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THE IMPORTANCE OF INTEGRATION Lunch & Learn Series | August 21, 2014.

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1 THE IMPORTANCE OF INTEGRATION Lunch & Learn Series | August 21, 2014

2 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup IMPORTANCE OF INTEGRATION 2 Steve Snider Director of Technology What we’ll cover… What defines an integration? Why integrate? Discovering solutions Social & custom integrations Questions

3 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup WHAT DEFINES AN INTEGRATION? 3 When we connect two systems together. The communication between them can be unilateral or bi-directional depending on the situation and requirements. These external systems could be: Social media connectors CRM connectors Ecommerce interfaces Enterprise infrastructure Third party data sources

4 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup WHY INTEGRATE? 4 What are some specific goals? Increased website traffic Enhanced user experience Consistent process Marketing Automation CRM lead capture e-Commerce Enterprise based authentication

5 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup DISCOVERING SOLUTIONS 5 Some of the integrations that we will examine: Social network APIs Custom API integrations Product fulfillment Retrieving 3 rd party data Lead capture

6 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup VELOSANO 6 VeloSano (meaning “swift cure”) is an annual community event where cyclists come together to raise money for cancer, our nation’s second largest killer. In the event’s first year, participants raised over 1.6 million dollars to directly benefit cancer research. The website aimed to generate awareness and provide participant tools as they raised money for this great cause.

7 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup VELOSANO 7 Website integrations implemented: Social integrations Facebook Twitter Custom integrations Current fundraising total Top fundraisers Featured riders

8 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup SOCIAL INTEGRATIONS 8

9 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup BENEFITS OF SOCIAL INTEGRATION 9 Why use Social Signals? Increased SEO rankings? Increased page views Followers and timelines Low cost for implementation

10 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup SOCIAL INTEGRATION SOURCES 10 Resources to explore: Social Media Plugin SDKs Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Combination Widgets ShareThis AddThis Shareaholic

11 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup CUSTOM API INTEGRATION 11

12 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup CUSTOM INTEGRATIONS 12

13 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup CUSTOM INTEGRATIONS 13 Benefits Communication between third party sources Seamless data connectivity Cohesive user experience Considerations Can effect page load times Can be expensive to implement

14 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup GOJO 14 Challenge Manual qualification process for trial requests program; all leads signed up for all trials There was no cohesive nurture or follow up process for trial participants, in fact many were never followed up on at all Fulfillment of trials were submitted and shipped on a case by case basis Solution An automated self-qualification process through a custom logic engine; based on answers to intro questions only relevant trials are shown to end Users Integration into Marketo and a 4 part drip email allowed a cohesive nurture and branded experience Integration into the fulfillment SAP system allowed automatic fulfillment without any manual submissions or paperwork Triggered sales notifications allowed sales representatives to be updated automatically when a prospect is ready to buy

15 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup GOJO LANDING PAGE AUTOMATION 15

16 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup CUSTOM LEAD CAPTURE 16 Benefits Allows for complex qualification rules Relatively low cost to implement Easily integrated to the Kentico CMS Existing solution for iFrame or stand alone pages

17 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup PRODUCT FULFILLMENT 17 Benefits Consistent automated process Less manual labor required to fulfill orders

18 Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup TYING IT ALL TOGETHER 18

19 CONCLUSION 19 Integrations can lead to the following: Increased website traffic Enhanced user experience Consistent process Marketing Automation Questions? Tweet Us with #HilemanGroup

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