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How to revise… Effectively!. 5 months time? This evening… Planning to revise How to revise (by yourself, in a group) Good locations to revise Mind,

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1 How to revise… Effectively!

2 5 months time?


4 This evening… Planning to revise How to revise (by yourself, in a group) Good locations to revise Mind, body and spirit Additional Guidance and support

5 Mind Toxic Belief #1: Perfection = Success Toxic Belief #2: My Destiny is Predetermined Toxic Belief #3: I "Always" or "Never" Do That Toxic Belief #4: I Succeed When Others Approve of Me Toxic Belief #5: My Past = My Future Toxic Belief #6: My Emotions = Reality

6 Dealing with Stress and Motivation

7 Planning The right Environment The Plan The Conscience

8 The Environment Try and set aside an area that’s just for revision – you want to create a space you associate only with revision Make sure your desk is lit well (with natural light, if possible) and in a quiet spot, away from distractions like the TV or facing a window Find a quiet environment. However, at certain times playing music may motivate and inspire you Avoid distractions. Turn your phone off, move away from the TV and shut down your internet connection Have everything to hand before starting. That means pens, pencils, paper, textbooks, exam papers – anything you need to revise

9 Use the whole learning environment  Have your check-sheet of what you need to revise  Write important words, diagrams and phrases on Post-It notes or A4 sheets that can be stuck where you can see them every day.  On your walls or doors... anywhere will do.

10 The Plan When creating your revision plan, work backwards from the date of your first exam. Plan to revise for six weeks or so. Allocate more time to tricky subjects and areas you don’t know well. These will have the biggest impact on your eventual results. Be realistic when creating a timetable. You can’t spend every minute revising – build in time for breaks and other commitments too.

11 Use Online Planners

12 The Conscience Stick your revision timetable up somewhere and tell your friends and family about it so they can help you focus on keeping to your plan.

13 How to revise

14 Everyone is different Do what works for you

15 Mind Mapping This is a powerful technique that allows you to make the best use of your brain power. The Mind Mapping technique harnesses the full range of your cortical skills, making you more productive and creative. Resources: How to make a mind map Video tutorial:


17 Notes Underline in one colour key vocabulary, in another colour underlining connectives, in another etc. Don’t just read it – do something with it!

18 Video your revision Make a video of the learning to summarise points and record the learning Use large sheet of paper / wallpaper:

19 Tweet your Notes Make notes from original notes Make notes from notes etc Each time, make notes on smaller piece of paper Emphasis on the process of summarising the information, rather than the notes themselves Reduce to main points - Not enough to make notes and leave (repeat, repeat, repeat) - making notes does not mean copying out the book Reduce topic to a tweet !

20 Working together Revising with friends can be motivational and extremely effective Be clear what you want to cover and tick it off You will often find that you cover much more than you had planned You will already be planning your next revision session…

21 Pub Quiz Create questions for friends Have teams of 2 Have a round each lunchtime or after school Create a leaderboard

22 Mnemonics Helps you to remember patterns and sequences using abbreviations, words or phrases Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain = Colours of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

23 Learning Journey Pick a journey that you know well Associate an image with places along the route in order to remember key information as a story or route plan.

24 Pictionary Work in pairs One draws images to represent a key word / term The other guesses the word / term

25 Against the clock Associate terms, images and definitions Create a crib-sheet for your notes Repeat the process and try to get quicker each time

26 Body Get a good night’s sleep Eat well Avoid caffeine Be active Enjoy some reward and have some fun Remember – it is perfectly normal to experience a small amount of stress and anxiety. However, if you feel out of control there are people you can talk to.

27 Spirit Energy boost Momentum Push outside the comfort zone Burn bridges Strike while the iron is hot! Prioritise Learn to say "no"

28 BHS support Revision classes before and after school Website for course details – Academic > Examinations Individual staff support Easter and half-term revision programme - Academic > Examinations > Revision No study leave! Places to study Belief…

29 Thank You!

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