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2014 Radio Merchandising Guidelines Minneapolis, MN 1/7/14.

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1 2014 Radio Merchandising Guidelines Minneapolis, MN 1/7/14

2 Deliver added value programs that drive excitement around each key platform and local initiatives, targeted toward each brand’s KBD (Key Beer Drinker) Provide added value opportunities that strengthen our business mutually. Our added value programs should: Drive traffic to retail, on-premise or an event. Live on-air, online and onsite. Tie each program to specific brand benefits and equities. Our objectives are to drive SALES and LOYALTY with each program. Communicate and help sustain the emotional connection between our products and our consumers. Deliver insider access to consumers which drive excitement behind the brand while giving consumers an experience that they cannot purchase. BE CREATIVE! Let us know your exciting ideas on how to captivate our KBDs with your stations and help us sell more beer! Primary focus is on the Spring/Summer selling season as well as Fall/Football. MillerCoors priorities include: It’s Miller Time For America WE Fest State Fair Vikings Alliance (Miller Lite) Near Campus 2014 Radio Merchandising Objectives

3 Miller Lite 2014

4 Miller Lite logo Red Miller script Miller Lite helps give friendship the Miller Time it deserves, because it is a session pilsner, a great tasting beer that is less filling. = + REAL FRIENDS GREAT PILSNER TASTE LIGHT BEER Brand Objectives Bring in Millennials Reinforce brand loyalty among current users Win in the On-Premise Engage KBD’s through social media and digital Miller Lite Overview Local Objectives Leverage radio promotion to gain incremental features at on premise accounts and display at off premise accounts during key selling periods Brand “Miller Time” with locally-relevant occasions and pastimes (i.e., local sports teams, venues and seasonal/holiday drinking occasions)

5 Key Focus Areas and Thought Starters May-August: MillerTime for America – MillerTime for America America, the country that invented Miller Time has forgotten how to enjoy Miller Time In Summer 2014 Miller Lite will start a movement……a mission. To give Americans the Miller Time they deserve, over 1,000,000 MillerTime Experiences. KBD’s SNAP/TWEET/WIN their Miller Time Moments! @MillerLite #itsmillertime Thoughtstarter: Live remote at near venue bars/sporting events that will recruit consumers to snap/tweet/win using simple mechanism to make it easier and more fun to do so. Consider a green screen or photo booth that captures consumers Miller Time and digitally adds a relevant background of local logos/alliances. Weekly prizes that celebrate Miller Time in #minnesota STATION ASK: Provide prize packs for MSP experiences, concerts and more ways for KBD’s to enjoy MillerTime in MSP. IMAGES FPO

6 Sept-Dec: FOOTBALL For nearly 6 months out of the year, football is the sport that offers a weekend-long escape from the mundane to an exciting world filled with brotherhood, bragging rights and beer. Football - the official sport of Miller Time. During the 2014 football season, Miller Lite will continue its mission to give diehard football fans the Miller Time they deserve by both tapping into their team-specific passions and enhancing the near-sacred football viewing occasion - regardless of its location. THOUGHTSTARTER: Live remotes during game day where we will encourage Vikings Fans to snap/tweet/win using simple mechanism to make it easier and more fun to do so. Consider a green screen or photo booth that captures consumers Miller Time and digitally adds a relevant background of local team’s stadium. Prize best fans (i.e. best dressed) with tickets, gear, drink discounts, etc. on site at the remotes. Station Ask: Create a turnkey promotion that will provide consistency in the on-premise during football season. Consider LIVE Broadcasts that will drive traffic during off peak hours and create a Vikings Themed special and consumer hook for fans to follow all season long. Key Focus Areas and Thought Starters

7 Leinenkugel’s 2014

8 Key Focus Areas & Thoughtstarters LEINE SUMMER: Out here, there are two speeds to every season. Moments where you want to get the most out of every occasion and moments where you want to be relaxed with friends and family. They are both important parts of the day and Leinenkugel’s makes two great beers that satisfy each one of these drinking occasions. Summer Shandy = Fast, high energy fun moments Canoe Paddler = Laid back, relaxing moments THOUGHTSTARTER: Summer concert, patio parties or lakeside events that feature sampling and giveaways that are geared toward making the most out of both speeds of summer with Shandy and Canoe Paddler. Leinenkugel’s is also active with our State Fair Sponsorship.


10 STRATEGY: Prominently display the brand message in unexpected ways, with intriguing opportunities, and by leveraging bold people. Create a league of those who favor the bold. Drive awareness and establish the brand message and intrinsics via local media, sampling and event activation. Miller Fortune – NEW March 2014: Above premium beer - 6.9% ABV Spirited Lager, with edge, intrigue and charisma. Fuels bold movement and drive relevance with 21-27 year old Millennials. Signature Black Bottle Ace of Spades icon Focus Areas & Thoughtstarters: Sampling Events Fortune Launch Parties Social Media Campaign VIP invitations to special events Brand influencers or prominent MSP personalities as spokesperson Spirited

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