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Twitter Training & Guidelines. Presentation Overview Why use Twitter? How much should you post? Terminology Defining our brand personality How do we respond?

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1 Twitter Training & Guidelines

2 Presentation Overview Why use Twitter? How much should you post? Terminology Defining our brand personality How do we respond? Consequences of blowback Crafting a great Tweet Hashtags

3 Why use Twitter? Increase sales of products or services Create and capture conversations Build Customer Relationships

4 Increase Sales of Products or Services

5 Create and Capture Conversations Share details on a new productGet people to share your content Behind the scenes look at a process Helpful tips

6 Convey Our Brand’s Personality Share news from our units/divisions – New menu items – Employee wins an award – Sale events – Etc.

7 Build Customer Relationships Shoutout for a job well done Respond to ?s or highlight a positive review

8 How much should you post? Requires a willingness to commit to frequent posts. – Strategy: Once or twice a day? Everyday? twitter-content-strategy twitter-content-strategy

9 Terminology Handle- i.e. user name – User names are preceded with an @ symbol Identifies user name as a Twitter profile Tweet- short message published on Twitter – Can contain a photo, video or link – Up to 140 characters of text Timeline- real-time feed of tweets Following- subscribing to see a user’s updates in your timeline. Follower- someone had chosen to receive your updates

10 Terminology @Reply- join an existing conversation with a specific user Private conversation?- send a direct message Hashtag- any word beginning with the pound symbol – Use to reference a specific topic i.e. #neubig Retweet (RT)- passing along someone's Tweet onto your feed

11 Defining Our Brand Personality Brand is the human element of our business – How do we want to be perceived? How we come across to followers is a big part of our brand personality. – Defines who we are, how we think and our brand vibe – Tweets need to sound human! » Be fun! » Use language and imagery that supports » Be whimsical when appropriate or apologetic » Don’t try to sound like your audience

12 How do we respond? Promptly Thank people for their feedback Re-tweet ideas that fit with voice of our brand and avoid too much self-promotion To personalize the Tweet add your name (company policy). – Standardized messages from marketing do not require a name. i.e Connections, meal plans, textbooks, buyback, price compare, etc. To avoid blowback, think about what you are going to say!

13 What is blowback? The unintended adverse results of a situation – Newsjacking- trying to gain sales from a tragedy. DON’T DO IT!

14 Consequences of blowback You could lose your job

15 Crafting a great Tweet Determine your objective for each Tweet – What’s the goal? Get people to buy something? Promote sales or special events? Get someone to try a new recipe Show our fun side – What is your call to action? Tell your friends Rate this recipe now Asking for a retweet and providing an incentive or inspirational reason to do so

16 Crafting a great Tweet What is necessary to achieve your goal? – Link to website or event – Copy that motivates a click A compelling offer- must be valuable, novel, urgent & thematic – Picture or video

17 Examples Objective: Increase awareness to drive in- store traffic Strategy: link to campaign landing page where people can download a coupon

18 Examples Results: – increased awareness of product – increased number of followers – Increased number of engagements – Conversion rate for coupons at 37%, in-store conversion rate 22%

19 Examples Get people to share your content- think about how you can appeal to people’s emotions so they are inspired to share. Objective- uses Twitter as a channel for providing the highest level of customer service. Build a strong identity, boost engagements, get people into restaurant. Strategy- To encourage people to share their content, @Ponchono8 created Promoted Tweets that had a fun, light tone. They also promoted the launch event by highlighting their menu and special offers.@Ponchono8

20 Examples Results – Increased awareness around their launch, reaching an audience of almost 300K Twitter users with their campaigns. – Achieved 10 times their normal levels of engagement on Twitter – @Ponchono8 also grew their follower base by 20% @Ponchono8 – Established many new relationships in the local community

21 Examples

22 Displaying Tweets on Digital Screens ASC will not display campaign Tweets on the digital screens.

23 ASC’s Standardized Hashtags #neubig #thebookmark #cortlandasc #collegestore #thebistro #raquettepizza #fuel #ascdunkin #hilltop #getconnected #theden #bistrolive #court

24 Hashtags: 4 Tips for Writing Strong Ones “Decide what the hashtag is for. Is it for one event? Or an ongoing campaign? That matters because the latter might require a hashtag that's a little easier to figure out in a glance. Keep it short. Remember you've only got 140 characters, so be economical because that hashtag eats into your available space. Check to see if anyone else out there is using your hashtag and how. You don't want your message getting lost in the noise or associated with the wrong messages.” Check the hashtag with #Ritetag. “Be specific. It's sort of related to point number three, but if you pick a hashtag too vague or broad, then you're not getting in on the right conversation, and you'll have a harder time bringing new people in”. Retrieved from strong-ones/?tag=nl.e101&s_cid=e101&ttag=e101&ftag=TRE684d531 strong-ones/?tag=nl.e101&s_cid=e101&ttag=e101&ftag=TRE684d531


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