEBINAR job-search/ job-search/ (c)

4 Statistic+s Twitter: +517,000,000 M users worldwide 110 million tweets daily, according to sprout social (2011) 30 million active users in Mar 2010 to 230 million active users in Sept 2013. 5700- 143,199 tweets per second! 1 billion Tweets weekly! NETWORKING INFORMATION GATHERING/SHARING MARKETING YOUR BRAND FIND CONTACTS

5 The POWER of social media “ The ability to connect relationships through SOCIAL MEDIA may be the GREATEST job search accelerator of the last 50 years.” ( (c)

6 Social media-what’s the buzz? Relationship building is global Recruiters are turning to SM. Establishes candidate’s online personal brand Penetrates the hidden job market 7/10 jobs found through networking “Human connections get you work much more than the "database query" of searching job listings,” Dave Taylor People would much rather work with people who their friends know and trust.” (c)

7 Things to consider before using social media Do you have a job search plan or strategy already? WHY do you want to use social media? How will you know that SM is working? (i.e. job leads, contacts, advice?) Are you prepared to use SM as a value-added resource? How does social media fit in with your job search strategy? How much time are you willing to devote to social media? (c)

8 WHO’s who of Twitter Subject matter experts/ppl of influence Career/ job search experts CEO’s Top-level executives Hiring managers Recruiters Employers Fortune 500 companies link Twitter to their blogs (c)

9 Twitter = “social proof| ! Twitter can provide "social proof" of your professional activities and accomplishments. Or not.” Susan P. Joyce @JobHuntOrg (c)

10 What is a brand? (c)

11 Create your brand What sets you apart from others? What value do you offer employers? How are you memorable and unique? What have you been know for (expertise) in your field OR what do you want to be known for? Brainstorm 5 accomplishments Brainstorm problems you solved at a former or current employer Look at yourself as a winning BRAND © c)

12 SOCIAL MEDIA as a PERSONAL BRANDING TOOL Use SM as a personal brand for job seekers to: Present ourselves (authentic & memorable) Build RELATIONSHIPS (online & offline) Establish a digital online presence on the internet job seekers strategically Increase chances of getting the job Portray yourself as an SME (subject matter expert) by exchanging awesome content on Twitter (c)

13 Your online identity Career expert John Sumser suggests:John Sumser “Sit with a friend while you a) Google your name b) Review last year’s activity on your Facebook pg c) Check all of your tweets d) Audit the rest of your online persona. If you’re not happy... fix it.” When building or updating your online profiles, remember to keep the information professional (c)

14 Secret # 1: Create a powerful profile Identify your personal brand first place your most important keywords in your bio 1st Your Twitter Web address Use the “More Info URL:” field in your Twitter Go to settings and connect your Twitter account to your LinkedIn Profile, your blog, your Website, VisualCV, or other relevant personal Web address Don’t make your Twitter account private! (c)

15 Twitter: 140 Character Micro Blog C

16 Twitter page (c)

17 Twitter - Micro-blog – 140 characters

18 Hot off the press: The NEW Twitter! (c)

19 Twitter apps Twylah page Career cloud (social resumes) Twubs (tweetchats) (c)

20 lists (c)

21 Twitter=140 character résumé (c)

22 Groups to follow accounts-2014/ Twitter lists (Tlists+ subject) ex: #jobhuntchat #hiring #resumes #careercollective @CareerAdvice

23 Contact Details Twitter: @ravingredhead @melissacmartin (bilingual) LI: Edit 613-382-7641

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