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Jaime Freedman, M.S. Assistant Director, Alumni Career Services Endicott College Making an Impression: Networking Strategies for.

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1 Jaime Freedman, M.S. Assistant Director, Alumni Career Services Endicott College Making an Impression: Networking Strategies for Success

2 P ROGRAM O VERVIEW  In-person Networking Strategies  Preparation  Asking for Help  Giving Help  Being Remembered  Online Networking Strategies  Using LinkedIn  Using Twitter

3 M Y N ETWORKING P HILOSOPHY  The ultimate goal of networking is to be able to get whatever help you need when you need it  Networking includes both giving and receiving  Creating and maintaining a rich network should be a constant work in progress

4 3 K EYS FOR S UCCESSFUL N ETWORKING 1. Be Liked  Exude positive energy  Humor  Treat people with respect 2. Be Known  Approach people  Take on leadership roles  Have a positive online presence 3. Be trusted  Follow through on what you say you will do  Get strong recommendations From Smart Networking by Liz Lynch

5 S UCCESSFUL N ETWORKING “Being successful with networking is not about being flashy or charismatic; in fact, it’s not about you at all. It’s about how you make others feel when they’re around you.” - From Smart Networking by Liz Lynch

6 P REPARATION Know: 1. Who you want to meet 2. What you need to say about yourself to be effective 3. What questions you need to ask to be effective

7 P REPARATION 1. Who You Want to Meet  What are your goals?  Who will be attending the event?  What can you learn about the attendees before the event?

8 P REPARATION 2. What You Need to Say About Yourself to be Effective  Create a 15 Second Commercial  Practice networking conversations  Tailor everything you say to the audience at hand

9 P REPARATION 15 Second Commercial Definition: A brief description of your name, your profession, and why you are attending the event. Use: For when you introduce yourself to a group at a networking event.

10 P REPARATION Sample 15 Second Commercial: “My name is Jaime Freedman and I am the Assistant Director of Alumni Career Services at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. At Endicott, I work with all students to help them find jobs and define their career goals. I also run an alumni mentoring program. I’m here today because I’m hoping to learn more about networking strategies and I’m also interested in speaking to anyone involved in a college mentoring program.”

11 P REPARATION Sample Networking Conversation: Me: Hello, I’m Jaime Freedman Networker: Hi Jaime, I’m Robert Sullivan, nice to meet you. Me: Nice to meet you too. So, what do you do? Networker: I’m a career coach for people with developmental disabilities. Me: Oh wow. I used to work as a career coach with persons with developmental disabilities myself, now I’ve transitioned into doing career development with college students and alumni. What company do you work for?

12 P REPARATION Good questions to get a networking conversation started:  What do you do?  What brings you here today?  I see you work for ABC company, I’ve never heard of them, what are they all about?  I see that you’re an insurance compliance professional, can you tell me more about what you do?

13 P REPARATION Tailoring Your Message Goal: To recruit alumni for the mentoring program Hi, my name is Jaime Freedman and I am a career counselor here at Endicott. I am also the manager of the Endicott Alumni Mentoring Program, a program that matches alumni of the college with current students for one-on-one career mentoring relationships.

14 P REPARATION Tailoring Your Message Goal: To educate parents about the services of the Career Center Hi, I’m Jaime Freedman and I’m the Assistant Director of the Career Center. My job is to give students the tools that they need to find a fulfilling career. Throughout the year my office runs a wide variety of workshops, career fairs, and meets with students for one-on-one appointments.

15 W AYS Y OU C AN H ELP O THERS  Introduce people to each other  Provide industry expertise or advice  Give a recommendation  Alert people to opportunities  Make a referral  Invite someone to an event  Provide support  Express gratitude

16 C ONSIDERATIONS W HEN A SKING FOR H ELP  Is this something that is easy for the person to do?  Is this something that the person is capable of doing?  Give the person an “out” to say no

17 H OW TO BE M EMORABLE  Be fully present by paying attention and listening carefully  Ask thought-provoking questions  Contribute to the group  Take on a leadership role  Use a creative business card – picture, tagline, write a few notes about yourself on the back of the card  Follow up right away!

18 E XPANDING Y OUR N ETWORK  Classes and seminars  Conferences  Online networking tools  Volunteer events  Alumni groups

19 G ETTING S TARTED WITH O NLINE N ETWORKING  Choose only a couple of online networking tools and spend some time on them to build your network (networking websites, chat rooms, blogs, e-zines).  Set aside some time during the week to perform account “maintenance” (read posts, make contributions)

20 W HAT IS L INKED I N ?  “LinkedIn is an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries. You can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that you need to work with to accomplish your goals.” -

21 L INKED I N F ACTS  “LinkedIn has over 40 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world.”  “A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of our members are outside the U.S.”  “Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.” -

22 W HY U SE L INKED I N ?  Keep in touch with professional contacts  Meet new professional contacts  Market your skills and experiences  Find job opportunities  Build an effective online brand  Gain valuable knowledge about your industry  Be found for business opportunities  Find new talent for your business  Find a service provider

23 T HE P OWER OF L INKED I N You 1 st Level Connection 2 nd Level Connection 1 st Level Connection 2 nd Level Connection

24 L INKED I N C OMPONENTS  Profile  Contacts  Groups  Job searching  Recommendations  Answers

25 L INKED I N Profile  Think of your profile as a resume  Complete your profile  Include a photo  Consider status updates  Include name misspellings and previous names  Check your public profile settings

26 L INKED I N Contacts  Find contacts by using name search or check Outlook and webmail contacts  Only connect with people you know and trust  “I don’t know” LinkedIn rule  The most powerful network is not only large, but also made up of strong connections

27 L INKED I N Groups  Gain access to direct messaging  Participate in discussions  Post events and news articles

28 L INKED I N Recommendations  Give and get relationship  Can affect your status as a service provider

29 L INKED I N Answers  Ask a question  Answer a question  Receive “expert” status

30 W HAT IS T WITTER ?  Twitter is a microblog that allows you to send updates of no more than 140 characters  Twitter is a big online party where everyone can share their thoughts  Twitter requires a good deal of transparency

31 T HE P OWER OF T WITTER  Access to expert advice from all over the world  Platform to market your expertise to a large and diverse audience  Instant communication

32 G ETTING S TARTED WITH T WITTER 1. Choose a username that is closely related to you and easy to find

33 G ETTING S TARTED WITH T WITTER 2. Set up your profile  Write a creative and intriguing bio  Choose to allow anyone to see your Tweets  Include a picture  Create a custom background

34 G ETTING S TARTED WITH T WITTER 3. Find people to follow  Find people you know by performing a name search and/or using the email upload tool  Conduct keyword searches to find people tweeting about topics of interest

35 G ETTING S TARTED WITH T WITTER 4. Start to contribute to the conversation by tweeting and retweeting Tweet: To post a status update Retweet: To re-post someone else’s status update

36 G ETTING S TARTED WITH T WITTER 5. Use Tweetdeck to manage your contacts and perform searches.

37 S OURCES  Comm, Joel. Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2009.  Gitomer, Jeffrey. Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections. Austin, TX: Bard Press, 2006.  Lynch, Liz. Smart Networking : Attract a Following In Person and Online. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2009.

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