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Heading 1 (Arial bold - point size 22) My Business Online Accountants’ & Bookkeepers’ Day 27 June 2013 Tweet #accountantsday.

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1 Heading 1 (Arial bold - point size 22) My Business Online Accountants’ & Bookkeepers’ Day 27 June 2013 Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

2 “A single view of the truth” – Charles Teversham 2013 What is Cloud Computing ? Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

3 What is Cloud Accounting? Accounting software that runs over the internet updating data stored on the internet. No software is installed at either your client or your offices – you merely “sign up” and create your set of books. All users access the same data using the same version of the software. It’s the latest wave in technology providing a “win,win” scenario to both your practice and your clients business. Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

4 No delays – work whenever you want to from wherever you want. No synchronisation of data. No need for backing up and restoring of the client’s data. Reporting is always consistent - everyone accesses the same data which avoids confusion – there’s only “one version of the truth”. Multi-user functionality allows the accountant and the business to work on the same data at the same time! Its just so much more efficient and provides the platform to operate in a more connected world where a single view of the data is imperative. Access to the same data! Why is this important?

5 The Accountants Console provides a single view of all you clients. Client now has access to high quality, up to date information. Empower your clients and grow their business through new added value functionality. You now have more time to move to high value consulting. By increasing your own efficiency, you increase your capacity to take on more clients. Its the most fundamental shift in technology in the past 20 years! Pastel has used all their experience gained over this period to develop a totally new and exciting way for your clients to manage their businesses in a collaborative way with their accountants. The “on-line” accounting trend has gained huge momentum internationally. Why ? – Its efficient, its value add, its fun, it works! Don’t miss out! Why should I use it? Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

6 Okay, so what do I do with my “Increased Capacity….”? Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday $$ ADD VALUE $$

7 Strategic Planning. Business Advice. Management Reporting and Review. Tax Advice and Structuring. Year-end clients: Move away from “lumpy” billing cycles to an on- going consultative engagement. Monthly clients: Lower monthly subscription service, rather than annual fee. (Tiered services). Value Added Services Opportunities: Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

8 Change the behaviour of your client. Change your behaviour. Bill for value added services rather than time spent capturing data. Client intimacy allows you to provide more relevant and constructive input into your client’s business. On-going communication establishes trust and provides an opportunity to up- sell additional services. Very important! Change from offering low value, to offering high value services. A mind shift… Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

9 Mobility is the trend toward a shift in work habits, with more clients working out of the office and using mobile devices (phones and tablets). Windows 8, Android and Apple. Functionality : –Viewing customers details. –Locate customers using Google Maps. –Recording notes and To Do items. –Quotes. –Invoices. Mobility Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

10 Progressive and forward thinking - they are aware of the “latest” technologies out there and the ease of use associated with these technologies. They in turn want a progressive accountant. They want to be more informed. Admin is simply a frustration to them - they want to save time - don’t want to have to meet in person, on the move. Choose clients that would work best in the cloud – the rest should stay on legacy products! A typical My Business Online client Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

11 Old way: Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday New way: A perspective

12 Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

13 Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday LUCKY DRAW Drop your business card into the bowl provided and stand the chance of winning a Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet WIN!

14 TEA-BREAK Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

15 Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

16 Feedback

17 Feedback: Dislikes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

18 Feedback: Dislikes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

19 Feedback: Dislikes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

20 Feedback: Unsure Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday Approximately, here’s what you’ll spend if you process for example, 5 invoices and 20 cashbook items a day: Estimated Line Usage: 50-100MB per month Based on: 10 MB Images (Cached), 5 MB Scripts (Cached), 1000 Page Views @ 0.025 MB per Page View, Average Report Requirements Invoice PDF Size: 50 KB (Without Company Logo) 105 KB (With Company Logo)

21 Feedback: Likes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

22 Feedback: Likes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

23 Feedback: Likes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

24 Feedback: Likes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

25 Feedback: Likes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

26 Feedback: Likes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

27 Feedback: Likes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

28 Feedback: Likes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

29 Feedback: Likes Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

30 Access to: the Company Console the Accountants Dashboard Find an Adviser directory 20% rebate on the base product for all linked clients Continuous future feature development e.g. Time and Billing The My Business Online Adviser Program Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

31 All small businesses need to connect with accountants and bookkeepers. Pastel will help bookkeeping and qualified consultants get new clients by adding them to the Qualified Adviser directory. Get Exposure Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

32 Base Subscription Fee: R150 incl VAT per month 2 Companies 2 Users Additional Companies: R150 incl VAT per month per company Additional Users: R25 incl VAT per month per user 10% discount if you pay yearly. What are the client’s costs? Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

33 1GB on the Document Store Free Product Support All clients on the same version Client support is simpler to provide Access anywhere, anytime, on any device Automatic backups Hardware infrastructure Unlimited transactional history and financial years What else does the client get for the monthly subscription fee? Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

34 Visit our website Send us an e-mail Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on LinkedIn Get in touch… Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

35 Questions? Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

36 Heading 1 (Arial bold - point size 22) THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME Please visit the Samsung Experience Zone outside Tweet us! @PastelAccounts #accountantsday

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